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Mr. Wise was charged with being “emotionally unavailable” on I Love New York 2, but in real life, that’s not at all how he is. After the jump, he spills his guts and talks everything from about Pretty’s hasty departure to staying in touch with his ex, Kia to why appearing on the show hurt his rap career to how he wishes that he would have kicked Tailor Made’s ass when he had the chance.

Were you surprised to be eliminated?

I wasn’t 100 percent surprised to be eliminated. I was getting to the point where I was a little frustrated. I wasn’t that happy in the circumstances and I think that New York was feeling it.

What was making you frustrated and unhappy?

The main thing was what happened with Pretty. And the questions that they were asking my ex. They were real disgusting questions. Questions that were too personal. I mean, I understand TV, entertainment. It’s reality, it’s funny, but some of this stuff is just overboard.

Like sexual type of stuff?

They were asking questions about my parents. I had stated to New York that my immediate parents aren’t available one of my parents is a disabled vet. She got real personal and said something to [ex-girlfriend Kia] like, “Is his dad cuckoo?” I just thought it was a little too personal. They were just trying to dig into stuff that they shoulda just left alone.

You mentioned Pretty. What was your take on his exit?

I feel bad. I think Pretty got one of the worse deals. They were always leaning towards him being gay. I know Pretty from the show and I know he was raised by his mom and his sisters, so I mean, I don’t think he’s gay at all. I think he’s just pretty, you know? There are guys that are a little extra. They get their nails done, they like to look good. I just think he was one of those guys. What New York and her mother do and what the show does is they put your personality under a microscope so any small little thing that is questionable, they’ll blow it out of proportion. When his sister came and they started asking her personal questions like ,”Have you ever seen his penis?” and stuff like that, I just felt that he found that very disrespectful. I think it took him over the top to where he was just like, “I had enough.”

With all of this said, in your exit interview you said that you’ll always have love for New York.

There’s a thin line between love and hate. I respect New York. There’s a lot of things they don’t show you on camera. Me and New York bonded, obviously. Everyone says, “How did you last so long and nobody ever sees you?” Due to editing, they wanted me to be remembered as the dude that got spit at that was my debut to the world. But after that, they didn’t even show me. The reality of it is, me and New York did have a connection on the spiritual and emotional level that they didn’t show. And I have love for her. It goes back to her two personalities. The one personality that I got along with is a real person, like a straight up, cool person who you could hang out with and talk. Then there’s a part of her, I don’t know if that’s her TV personality that’s over the top, or what. That I really didn’t get along with. She was just too nasty about stuff.

A few times in that episode they describe you as being closed off or emotionally unavailable. Did you agree?

I agree to a point. The best way to explain it is I’ve been through a lot. My life wasn’t really easy, and it takes time to get to trust me, and me to trust you. The reality is that in the time that they are filming, they want you to fall in love with New York, and you don’t get enough time with her to make that possible. Anybody saying that they love her, is not being true. Granted, it is entertainment but I can’t…there are some things that I won’t touch just for entertainment. I’m not gonna tell a woman “I love you,” for TV, if I don’t mean it. She’s stressing that I wouldn’t go that extra mile and say “I love you,” and I was telling her straight up, “I need to get more time with you so I could see what we’re really like.” I guess maybe my downfall is that I take love a little too serious. I took the show a little too serious. Maybe some of the other guys just took it as having fun and said whatever she wanted them to say. That clashes with my personality because I’m too much of a realistic person.

Which guys did you end up bonding with?

Buddha. Obviously he does movies and TV, but I also thought he was real, real person. Like when there was a lot of conversations we had that me and Buddha were actually on the same wave length. And Midget Mac, for as funny as he is and as much of a character as he is. Me and Buddha and Mac clicked like all together like right away.

What about Tailor Made? After the spitting incident, we didn’t see much interaction between you and him.

I feel like I shoulda hit him. That’s the reality of everybody saying, “You shoulda hit him!” But I just got to the house I went through hell to get there with the Internet votes. If I were to hit him, I would have just got there to leave. It’s not like we were on the lunch line and he spit at me, and I could knock his ass out and all that would happen is I’d get suspended. This is something I worked so hard to get on this show and meet New York and then just get kicked off for something so stupid…I kinda sold myself short. After editing, I’m mad at myself because that’s all they really show of me. That’s the only time they really showed me on the whole show was me getting spit at, that’s how I’m remembered. Everything that I displayed on TV was not acting. It was my frustration that you see. If it was on a street if that happened anywhere else that kid would have left in an ambulance. After it happened, they kept us apart for two days. It was hard see him in the house after that happened. For two days I was going crazy. But they tried to keep me away from him as much as possible. He did everything in his power to kiss my ass after it happened. When I could be around him, like when there was food around, he was always like, “Mr. Wise do you want something to eat, man?” I mean, he did everything to try and change the mood of me, as hard as it was. He tried because if you watch him after that happened his whole MO changed a little bit.

Talk about how hard it was to get on the show via the Internet votes.

It consisted of a lot of promoting. You have to go out on the streets and get people to vote. I had to do massive email, massive MySpace bulletins, massive networking, going to radio stations and trying to get them over there, “Oh we got a local, you should vote for him.”

And what was driving you? You really wanted to get to know New York that badly?

It was a mixture of a lot of things. I’m a big fan of Flavor of Love. I mean I’m a Public Enemy, a Flavor of Love fan right away and then falling in love with Flavor of Love, you fall in love with I Love New York. It’s just a cycle. I was watching a rerun one day, and they showed the thing to go online and vote. So everybody in the room looks at me, like “I can imagine you on that show. Go online and do it!” I originally did it for fun and as a fan. But then my votes just started going more and more and more and more then I realized, yo I could really do this, ya know and it can’t hurt my music career. I’ve been a hip hop artist for ten years, it can’t hurt me. But the honest truth is it did. It did hurt my music career.


Yeah, it did. I’ve always had a fan base. I’ve always done shows. I’ve opened up for Wu-Tang, I’ve opened up for Redman, I’ve opened up for OutKast. I’ve always been in the industry. I’ve always been doing music as an underground hip hop artist. I’ve always had a fan base, but now It’s much, much bigger. Millions of people are viewing me on TV, but it hurts me. The fact that I get spit on, on national TV, as a hip-hop artist and don’t do anything…the number 1 thing about the hip-hop industry is street cred. I took a big chance, I lost a lot by doing that. At the end of the day, I’m a human being. Peple forget that R. Kelly was having sex with15-year-old kids. People forget that Michael Jackson molested kids. As soon as they come out with a hit, people forget. The public is forgiving. So I have to use that to my advantage and hope that this show didn’t hurt me as much as I think it did. It’s me, so I’m always gonna exaggerate and make it worse then it is.

But do you regret doing the show, then?

I don’t live by regret. I believe and it’s clichéd to say, but I believe everything happens for a reason I don’t know the reason and I beat myself up everyday in the head about it. I just hope that in the end there is something. I made the choices that I’ve made and I have to live with it and I hope it is for a reason and that I how I live my life.

As a fan of the show, what did you think about the White Boy comparisons?

At first, I didn’t like it, but I understand the entertainment value now. But really, there is no comparison. The only comparison that me and him have is I think his father’s Jewish and my father’s Jewish. And he’s from Miami and I’ve lived in Miami for over 8 years. That’s it. He has a star of David tattoo, and I have a star of David tattoo. But when you break down the type of person that we are and you can watch the show, we’re two different people.

What about Kia? It seemed like you might still have feelings for her?

I called her once while I was there because I had a feeling that she was coming to the show. I wanted to make sure that they contacted her. I didn’t want them bringing around some random girl that wasn’t my ex to cause problems. The fact of the matter is I can’t hide that me and Kia are friends. She was there when my grandfather passed away. She is one of my best friends. I said this to New York: I don’t burn bridges for the fact that she did nothing to me. What you didn’t see is that I told New York, if you and me were to get serious and things go on to the next level, Kia would have to respect that I would have to let her go.

What’s up with your music?

We just wrapped the single which is thing song “Be My Girl” it actually has a lot to do with the show. It’s about finding love, real love and fake love and finding the difference between the two of them. We’re hoping to get some buzz off of it. I’m never gonna stop doing music. I did it way before I did the show, I’m gonna do it way after the show. If I get somewhere, great. If I don’t, it’s something I love doing. And I have my own business which is Wise Owl Music which focuses on music production and artist management. On the weekends, I run my own music studio. I have a degree in audio engineering.

Finally, looking back on the show, did you have a good time?

I coulda had a better time. I made the best out of what it was with the hand that was dealt. You gotta understand that I am a regular dude. I never been in a situation like that in my life, and the only thing I regret is taking it too serious. I shoulda had more fun with it. I went in there too serious with a game plan that I was gonna be real, and I was. I was myself through the whole time but, you know at the same time, it’s a show. It’s entertainment.

Keep up with Mr. Wise via his MySpace and his website.

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