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Another batch of your questions answered by New York is after the jump. This time around, New York talks video games, living for God and the size of Wolf’s penis. All in a day’s work!

But before we get down to the questions, New York has an announcement she’d like to make: she’s quit smoking. She elaborates:

Basically, I was in my living room and I was playing with my dog. I was home by myself then I got these really bad chest pains. I thought I was having a heart attack so I started praying. So then I went and grabbed my cigarettes and I just crumbled them up and threw ‘em in the trash and I was like ok, Lord, this is it I am not smoking anymore. I haven’t picked them up since and chest pains went away too. I do not have the desire to smoke, in fact when I do smell cigarette smoke now, I am so disgusted.

And now for the readers’ questions:

Sharon E. asks: Give me your tips on how to stay strong even in the midst of a bad or failed relationship.

How to stay strong? Take your time to heal, and surround yourself with people you know who care about you. If you know something’s not going to work and you see all the signs, the worst thing you could do is to try and get back with that person. We might not want to let a relationship go, but sometimes it’ll be better in the long run if you do.

Jessica H. asks: Do you think the man you chose [as the I Love New York 2 winner] will treat you right? Love and care for you as you deserve?

I know for a fact that the man I chose will definitely treat me right. And he’s giving me the love that I deserve, the love that I could never dream of deserving. It’s it’s above and beyond whatever I could imagine a relationship being like, and that is just really honest. He is just too amazing for me at times.

Stacie W. asks: I’m a born again Christian and from my guess you know about the Bible. Do you see yourself changing your lifestyle to live and work for Jesus? Do you see yourself back in church to promote his second coming? I pray that you will be a role model for the kingdom of Jesus. Remain blessed.

That’s really sweet and, you know, that is a great question because I’m a Christian woman and I definitely see myself living for God. And I do live for God each and every day. I like to call myself his work in progress. I might not be perfect from day to day, but he understands that. He gets it and he loves me regardless.

Alex M. asks: I would like to know how you’re handling your success. One day you’re doing your own hair and suddenly you have hair dressers, make up artists, public relations staff, eating at fabulous restaurants and living in mansions. Girl, I am so proud of you. But how do you take it all in and still stay fabulous and seemingly focused?

You know what? That’s the easy part for me. Basically, it’s a matter for me of not forgetting where I come from, who I truly am. You have to look at these things as perks you know, because if one day they are all taken away from me, I’ll still know how to maintain my lifestyle and I’ll still know who I am. I just like to have all these benefits but then one day when it’s all over, I’m not going to be crying over it ’cause I’m just gonna look at it as a wonderful experience and just basically move on.

Kristy asks: Do you like video games? If so what do you play?

Oh, I do like video games. I’m really not a big computer person, but when I do have time to be on the computer there is this game called Cake Mania and I love it! I sit up there and play for hours.

Jasmine asks: Do you have any brothers or sisters or are you an only child?

I do have an older brother his name is Derek. He’s a couple years older than me, and we are so close. Let me just say, that is my best friend. My brother is my biggest supporter. He watches the show and he goes, “You did a great job at this and you know I’m so proud of you.” All that kind of stuff. And he helps me run my MySpace and stuff and he’ll talk to my fans and stuff for me. He is just so supportive.

Tamika W. asks:
When it comes to men do you tend to go for the weak ones, and can’t stand the strong ones (after so long) because their aggression overshadows yours?

Wow, that’s a good, good question. I would say that I tend to go for the balance. I like the submissive man but at the right time, a submissive man that has a bark and a bite. So I like someone who is really submissive and strong and can just basically have both of those personalities. ‘Cause that’s how I am. Like, some times I am very vulnerable. But at the same time I am very strong. So I like the balance.

Joyceeeee asks: My question is about Wolf. Through all the hugs and kisses, I know if f***ed you up when he told you he had a big d*** cuz it f***ed me up! But girl, I gotta ask: was it huge? Somehow, I just know it was! The hands, baby. The hands!

Oh my goodness, well I didn’t get a chance to look at it personally, but in my experience when a man says he’s huge, it usually is huge. And looking at, the size of his hands and his height and his confidence, I know it was big.

Don’t fret if your question hasn’t yet been answered: there’s yet another round of Ask New York questions to be posted next week. Watch this space.

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