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After the jump: the final installment of the Ask New York interview series (read Part 1, Part 2 and a very special Part 3). To wrap things up, New York fields questions on movie roles, physical violence and giving bi a try. You know, the usual.

Libby M. asks: I was wondering if maybe after this show was over, if New York was maybe interested in doing a makeover show? I would love to get a New York makeover. Teach me how to put on my makeup, how to dress and how to walk in those heels and still look sexy. Have you ever considered that idea?

Aww! That’s so sweet. But I don’t know if the majority of women are ready for a New York makeover, because once you get a New York makeover you’re just gonna have guy, after guy after guy following you, chasing you, wanting to figure out what you’re all about.

Jessica H. asks: Do you think that the man you chose will treat you right? Do you think he will love and care for you as you deserve?

I know for a fact that the man I chose will definitely treat me right. And he’s giving me the love that I deserve, the love that I could never dream of deserving. It’s above and beyond whatever I could imagine a relationship being like, and that is just really honest. He is just too amazing for me at times.

Sean K. asks: How ever do you stay so fly? How were you able to be with all these girls from Flavor of Love and live in the same house with them for 10 weeks? How were you able to stay focused on one thing when you had so many haters that got in the way?

That’s so sweet! I would say the reason I stay so fly and focused is tapping into the part of you that is very disciplined. You have to demand to be strong and focused. That’s the main thing. Basically setting your sight on whatever it is and just staying in no matter what. I don’t want to make it sound like I was superwoman. It was hard. But I gave it my all.

Kristi asks: I would like to know if you will be appearing in any future movie roles.

Well, I have a couple of scripts that I’m reading right now. One for a play, one for a movie. I did just do a cameo in First Sunday, which is an Ice Cube movie that comes out in January. I’m not playing myself. I’m playing a character named Peaches. That was kinda fun.

Nancy asks: Your eye makeup always looks so good. Can you please ask your wonderful makeup artist what kind of shadow do they use?

Eye shadow? Definitely Mac.

Kalyn asks: I remember you making the comment on the show where you said, “I know how to squeeze my ass into a size 6.” But how can other girls with nice bodies and have curves in all the right places? I’m not a skinny twig and I’m tired of having to look all over the place for clothes basically I’m trying to see why it’s so damn hard to find cute stuff that looks hot. You really work your wardrobe. Now how can I?

Oh, that’s a good one. First of all I didn’t say I know how to squeeze myself into a size 6, I said a size 2. I could just squeeze into a size 2 because basically it’s all about the cut. Make sure the clothes look flattering on you. Right now, I’m a little thicker and I can’t wear anything. I’m not really showing my mid-section right now, so I like the empire waste line the baby doll cut shirts and stuff like that. Right now I’m just rockin’ a lot of leg and a lot of cleavage. If you’re a heavier girl, that cut is going to look good on you too because it will just block in the hips, and the stomach.

Dre asks: I wanted to know If you’ve ever been in a fight before and how bad did you whip their butt?

I have been in a few cat fights and I’ve always won them. But I would rather get into verbal altercations, because I don’t like to rip my clothes. I don’t want nobody touching my hair, and I’m damn sure I don’t wanna bust my nails. So I usually try to steer away from physical fighting, but I have some girls that will whip some ass for me, and I love that.

Nicole asks: How do you build your self confidence? I am 12 going on 13 and I am a little self conscious. I am in the middle, not skinny enough and not like obese so not like everything fits so just give me some tips. You are so pretty and a great confident role model.

Aw, see that’s gonna make me cry. That is so sweet. I always tell myself, nobody could love me better than me. Nobody knows me better than myself and you know what? Whatever you’re blessed with, you better work it, you better rock it, because we only have one life. Instead of sitting there and wishing you could change this or wishing you could change that…well, I’m not really one to talk about this I did have some plastic surgery done. But it’s OK! I did it because I’m a confident woman and I wanted bigger breasts but uh, anyway, just love yourself and do you and just have fun with your life. That’s the most important key, just to have fun. Don’t let other people tear you down, because if they’re tearing you down it is just because they have some things that they would love to change about themselves.

Lisa asks: If you had a child with a man and he cheated on you while you were in the delivery room but he is doing everything to make it up to you and be there for you what would you tell him? Would you forgive him?

What? I can’t even give an answer to this, I’m in the bed, I’m having a child in the delivery room, my man cheats on me in the delivery room…would I forgive him for trying to make it up to me? Damn! S***. Well ,I hope I am never in that predicament. I would figure I would need him to help me with the child. I would like to believe that I would forgive him just for the child, and I would like to believe that crazy s*** would never happen to me, so…that’s crazy.

Nicole asks: I just wanted to say that you have such beautiful skin. What are some tips to maintain a beautiful complexion like yours? Keep looking good girl, kisses.

Aww, that’s so sweet. Definitely for the body, you want to exfoliate, and I don’t mean those girly, girly, girly salt scrubs. I mean one of those rough-ass salt scrubs. The really good kind with the sea salt in there. You want to use that not only on your elbows and your knees, but all over your body. Except, not your face and your chest because that skin is too delicate. For the face, you definitely want to exfoliate. Probably like twice a week is good, and then you wanna use your moisturizer. It’s all about moisturizing and keeping a clean face.

Katie asks: I wanna know how much your mom’s opinion matters to you. Does she ever get on your nerves?

My mom’s opinion definitely matters to me about the guy I picked, but ultimately I have to be happy and she gets that. I think that she is going to lend her support just with me saying that. And does she ever get on my nerves? Of course she does, that’s my mom. Whose mom doesn’t get on my nerves. She doesn’t get on my nerves all the times, but there’s times where I’m just like, “See you later, Mom.”

Bubblez asks: Did you ever worry that Tailor Made was just trying to buy your love instead of win your heart?

No woman is stupid enough to let a man buy her love, unless she is willing to be bought. And I’m too good to be bought, but if he wanted to keep acting like a fool and buying me all those presents, I wasn’t gonna turn him down. But I knew in the long run he wouldn’t be able to buy my heart or my affection. You can’t put a price on New York. Are you crazy?

Chingy asks: Since you’re having so much trouble getting it right with the men, why don’t you give some respectable women a shot?

Oh god, try giving love a shot with Tila Tequila? I love men and the women out there you know…I do get hit on by women a lot now, but I can’t cross the fence, I can’t straddle the fence. New York is strictly d***ly, and I want to say that in the most respectful way.

Eliot L. asks: How do you deal with sectioning off a personal section of your life while under the watchful eye of the public?

Basically because I’m looking for true love, I’m not looking for ratings, I’m not looking for just like a television moment, there’s nothing that is closed off. I put myself out there. I signed my contract, I know what it entails and basically there are going to be cameras on you 24 hours a day and if I’m fine with that and if I’m having a moment that I’d rather remain personal, I know that I signed this project and, hey, they can put this on blast if they want. But me finding love is so important that it’s all that matters.

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