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Where do broken hearts go? To blogs, of course. After the jump, New York’s latest booted bachelor talks about mending his heartache, his bust-up with Buddha and what really happened during the Pretty gay scare.

When you were eliminated, you said that your heart was broken. Have you gotten over New York?

At the present time, yes I have. I mean, watching this week’s episode kinda brought back all those memories even though what happened, it was kind of tough to watch. Kind of painful.

Did watching the show give you any perspective? Could you see where it was going, or did it still seem unfounded to you?

It still seemed completely unfounded, especially because there was a lot of stuff they didn’t show. They didn’t show I spent the night with her, they didn’t show all the times she said she loved me, how comfortable she was because…part of the reason it was so confusing to me was because at the elimination she said the exact opposite of everything she said the night before. She told me how much she loved me, now she says she didn’t love me. And then she told me last night how we had so much chemistry and we’re so tight and we just had this instant spark and then at the elimination she said that we didn’t have the chemistry. It’s like she almost intentionally was lying and saying the opposite of what she said the night before.

Why do you think she did that?

I think she just tells people what they want to hear, which is interesting because a lot of times she has no problem being very upfront with people. But I think she was intimidated by me, and sabotaged the relationship on purpose because she didn’t know if she could hold up her end of it.

Very early on in the show’s run, you told her you loved her. Looking back on it, did you really love her?

Yeah, I think I did at the time. They didn’t show a lot of our interaction, but we spent quite a bit of time together and it was all a really good time. I guess I was kind of naive believing everything she said. I didn’t realize she was probably telling the same thing to everybody. It seemed like we had a really, really strong connection, and yeah I actually did fall in love with her.

Was there anything that sealed it? Was it just gradual?

It was a gradual thing, but there would be like certain points on the way. Like I remember one time I was out talking to her and guys just tried to come up and steal her away. She told them, “No, I want to talk to David right now,” and sent them away. And I was like wow, I didn’t expect her to do that. And I remember another time she actually kissed me first without me kissing her. She told me that when she kissed me that was the first time on any show that she kissed one of the guys first. They didn’t even show it.

She talked a lot of trash on your family.

Everybody says it was really bad or she talked major trash about my family, but to me I didn’t think it was that bad. I’ve seen what she’s said about other families. I didn’t appreciate it, but I just thought it was just her acting for TV or whatever. I didn’t really take it personal.

Even though she broke your heart, I get the sense that you don’t resent her.

There is nothing that I really dislike about her, but it did break my heart when she sent me home. Everything was going so well that I couldn’t understand it. I’ve been trying to rationalize in my head and I figure she was afraid of Buddha and she’s a wounded soul. She doesn’t know how to make herself happy. I kinda feel sorry for her, it’s almost like somebody who doesn’t know any better, how could you be mad at them? She really just doesn’t know any better.

That’s very rational, especially coming from someone who appeared on reality TV.

I think that was part of my downfall.

After Buddha was brought back in the house, your relationship swiftly deteriorated.

We were both good friends, but at the same time we were in competition. It gets tricky because I was really there for her, and I started to realize that my best friend in the house really wasn’t the guy for her. He’s very violent, has a major temper and she’s terrified of him. It’s like: am I here for her or for him? I had to choose between the two. It was tough, and our friendship had deteriorated, he was mad at me for stuff I said on the show, but really I was just being honest.

Yeah, I was going to ask if your familiar with his MySpace blog posts.

I am. Somebody alerted me to one, where I guess he was really mad because in the one episode in which I told her he was on Hell Date. He took that as a backstabbing move, and you know Buddha is all about logic, so in his logic he said that it was a “bitchfully backstabbing” move. Because he used the word bitchfully, that led him to believe that I was bisexual. I don’t think he realized that was his own choice of words but that’s how that followed.

So, you think it was just some sort of internal dialogue based on logic that led…

Well, really, I was giving him the benefit of the doubt by saying that he used logic, but really he was just mad and trying to say anything…you know, he was also the guy that accused Pretty of being gay and checking him out. And so I don’t really know what his deal is. He tries to accuse people of their sexual preference or question it. The only time people get upset about it, is if they have something to hide. I just blew it off and was like, “OK, Buddha. Whatever.”

For the record, you’re straight?

Straight, straight as they come. Straight, not bi nothing. Completely straight. Only women.

So wait, it was Buddha who accused Pretty of being gay? I actually asked the Entertainer about it and he wouldn’t tell me.

Buddha told the Entertainer about this, but I didn’t even know Buddha told him. Buddha told me separately and said, “Watch out, because I think he’s checking you out, too.” His exact words were he was checking me out hard. Pretty thinks he and Buddha are best friends. He doesn’t know Buddha is the main one who’s accusing him of being gay. But I really did think that Pretty has something to hide. [I think] he left because he was gay. It was coming out. He made this whole big deal about how they asked his sister all these inappropriate questions and I was like, wait a minute, they asked everybody that. They asked Buddha that, they asked all the girlfriends that, and he got really upset about that. And then it wasn’t until afterwards that he found out that own sister said that there were rumors that he was gay. Everybody in the house was kind of shocked.

Sister Patterson was really good to you, unlike a lot of people in the house. Do you like her?

I have nothing but respect for Sister Patterson. I liked her the whole time and she’s never disrespected me or give me any reason not to like her. I think I just have a different outlook for her because I understand her motivations. I understand that she is just looking out for her daughter’s best interests. She might do some things that aren’t necessarily noble, or aren’t necessarily honest but, I still am able to see her true intentions. How can you not like somebody that loves you?

Your body is crazy. Do you consider yourself a body builder?

Yeah, I actually do. Body building is different from working out, because it’s a sport but it’s like 24 hours a day. You train each of your body parts, not only that, it’s largely, nutrition is a huge aspect of it. It’s a whole lifestyle for me. It just became a sort of hobby for me, I started to notice that I was able to put on muscle like really fast. I have a workout DVD coming out. Some people saw me on the show and they wanted to film a workout DVD with me, so I’m going to do that in early 2008.

Are you ever accused to doing steroids?

All the time. I used to get so mad because I’m completely against drugs. I never would become a professional body builder, because drugs are so rampant in it. People don’t see how much work I put into my body. Only two hours at the gym, but that’s everyday. But then it’s the other 22 hours of the day, sleeping, eating. And then when you accuse me of something like that, I get really upset. However, now I started to realize it’s actually a compliment. People don’t believe that somebody could actually put in that much hard work and naturally be as big as they are. I kinda like it that people accuse me, but I just say the trained eye can tell because the muscles don’t look like they’ve been enhanced and I don’t have any of the physical traits associated with steroid usage.

And what about work? Are you still at the law firm and everything?

No, I actually quit the law firm. I just really wasn’t happy at the firm. There was a lot of money and I really enjoyed that part, but I really wasn’t happy at the job and so, I started looking for ways to get out. I always thought about starting my own law practice. I like doing criminal law and working with you know people, especially poor people in the community. I was a public defender in Boston and I got to work with people that couldn’t afford an attorney. I was thinking about that and after I left for the show. It was pretty much a life-changing experience for me. I worked at the firm for a month, and I thought I can’t do this, I gotta get outta here. I went in, I quit and now I started my own law practice and in the four days after I quit I got hooked up with the Reverend Jesse Jackson at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition in Chicago. So now, they gave me my own office, I work there in the legal clinic. I volunteer every Monday night and give free legal advice to all the poor people in the community. It also allows me to build a client base for my own practice too. I’ve never been happier on the work front. I’m trying to make money doing things in entertainment so I can continue to practice law and represent people for free or a reduced rate. That way I just make my money from entertainment.

What kind of entertainment?

Besides the workout DVD, I have a production company that wants to film my own reality show based off of my life and the nutritional aspect, but also that I left this law firm to be a lawyer in the community. They are really taken by me as a person, my philanthropy efforts and all that. I’m managing a hip-hop artist as well.

It seems like the show was a positive experience for you.

It really was. Very positive.

Any regrets?

I kinda feel bad that things deteriorated with Buddha. Buddha acts like all I did was backstab him and say stuff about him. But really I was just telling the truth. It wasn’t until I found out that he had been telling her things about me that I was like, “OK, this means war.” Here I had been trying to be nice and he had been lying to New York and telling her I work like all these hours, and it’s not true. I didn’t know what else he was saying behind my back until I started finding out about it. I started just telling the truth about him, so who is he to sit up here and cast stones?

Keep up with Punk via his MySpace.

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