Deelishis Video of the Day: Wendy Williams Interview


Can’t get enough of the Flavor of Love 2 winner? Satiate your appetite with our daily Deelishis video.

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  1. Lisa V says:

    Deelishis, Deelishis, Why are you tyring to start your career off wit yo AZZ. You have too much talent & are attractive. Once you burn that bridge homegirl no one professional or credible will want to hire you. You dont know who”s out there lookin at you to play in a movie or whatever your passions are.Look at “Superhead”. You dont have to start a career with sex. I hope for your daughter sake, YOU are much more than *)# Dont sell yo self short. I know you want to get in the industry, but for God sakes not like this girl.

  2. eric says:

    My new nickname for deelishis is BIG well as chicklet teeth…your new teeth look big too..LMAO

  3. Lady Dii says:

    Sounds like Kia is jealous of those women with light skin, big _)^@#*)&(`^!#)^ and long hair. So Kia needs to shut up, fake, fake!