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Were you stoked for yesterday’s episode of The Shot? In the last installment, the contestants were asked to capture sensuality in texture, which meant drenching each other in food, and photographing models who, for the most part, were only wearing makeup. All over their bodies. Challenging. And therein lies the core of the show, which pits 10 up-and-coming fashion photographers against each other for the chance to win $100,000, a spread in Marie Claire, and a Victoria’s Secret campaign — all the while being judged by a he-Tyra with an Australian accent, Russell James. Catch up on what you missed. Check the recap below.

“Four down five to go,” Dean chanted in that chanty Bosnian way that he chants, as this, the fifth episode The Shot began. After the contestants Piper-bashed for a bit (Piper, the “psycho one,” was sent home at the end of last week’s episode), they were met with a “childish smirk” from Russell, which could only mean one thing . . .



The goal of this week’s first challenge, according to Russell, was to capture sensuality in texture. In practical terms, that meant rolling around in globs of food and photographing each other drenched in various sauces, meats and creams.


Now, we understand when people have strong aversions to certain foods — we would be very, very upset if we were forced to be near lots of marzipan for any substantial amount of time. Ew, we hate marzipan! But Robin’s mustardphobia seemed a bit much. “The smell of mustard absolutely makes me vomit,” she made clear at the outset — and for the duration of the shoot. “Sorry, but I’m going to throw whatever I want,” John said. Save for a minor scare when a pie hit John in the face and cut his forehead a bit, the food fight and subsequent photo shoots went pretty smoothly. A highlight of the challenge was when Jason shot Maria’s hips up against the wall “giving birth to a piece of meat,” as Robin silently dry-heaved in the sidelines. It was all very Damien Hirst.


“What’s the word for the opposite of ‘turned on’?” is how John put it when Maria wanted Robin to pose sexily on top of John after Robin said she was about to throw up. Maria quickly changed direction and went on to photograph a jeans-campaign-esque shot with Jason.


Post-shoot, back at the house, Robin kept whining about the earlier, foul-smelling conditions, describing them as “hellacious” and saying, while kind of crying a little, “That was the worst thing I’ve done here yet . . . . Last night I would have been happy to go home if I knew what we were doing today.” It’s just mustard, sweetie!

It was cute when John helped Maria get the mustard out of her hair and they were frolicking in the bathroom.


At the judging, Russell thought everyone “truly delivered” and said positive things about all the photos. Dean and John were chosen as the winners and team leaders for the main challenge.


John picked Jason and Airic to be on his team, and Dean chose Robin and Maria, who for the second time around, was Miss Rationalize McRationalizer on why John, her “best friend in the house,” didn’t choose her. Reasoning: If their team lost, they didn’t want to have to stand next to each other as the final two.

After teams were in order, Russell explained the challenge: To create a conceptual ad campaign for makeup line Vincent Longo. After running through the parameters — each photographer was to shoot a close-up and full-body shot of their model — Russell sent everyone home to prepare for the next day’s shoot. At the house, the girls played with their makeup samples. “It is moistery,” Robin said while applying some red lipstick. We have to say, her use of the word “moistery” kind of made up for her earlier acting out.


Dean, on the other hand, admitted to being makeup-ignorant. “In Bosnia, we use fist to give cheek stain.” Thanks, Dean.

Meanwhile, John and Airic, Beavis and Butthead-edly, were only able to talk about how they were going to be shooting the models nude, which very much frustrated Jason, who found it all very immature and unprofessional.


First thing at the shoot the next day, the photographers learned that Vincent Longo himself would be on set to help the photogs out, which was kind of exciting. Dean’s team, up first, chose the concept of “earth, wind and fire.” Maria, who was photographing “Earth” told her model “You’re like a budding plant and a wise old tree at the same time.” This made us smile. Dean, who is known for being the controlling army sergeant of the group, relaxed a little this time around, and let his more makeup-savvy teammates guide him a bit. Robin was not so happy with her shoot, as Vincent futzed with the model’s hair and makeup for seven out of her fifteen minutes.


Team John’s concept was “sun, moon and stars.” “All they see is naked girls with paint on them,” Jason said. Indeed, Airic had the case of the stutters when it came time to shoot is star-adorned, but otherwise nude model. “I want your body to be the . . . the . . . the . . . the . . . the . . . starry sky.” Throughout the shoot, Jason was extremely frustrated with his teammates — both upset that he was the only one able to direct the lighting (“Airic has no idea how to use a reflector”) and that none of the guys supported him during his shoots. “I have two lead weights around my feet right now,” he said, adding, “I give 99 million percent.”

In the judging chamber, Dean’s team was named the challenge winners, even though Robin’s photos, on their own, were the worst out of everyone’s. The judges were not impressed with her lighting and didn’t think the photos weren’t conceptual enough. John’s team, first and foremost, according to Russell, just didn’t follow the assignment. Both Airic and Jason didn’t take both close-up and full-body shots — they really only took close-ups. Jason’s photos were actually named the best of the whole batch, but because Airic and Jason didn’t follow the assignment closely enough, the team suffered. So it was down to Airic and Jason. Jason’s photos were deemed messy and the judges argued that he locked himself into only one position. When defending his lack of full-body shots, Airic dropped the, “I didn’t have enough time” excuse, which really pissed the judges off, especially Italo, who was having none of it.


Ultimately, it was Airic who was sent home in the end. The randy photographer (remember his butt shots from the volleyball shoot?), who claimed that his dream in life was to shoot the Victoria’s Secret catalog, will sadly have to use a non-VH1-related means to fulfill this lifelong dream.


– Alexis Swerdloff

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