New York Isn’t Pregnant, But…



You may have noticed this week, the rampant rumors on the web concerning the state of Tiffany “New York” Pollard’s womb. We can exclusively confirm that as of right now, New York is not pregnant.

However, all of that could change very soon. In a recent interview with New York for our Ask New York series (see Part 1 and Part 2), we asked New York this question sent in by Devans00: “What’s next for you after you get your man? What are your goals? What’s the next big thing New York will conquer?” Without having to be pushed at all, New York revealed that baby may be on the way for her very shortly. Says New York:

There’s something that’s going on with me right now and…uh, I’m almost ready for mommyhood. I’m really nervous and I can’t believe I just said that, but there’s something starting to tick in me. And you know, I’m only 25, I’ll be 26 in January, and I’m almost to that point where I can almost see myself being a mommy, like, real soon! So I think that’s next.

This should be fascinating.

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  1. shae says:

    u need to stop cuz u dont need any kids becuz they gone come out ugly just like you sweetheart

  2. Shannyn says:

    well thats normal cuz now that u have ur man u want a family..and shae do u have to lay down with tiffany every night??????? didn’t think so, so why do u give a damn what the hell she looks like? and u must not have any children and be one immature )** child to be criticizing an unborn child or a chihild period…dont u know children are a gift from God…

  3. Genetic Expert says:

    Hopefully she isn’t pregnant since she comes from an extremely poor gene pool, which is probably due to decades of low-class in-breeding. Just look at her butt-ugly mother and compare her looks to a Klingon from Star Trek. There is an amazing resemblence between the two. Tiffany should be spayed so she cannot produce “Mutt Puppies”. Most people who are lacking in looks (compare Tiffany to a Baboon and one will see almost a mirror image) make themselves attractive through aquiring a good personality. When someone like Tiffany who is severely lacking in the looks department, and has a terrible personality, makes her about as repulsive as her mother. Sister Patterson? What kind of name is that and I wonder if her “littermates” are considered “Mutt’s” too! It’s a shame that Patterson wasn’t spayed when she was a puppy, however that’s probably due to Animal Control in NY not being able to catch her with a rabies pole while she was wandering around, while in heat and breeding. Not being an advocate of abortion I would have not only have changed my mind about it, but would have performed it myself when Tiffany’s mother was having a litter. With an over abundance of unwanted dogs in this country it just doesn’t make sense for her to flag her tail, and be receptive to being bred just because she’s in heat.


    You Go Girl. Live it up wit your man and may god bless you in every way shape and form. Big ups to all ur hatas.

  5. sindy says:

    ok do i watch all 4 seasons and i love new york i am not gay i just think you are crazy and brave and amazing to go through all that junk and be amzing on the other end i hope your children are just like you that would be a sight and i pray for you and hope the best send you mom love .


  6. carla says:

    I don’t care about how Tiffany looks on the outside but her attitude and her moms attitude make them look like the ost ungodly people on the planet! anyway I wanted to make a comment. On the show when she had the pyshic…. the lady told her that tailor made would be interested in her for a while then it gets old. I feel this will happen to her so what goes around coms around tiff. you can be a better a better person and ur mom wow she doesnt know a hing about God because she surely wouldn’t act that way.

  7. Janalee says:

    see you found love after all who care tailor made is way hotter that flava flav you go girl those are going to be some cute _## babies

  8. Shaniqua says:

    Hope the baby doesnt end up looking like Janice from Sesame Street like its momma

  9. PHELONIE says:


  10. tata says:

    wow i think flav should of pick her because she was real deelishes was a fake girl

  11. ashley says:

    i miss watching your show tiffany i wish u would make a new one

  12. brittiany says:

    yes u are pregant new york and u know why flav didn’t want ur a** b/c u wanted too wear the pant and be in charge of every thing well ur wrong thats why u didn’t get picked hahahahahahahahah u pregant trikck and for ur ugly momma go get her a make over or something she looks like a d*** man and ur sometiming and i see u tried too run everybody else but not boots buckee nor deelish hahaha they would have tapped that a** hahahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  13. DOMINICAN MOMMY 2 BE says:

    well for me i think new york need to become a mother to realize tha real world an see that when she talks about other ppl she can see thatz a bad example for her child im gonna be a mommy an i realized alot since ive been pregnant an it has mad me a better person

  14. Nicole says:

    Are You and Talior Made Together? Sorry Been In School So I don’t know if y’all are still together. Is He going to be the father of your baby?

  15. Boo says:

    New York i luv ur show and everthing but u need 2 chill out a little bit ok like geez!!!And i know tailor made is gonna give u a fairy tale life but give him some respect.Keep it real though and live out everything u have ever wanted 2 and tailormade got a baby let that b urs!!!

  16. yareth says:

    new york i am a great fan of youres and i just wanted to know how do you do youre hair its so COOL!?!?!?!

  17. Pregnancy Info says:

    Pregnancy Info Resource Self Help

  18. lil hige says:

    are you still doing movies

  19. patrice says:

    well i think new york can do it she is a great woman i know that at times she can be a ~`*^!%!_*((+`#`+! but at da end of da day she still da cute,nice and heartless person lol just kiddin but you can do it i believe in you

  20. Dulce says:

    New York is awesome. she seems cool, but thats only when ur on her good side. i think she’ll make a great mommy, but not with Tailor Made

  21. Jaz says:

    haha no. please don’t bring any kids to this world. especially yours. poor little things will suffer. you act like a child yourself so why would you want to reproduce little brats?

  22. Jaz says:

    Can you even breast feed with fake *)+*@&$$(@#_#%$ s?

  23. megan says:

    If she wants a kid, that’s her deal.
    She shouldn’t have gotten the huge boobs.. js.

  24. 4707508 says:

    What a lovely day for a 4707508! SCK was here

  25. MP3Mixx says:

    A thoughtful opinion and ideas I will use on my blog. You’ve obviously spent a lot of time on this. Well done!