I Love New York 2 Blog Party (Episode 10)


Punk Bumped Posted by 9:57 PM EST


Despite the fact that New York could find no bad qualities in Punk, she still kicked him off the show. Was she right in doing so? And will the uncontrollable force that’s drawing her to Buddha backfire?

Don’t Carry It With You Posted at 9:38 PM EST


She can’t possibly find this sexy. Can she?

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Who’s Licking Who? Posted by 9:31PM EST


Punk may have the cream on him, but since he commanded New York to do the licking and she complied, is she the one that’s whipped?

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As the Mood Swings Posted at 9:11 PM EST


New York has gone from aloof to accusatory to angry to vulnerable in a matter of seconds. What is she on, and how can I get some?

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Buddha Gets Badder Posted at 9:05 PM EST


I mean, can you believe that they’re carrying on like this in public? Oh wait, they’re also carrying on like this in front of millions of viewers. Nevermind.

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Bad News Buddha? Posted at 9:01 PM EST


They just touched down, and Buddha’s already flirting with another woman. New York will not be pleased. Does he have some kind of death wish?

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  1. soulja gurl says:

    new york and her ugly +%_ mama need a ~((~ in reality check she a ~((~ in gold digger dats y flav didnt wnt her nasty +%_

  2. daja beene says:

    you need to stop buddah becauase you aint nothin. Newyork you need to stop wearing them fake eyelashes you fake `$@&* you is a fake `$@&*

  3. dakota says:

    hey new york where you at you have not been on the vh1 show any more i guess you and talor mabe had got married okay write me soon your biggest fan DAKOTA DEVOE……$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  4. harveen says:

    omg neyyork i luv u and look up 2 u sooo much… i wanna be just like u … i hope things between u and talor maide woked out.. even though punk was sooo much hotter,,, i luv and ur show… ur personily is sooo firrreeeyy and i like that u speak you minddd… even though haters say your fake and u look fake in )++! dont worry cuz they wish they were like u.. please write me back

  5. NIDA says:

    Not only are they dong dis (%%^ in front of millions there are two other people at the damn table too. Damn it man!

  6. nida says:

    And dat ain’t all i got da say.Dat ^~(@! on crack cause she is a *$^( ing retared.

  7. kristen says:

    New york is a mess. She is so dramatic and fake. Shje really looks like a drag queen and her mama looks like something out of the deep bayous of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!