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“You can tell I have no shame. I could tell the whole world that I’m delivering pizza and I could care less if people make fun of me,” says the Entertainer in our interview with him. So open fire, y’all! See if he cares!

After the jump, the Entertainer talks about his burgeoning interest in women’s feet, starting the Pretty gay-panic and his awesome, awesome mother.

Having scored the most Internet votes, you were a fan favorite. I’m sure a lot of people are sad to see you go.

Yeah. That’s a shocker. I’m still taking it all in stride. This is very touching, I gotta be honest. It’s weird. I go out places now and people recognize me. It’s just weird.

What was the process like of being cast via the Internet?

It took a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of individual messages, writing to my fans thanking them for all their support to continue to vote everyday. I was on the computer for hours, hours a day just responding back to people.

What was driving you to do that? Did you really want to meet New York that badly?

At first, I just put a couple of pictures of myself up on the Internet. I said to myself, “She is a very pretty girl.” I’ve never been with an African American woman, so I was also interested in that. But I never thought in a million years I would get on. I had to make a video, and once I did that, I realized that it was very possible that I could be a contender in this thing. Then I started to get even more psyched up, preparing myself because I didn’t even know what I was getting myself into here. I never in my life went to a house with with 19 different guys in it. But I am very happy I got into that house, I’m just upset that I didn’t win New York’s heart. Honestly, you know? It woulda been nice to win her heart but…I didn’t, what am I gonna do?

It seemed like it was going really well for you, even as late as when she was cooking the chicken you were like in there with her. Were you surprised you were eliminated?

She was trying to make Buddha a little jealous too, though. At that time, I was questioning, if she even liked me. I was questioning, especially at dinner, because of the way she was talking to my mother. Now that I look at it now, ’cause I was in the bathroom and I was a little aggravated that she got up and she did that to my mother…Sister Patterson I can’t disrespect because I was raised better than that. But if I was there and I knew New York did talked like that, there woulda been a lot of words coming out of my mouth to her. I don’t let nobody that’s younger than me or my age ever disrespect my mother. If she’s older than me and she’s my mother’s age, my mother can take care of herself.

Sister Patterson was so terrible to you throughout the show, right? I mean, she pretty much targeted you throughout.

Yeah I don’t know why. I think part of it was an act because afterwards she gave me a hug and said, “You make great reality TV.” Who knows what to believe? We’re just acting off our natural instincts regarding whatever we hear from these people you know? Whatever you get out of me is real, but I dunno as far as them two.

The fight between you and your mother seemed entirely instigated by Sister P. Your mother doesn’t seem to be an overly aggressive person.

No not at all. My mother waits for the opportunity when she hears something she doesn’t like and that’s when my mother explodes. And that’s what happened. Sister Patterson is always out of line with everybody. Not just with my mother, but she’s out of line with people in general. I saw on VSPOT that my mom says her name should be “Mr. Patterson.” That was great. I love it.

I loved when Sister Patterson said your dad’s hair looked better than your mom’s and your mom came back with, “My husband’s ass looks better than you.” Amazing. You were sort of embarrassed while all this was happening but can you look back and be proud that your mother held her own? Because she really did.

Absolutely. The truth of the matter is, I’m never really embarrassed by my family. I’ve been dealing with them my whole life. But if I’m on TV, I know what I have to make myself look like. There was a point that I didn’t really wanna be there anymore. The truth of the matter is I was even thinking of leaving that night of the whole fight and everything, but I said to myself, “Hey, you came this far. Might as well just stay on and play the game now…just like she’s playing.” I had lost interest in her at that point. In the way she was speaking, in the way that she doesn’t respect her elders. I don’t know how a young woman like that, could act like that especially because she’s successful. How could you not be nice to people? Why be an assh***?

In this episode, your parents talked about you living at home. Was this new information to New York?

No, absolutely not. I was saying from day one that I lived at home. I was telling everybody that I lived at home. I wasn’t hiding anything of who I am, I could care less. If you wanna know something, I will tell you. I never was a person that hid my feelings, or hid who I was. There are a lot of things I’m not proud of, like sometimes I said I have a temper, sometimes I might get out of control or whatever. It’s something I need to work on, but for the most part I am always in line and I take direction better than New York will ever take direction. Me and her are very alike, but I’m more tame-able. Like if I get heated, it’s easier to control me and to calm me down more than to calm her down.

She called you a “loser” before she eliminated you. Did that hurt your feelings?

Absolutely not. People try to hurt my feelings and knock me down all of the time. I laugh at those people. You know, I don’t have the greatest job in the world, I work for UPS and to be honest I don’t even work for them anymore. I ended up leaving them because they wouldn’t give me a truck because I was on the I Love New York show and it was just a whole bunch of drama at work, so I just decided to leave there. Right now, I’m actually delivering pizza. You can tell I have no shame. I could tell the whole world that I’m delivering pizza and I could care less if people make fun of me. I’m my own person and I’m gonna do whatever I want, that’s how I’ve always been. My whole life’s been like this, I never had money so, I could care less, it’s not a big deal. And I’ve always been a happy person so, you know, it doesn’t matter to me.

Do you have any plans to move out of your parents house?

Oh my god, Jesus Christ, I hope so. Of course if I could afford to move out, why would I want to be home? I have no choice. I know at 29 years old I should be more stable and more established then I am. I’m not gonna deny that, but it doesn’t make me a bad person. There are people that are 45-years-old that still don’t know what they’re doing with their lives. I’m 29. There’s still hope.

The Entertainer name I thought maybe you were interested in breaking into the entertainment industry, are you?

I call myself the Entertainer because I love Billy Joel. He is the main reason I call myself the Entertainer. But I sing a little bit, I play guitar, I play piano. I do go out and I do sing, I do those little karaoke things. Whatever I do all these women are drawn to it, they think I’m great. I love to make people smile. I love it. I love entertaining people. I love music. I listen to my iPod all day long, especially for the three hours that I’m at the gym. But at this point, I really don’t know what I’m doing. It’s sad though, I’m 29 years old and I still don’t know what I’m doing with my life. Hopefully something will turn out. That’s the only thing I could say, I have to just sit and pray.

Which of the guys in the house did you bond with?

I get along with everyone. I mean, I even talked to Tailor Made even though him and I argued. I’m a forgiving guy I don’t. The only person I don’t talk to for some reason is Pretty. I got a feeling Pretty isn’t too happy with me.

Do you think he’s not happy with you because of the whole gay thing?

Um, probably. But I could care less what the f*** he’s not happy about. If you don’t get in my face and say nothing to me, you’ll be fine. Otherwise there’s no ifs, ands, or butts, if he even gets in my face and puts a finger on me I’ll f***ing break his face. Honestly, if I coulda thrown blows and not get kicked out of the house I probably would have. I mighta slapped Tailor Made around a little bit. Maybe bitch slapped him a little bit. But that woulda been it.

Regarding the gay panic, who was it that told you that Pretty was checking him out?

Honestly, this is what I’m going to say: if anyone confronts me at the reunion show and asks me who said it, I’m gonna look at everyone of those guys because this guy did say it to me. The guy who said it to me should have big enough balls, because he’s supposedly a man. I’m not gonna rat nobody out, because I’m not gonna start a fight with people I’ve been getting along with. This person has balls. He should get the f*** up and be a man. This person knows who I’m talking about and this person is close with Pretty. That’s what’s going to kill Pretty, if he ever finds out.

So, you are forever going to be known as the guy who put New York’s foot in his mouth.

One of my friends told me it was on Jay Leno. They put Condoleeza Rice’s face on New York and I was sucking Condoleeza Rice’s toes, apparently.

How do you feel about that?

Honestly, I’ve never in my life sucked on a woman’s toes before. It was the first time ever. I didn’t have any plans on sucking on her toes when I went into the house, but when we were in the Jacuzzi I was rubbing on her feet, I dunno something said hey, let me start sucking on her toes. I figured, she’s a freak, I’m sure she’s had it done to her and I’m sure she’ll like it. Then when I looked back at it I said wow, for the first time I did that I was actually pretty good. I’ve done it since I’ve been home, ’cause some girls wanted it. If she’s cute enough, I’ll give it to her. It’s not a big deal. It’s something that I’ll do again.

You sound a lot like George Clooney. Did anyone ever tell you that?

No. They’ve told me that I look like George Clooney.

You got definitely have a George Clooney thing going on.

I’m gonna take that as a compliment because that guy is pretty successful. I’ll take anything as a compliment. It can only look up here. My life couldn’t get any worse, it can only get better.

Keep up with the Entertainer via his MySpace. And because I know you’re interested, here’s his mom’s MySpace, too.

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