The Salt-N-Pepa Show Recap – Episode 7 – Salt-N-Pepa’s Hair!


In this episode, Pepa remarks, “My face on a pack of hair. I’ve been dying to see this.”


No, seriously. Those words actually come out of her mouth.

Since Salt-N-Pepa have reunited, it’s time to cash in. The girls meet with their manager Charles to discuss “branding ideas.”


Clearly, Salt is thrilled to be there and not at all wary.

They discuss their options. Pepa is pushing for them to start a hair line. That’s great for her, except Salt doesn’t really involve herself with fake hair. You know, I seriously always thought she had just a really good weave in. I never realized that she’s been rocking her own hair all this time. Impressive. Anyway, Salt shuts down the idea: “That makes sense for you to do a hair line, not us together.” Pep takes the news like a scolded child:



Oh Pep, you act like she put gum in your hair. Don’t fret – because she shut you down, you won’t have any hair to put gum in in the first place!

The girls then meet with people who have ideas to expand the Salt-N-Pepa brand. These ideas include a Salt-N-Pepa board game…


Equal parts ridiculous and clever, this game would require the use of a “Salt-N-Pepa shaker” and the center Spinderella wheel. Amazing.

This idea is presented:


Salt says a more apt shirt would say, “You can sell weaves. Everything is possible.” It would then include a cartoon figure with bushy, fake hair.


Salt really is a good sport.

Finally, the girls are presented with this idea:



The devil wears…well, not this.

None of the ideas fly. Obviously.


Like, very obviously. Pep takes the opportunity to once again bring up the hair idea. Salt’s still not having it, but in light of the failure to find any projects worth doing, she agrees to at least investigate the hair thing further. First stop is a hair shop.


Wigs are discussed, as are human-hair extensions. But, pray tell, is there such thing as a human-hair wig?


“Huh-low!” responds Pep, doing her best (probably accidental) drag-queen impression. Don’t make her read you!

The talk has Salt more interested. She begrudgingly decides to try on some fake hair for herself. First, she dons a Tina Turner-esque wig. But a Tina wig isn’t a Tina wig until you put it to use:


She settles on another wig that’s sort of a moderately wilder version of her own hair. It is applied with double-sided tape:


It comes out like this:


Cute, right?


Gavin sure doesn’t think so.


Salt’s clearly excited about her new hair, but he just sort of rolls his eyes. That’s Gavin for you: a regular eye-roller.

The next day, Pep comes over to check on Salt’s hair:


She loves it, even though it looks like a group of Slinkies.


Salt compares her new hair to the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz (you know how it’s all curly and done after he gets his makeover?). Her sister does even better, saying that Salt looks like, “Salt BeyoncĂ©.”


I prefer the shortened version: Beyonsalt.


At this point, Salt feels like she’s wearing a hat, not a wig. She is annoyed by her new hair, but not nearly as annoyed as she is when she next meets with Pep and Charles.


Pep shows her a prototype for their hair product, to be called, in a clever reference to the refrain in “Push It,” Salt-N-Pepa’s Hair!


Salt doesn’t like that picture of her, nor does she like that Pep went ahead and got these mock-ups when she knew that Salt was still on the fence about this business endeavor. However, because she’s really just a big softie, she caves and agrees to being a silent partner in the hair thing. Pep is ecstatic…and so is Salt when she get the wig removed:


Parting is such sweet…sweetness.

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