Lauryn: Crazy as Hill?


lauryn_garbage_pail_kid.jpgIf Lauryn Hill‘s most recent public behavior (remember this amazing interview?) left you worrying about her mental stability, you aren’t alone: Lauryn’s former Fugee cohort Wyclef Jean tells Rolling Stone that he thinks the diva could use some counseling. Bellows Clef:

I felt sorry for her, because I think she needs psychiatric help. I felt like she’s bipolar. You can’t get angry with someone who’s sick…So I even called her mom, and I stressed to her, ‘Yo, you need to get her psychiatric help.’ But I think they all fear her to death. She wasn’t always like this – but if someone has the ego and you keep feeding the ego, it’s going to turn monstrous.

While the third Fugee in the equation, Pras, has never been shy about telling the press exactly what he thinks is wrong with Lauryn, Wyclef has been at least slightly more discrete. Perhaps he’s finally given up on the dream of the Fugees reunion. Maybe he’s really concerned for his former bandmate. Or it could be that he’s just really desperate for attention, what with his new album sitting on shelves, and all. [New York Post]

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  1. Ty4Life says:

    She’s never been crazy…just a very gifted artist…probably a genius…that had the courage to walk away from how artist and famous people are pimped by Hollywood and the music industry …and is brave enough to take time out for herself, her life and proclaim her freedom….she has taken the time to go on a journey that only she and GOD knows about…and those of you not spiritually connected will never understand her walk with GOD…so don’t judge what you do not understand…she is still beautiful…but she is living life on her terms…not subcoming to what america defines as beautiful.

    Lauryn keep living, keep loving…no one should ever have to live their lives under a microscope and be judged by the least of them- I believe it is not a price any should have to pay for celebrity status – Jesus already paid the price for our salvation. Thanks for being true to your spirit… I know you are alright…keep GOD and family first. We all go thru things in life…but we all don’t have the world examining our every relationship and movement. I am praying for you…because there are so many haters out there…the biggest one ever was Wyclef…that is where it all started…because you were so much better than him and he could never admit he tried to use and emotionally abuse you…and sometimes men come into women lives to try and keep them down because of their own egos and self esteem issues…and alot of times because it’s so prevalent in their culture…but this will never be how your story ends …it always seems like the enemy is winning…but GOD will always have the victory…because “Greater is HE that is in you!” No weapon formed against you shall prosper!!! You go girl!!! Just keep loving those beautiful children and put GOD first in all you do! GOD gave you a beautiful gift …when he tells you it is time again to share it with the world…you will know…and your fans will be blessed yet again. So, continue to be blessed in your walk with Jesus. Continue to pray and meditate, be careful of the wolves and deceptive people …there are alot of them out there in all walks of life…no one ever said the journey would be easy…but GOD equips us with all we need to get by…. always remember you are a beautiful and gentle spirit -a real blessing from GOD!!!!

    In the Spirit of Light and GOD’s LOVE,

  2. lisa says:

    i think she needs to get her life back on track we all have to face our obsticle at times she was a beautiful person and she can be again just start by putting GOD first and then your family i was a fan & i still love her songs that she did back in the days lauryn if you see this just pray and mean it from your heart God is able he can do anything and he loves u the same

  3. summer says:

    Her music is Beautiful!!!!!

  4. Michelle says:

    Wyclef did not have a problem when he was having his so called affair. So why whine about the woman now. And if she need help why not try to reach out and help her besides the Fugees in nothing with L Hill. So Wyclef get over your self and help this sick woman and that way we can all not hear your whinning like a new born baby fool.

  5. Mr$Rite says:

    I love Wyclef… Among other Artists who have chose fortune and fame over the betterment of their own people… Of course many artists give money back to their communities, and that is awesome, but it takes a very different type of person to say “It doesn’t really make sense for me to make music if I can’t make something that has a purpose.” and actually put a stop to their career because the FCC is trying to sensor the truth in her lyrics. In a Howard Stern Interview she even said that she was not going to change her format because she was a triple platinum artist. Lauryn chose not to sell out, or sell her soul in other words.. All conspiracy theorists are so called bi-polar or psychiatric nut cases because they let us know the truth that ultimately our government tries to keep from us.. In 199when I was only 11 The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill came out and my father bought it for me it was not until 2010 at age 22 that I understood why she stopped with that one solo album and the messages she was trying to get out. Wyclef is right, her family is in fear for her life and they should be, and of course he is not going to tell us why, because since he is still selling records he won’t dare break the oath because of course his family has to eat and they are used to a certain level of comfort-ability and it will be hard to sustain it without him alive. He knows she is not insane he has to broadcast it for his own sake and so we think “Wow he is no longer a conspiracy theorist he came to his senses. She must be crazy” His style has changed since he is no longer a fugee, remember they were all once conspiracy theorists. You don’t have to believe what I’m saying or even what Lauryn and the fugees were trying to express. I won’t be mad at her if Lauryn never came out with another album I will understand that she needs to be careful of her decisions for her life’s sake. If you think they will let her continue to educate us lower class people so we can revolt when we outnumber the elite by far than you’ve got a lot to learn. They would kill her first if they can’t control her words. They did it to Tupac, he started talking too much and making too much sense same with Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr and even John F Kennedy. She is not the only one who stepped down out of sight for the sake of their soul and even their lives. She could still be a super hot success if she chose to give away her freedom of speech and in essence selling out. I’m glad she like Tupac can look in the mirror and face herself to say her soul is still there it’s not sold she didn’t sell it. Too bad for Tupac it was already too late he had already done too much. If Lauryn makes a come back and her style is different I personally would have to mustard up every ounce of faith in me to not lose hope for all humanity. Too many of our Black people are blinded by the bait of the fortune and fame until their in too deep. I know it sounds crazy right? Sometimes you gotta think outside of the box and not be scared to believe what is truth. If you don’t stand for something than you’ll fall for anything. We never saw Lauryn half naked or telling us to get drunk and high or sleep around or spend all of our funds. Most artists who talk about stuff like this don’t do it their self unless it is to deceive the public eye. She is my favorite artist and will always will be, even with her one album she made more sense than most of these silly so called mainstream artists.

  6. Mr$Rite says:

    Wow… I guess this is why only 4 Posts. My previous post was deleted with no explanation. I gave you all my email address. I just wanna see if this one will be deleted as well. You have the right to edit tour website. I can’t believe there are limitations to positive freedom of speech. Lmfao. This one will probably stay to make me look crazy. Lauryn should not come back if she has to sell out or if she is in fear for her life. Any powerful lower class leader either has to submit to the governments wishes or not make money. you can’t make money and say what you wan. This is why Lauryn halted her very progress full career. Whenever you hear about conspiracy theorist you hear how they are so called Bi-polar or psychiatric nut cases. I love Wyclef, but he may have been led astray. If Lauryn doesn’t want to end up like Tupac or Malcolm X and many other greats she will either do as they say, shut up or be on the low-key. I love Lauryn. I love all humanity I don’t agree with some of the choices we make sometimes, But the one Lauryn has made I understand, admire and respect. If she comes back and changes her style I will be even more concerned for the future of all humanity. If this entry is also deleted I know something, because although in neither one of these entries I’ve not used profanity, I cleaned it up a lot by not pitting it all on blast.

  7. lindsay says:

    why would BOTH of her ex bandmates say she was crazy if shes not? and before somebody says jealousy, wyclef has done great, hes got no reason in the world to be jealous of laryn. all u gotta do is look at some of the concerts shes done with her talking crazy and dressing crazy. i hate to say it but she LOOKS nuts!i really do wish her the best though because shes an amazing talent.

  8. Iomoio says:

    I know this is really boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks – you cleared up some things for me!

  9. I love when you talk about this type of stuff in your posts. Perhaps could you continue this?