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After the jump, this week’s America’s Most Smartest Model eliminated contestant (well, one of them, anyway), talks his good buddy Pickel, Mary Alice’s advice and why he’ll always be “nice, little Brett.”

The double elimination was a little bit shocking, huh?

It was extremely shocking. I actually it was funny because it was me Andre and Rachel on the chopping block and I was so worried. I didn’t wanna get kicked off at all. Unfortunately it was Rachel who got that boot. That was a big sigh of relief for me. What the audience didn’t see was I walked back, I said bye to Rachel and went away from the chopping block and they actually called me back up and said, “Brett, you gotta come back up here.” Right then I knew this was not gonna be good, that they were probably going to do another elimination. And unfortunately, they did and unfortunately it was me.

One of the reasons Mary Alice gave for your elimination is that it didn’t seem that you wanted it anymore. Could you see where she was coming from?

I did see where she was coming from saying that I didn’t want it anymore, as far as maybe my attitude during the competition. I am a competitive person, but I’m never competitive to the point where I’m going to change my personality at all, or backstab people, or talk bad about people. I just I wanted to win in a fair way and represent myself in a good way and maybe that came off as not being competitive enough and not wanting it enough. But for me, I really did want it, I wanted to win the $100,000 and it didn’t happen. But I left with my head held high and it definitely was a great experience and I’m happy I did the show.

I wonder if Pickel’s departure the week before affected your morale.

Pickel’s departure did not make my morale go down at all, if anything ya know it just made me want to win it more. He’s my good buddy and it sucked to see him leave of course but regardless of what happened I still wanted to win and maybe buy him a cool T-Shirt.

What did you think about the way that the show suggested that there was more than friendship going on between you two?

I don’t think Pickel and I were portrayed in a bad way at all. We’re portrayed as good buddies. People can take that how they want but he’s my boy and that’s it. We are really good friends now and I thought it was kinda funny how they did it. Slow motion goodbye, I wasn’t frickin’ crying. That was B.S. I don’t know why he said that. I love the kid to death, but I’m not gonna cry when he gets kicked off a reality show.

It’s good to have a sense of humor about everything. The show was a good time for you?

I had an absolute great time on the show. I think the show portrayed everybody how they are. I think however you acted on the show is pretty much how you are in real life. Some people do take things too seriously, I don’t. Life is too short to take things too seriously. I forgive and forget for mostly everything and I don’t like having enemies. I like being friends with everybody, it makes things easier and keeps less stress on you.

When I talked to Daniel, he said he felt betrayed by you and Pickel, but then I saw that you guys went to that party the other night and you were hanging out together.

Daniel said Pickel and I were “Hollywood.” I saw him at the party, confronted him about it and said, “Look man, I don’t mind if you’re gonna say that but I’d rather you say it to me. And I said I’m not mad at you for saying it, but I just wish you woulda came to me first and talked to me about it.” And we spoke and we’re friends. I consider him my good friend, real nice guy. We reconciled all that and it’s put behind us.

And what about Mary Alice? What did you think of her advisement? She seemed like a pretty big fan of you during the show.

Mary Alice is the sweetest person in the world. I think sometimes how she might have felt didn’t come off on the show, because it is a reality show and it has to be entertaining. But I think she did a great job. I think she carried herself so well. She’s a really pretty lady. She knows what she’s talking about, she’s been in the industry for a while and whatever advice she gave me on the show or has given me afterwards is really taken into account. I definitely listened to her.

It sounds like the show was entirely positive for you.

The show was 100 percent an amazing experience – I don’t regret it at all, I booked more jobs after the show in these past couple months then I ever have. It’s been amazing. Maybe I didn’t win the $100,000 but it’s coming to me slowly and what is it? Surely. Slowly but surely.

Are there any jobs in particular that you’re excited about or anything? I noticed on your MySpace there is tons of stuff that you’re doing.

I’m supposed to be doing an Ashlee Simpson video thing tomorrow. I did the LA Fitness campaign and I’m doing their commercial. I’m gonna be in a movie called Penthouse. I did a fitness video actually which was kind of funny cause…I’m supposed to go to Hawaii [from winning the fitness challenge], but I don’t know what’s going on with that.

Besides the exposure did the show teach you anything?

Um, let me think. Not really. Everyday you kind of learn something, and I guess that was a part of my life. Of course I learned some things that maybe you gotta be a little more assertive sometimes. But I still am who I am, I’m always gonna be nice, little Brett.

Anything else we didn’t go over that you’d like to say?

If anybody ever recognizes me on the street feel free to come up to me. It flatters me.

Stroke Brett’s ego at his MySpace.

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