Kiefer Sutherland’s Mug Shot Hotness


kiefermug.jpgWe stopped watching 24 a few seasons ago – there’s really only so many times someone can get fired and rehired by CTU before it gets kind of boring. But if there was one reason we should set the TiVo for more drama, it’d be Kiefer’s serious hotness. His fine looks (which seriously have not changed since we were hot for him in the Lost Boys) have been overshadowed in recent months by his frat boy drunkenness and idiotic drunk driving, but there’s nothing like a nice mugshot to rekindle the fangirl flame inside! Keifer turned himself in yesterday to begin serving his 48 day sentence for drunk driving. He’ll spend Christmas, New Year’s, and his birthday behind bars, which seems a little masochistic to us. How very Jack Bauer of him. How sexy.

In case you need a reminder of why Kiefer’s locked up, here’s the star (he’s either inebriated or crazy in this clip) jumping onto a Christmas tree. Happy holidays! [People. The Smoking Gun]

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