Tila Tequila Talks About Why Hell Is Better Than Heaven, Why Girls Are Smarter Than Boys, And Why Ashley Went to the Hospital [Part II]


Tila Tequila
Darling Tila, last week you were kind enough to grant our wishes and deign to call. We enjoyed our conversation so very much . . . and we can’t wait to speak to you again. Allow us, then, to savor what delicious words we exchanged here, below, when we began to talk about the celestial challenges you had proposed to your suitors, why your girls were smarter than your boys, and how Ashley wound up kicking himself to the hospital — and taking Bobby with them. These are your stories. And we can’t wait to hear you speak about them again. Interview after the jump.

VH1: It seems like in so many of the challenges, everyone wins. In the Heaven or Hell challenge for instance, it seemed like everyone was happy. Actually, it seemed like Heaven was more boring than Hell.
Tila Tequila:
Yeah, I was really disappointed in the women on that one. I wanted them to choose Hell so that I could have some fun with them. They missed out on a lot when they went with Heaven. It was so funny that the women kept winning all the contests, but I wasn’t surprised. The guys were such idiots. They were so over-confident. The girls were thinking with their brains, and the boys were thinking with . . .

VH1: Their penises?
Yeah! They all thought that because they had these sexy muscles, that would be enough. But the girls were much smarter about the competition. They used tactics and strategy to get what they wanted, and they worked well together. The boys were just lost, man.

VH1: They got angry, too. The tension seemed to be running awfully high. That fight with Ashley during the elimination looked terrifying.
It totally was. The whole time I could see his face getting redder and redder, and when I asked him to leave, I was like, “Oh my God, he’s totally going to slap me or tell me off or something!” I mean, Bobby had to go to the hospital. It was serious.

VH1: Actually, why did Bobby have to go to the hospital? I don’t think we ever knew what was wrong.
TT: He wasn’t in that bad shape, but we wanted to take him to make sure there wasn’t any internal bleeding. Sometimes when you’re in a fight, the injuries don’t show up until afterward. The producers and I wanted to make sure he was cool. But Ashley, man, he was not cool! You can see the extras on MTV.com. He broke his foot! He had to go to the hospital, too. I guess it happened when he was kicking over the plants outside. That guy was scary. You could hear him outside, smashing things up, banging on the door, yelling to be let back in. Not cool.

VH1: What’s amazing to me is that on MTV.com, he’s listed as being a high school guidance counselor.
Well, who knows if he is now. I mean, would you trust that guy around kids after seeing what happened on TV? Absolutely not. It’s totally bizarre to me that he’s a guidance counselor.

VH1: As someone who’s coming out as bi-sexual on national TV, how were you feeling?
You know, at first I was hesitant to do the show because when I do something, I go the whole way, no holds barred. For me, doing this show meant putting it all out there, and letting myself be vulnerable. I never cry, and everyone saw me in tears after that first fight with Ashley. It was really emotional for me, totally overwhelming to feel that exposed.

VH1: You did tell everyone that you masturbate nine times a day.
[Laughs] Yeah, I need it a lot. I’m not shy about talking about sex, man. But I wasn’t prepared for how emotional the show was going to get.

VH1: A lot of reality show hosts seem to say that. After a while, when you get to know everyone, it stops being a game.
Yeah, once you get to know them, it’s difficult. You’re living in a house for three weeks and you can’t talk to anyone but them, so emotions start to get very tense. They started taking rejection really hard, very early on. The eliminations were difficult. I couldn’t stand to look at them — you could see how seriously they were taking it in their eyes.

VH1: What do your friends say about the show?
TT: A lot of them can’t watch it. They don’t like to see me so vulnerable. I have trouble watching it, too. But if I’m going to do something, I do it right. I step it up. I knew I had to let my guard down to do this, and even if I hate getting emotional, I knew that’s what the show needed to work.

VH1: You seem to have gotten close with a lot of the contestants. Would you stay in touch with any of them?
No, just because that wouldn’t be fair to the person who won. Whoever I’m with, that’s the person I’m with. That’s the way I’m wired. It would hurt their feelings if I were to keep in touch with the other contestants. I mean, that would be kind of weird. I’m not about hurting the person I’m with.

VH1: So you found love?
I’m so in love. I haven’t seen the winner since the end of the show — obviously, we’re not allowed to be seen in public together — but we talk on the phone a lot. It’s pretty funny. We discuss how hilarious the challenges were.

VH1: Perez Hilton posted a blog about how MTV didn’t want you back for a second season.
That’s not true! The show’s not even over yet — how does he know?

VH1: So you would come back for a second season?
I just started a new relationship, and I’m really happy with the winner. But who knows how things will work out? We haven’t seen each other in a long time. I’m not going to say no to a second season. We’ll just have to see how things work out.

VH1: What else do you have upcoming?
TT: I’m shooting a music video with my fans that I’m holding an online casting call for, and in terms of everything else, I’m trying to do more movies and TV. It’s time for me to step it up.

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