Joe Pimpson Hooks Jess Up with New Dude


jessicasimpson-dad.jpgAs far as celebrity dads go, we’d way prefer being stuck with wack-job Michael Lohan over the creeped out preacher pimp that spawned Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. Sure Michael may be a lunatic, but that strikes us as way more fatherly than the crap Joe Simpson pulls (like commenting about Jessica’s boobs, for one thing). Yup, Joe gives new meaning to the phrase ‘daddy issues.’ His recent inappropriate behavior? Playing matchmaker to his eldest daughter, the down in the dumps divorcee Jessica. His busty little girl is currently getting it on with Dallas Cowboys quarterback and token ‘fugly jock who gets hot Hollywood girls’ Tony Romo. And guess who got the longhorn-loving pair together? Why none other than meddling Mr. Simpson! The NY Post says that, “After becoming pals with dedicated Cowboy fan Joe Simpson, Romo asked him for his daughter’s phone number.”

Joe totally approved of John Mayer, and we saw how that ended up. Maybe he should try staying out of his daughter’s love life. If it’s anything like her career, his interfering only seems to ruin things when they’re going well. Just ask Nick Lachey. [Image: Getty]

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