I Love New York 2 Blog Party (Finale)


Live Tailor Made for Each Other Posted at 9:57PM EST


New York and Tailor Made are walking off in the sunset. Well, the sun has already set, but you get the idea. Did she choose the right guy? Should she have kept Buddha instead? And if she’s not keeping Buddha, do you want him?

Is New York’s love for Tailor Made for real? Did it last that stressful period between the show’s taping and the finale airing? Did Tailor Made ever get that penis implant? Read all about what’s going on with New York here, in our new Celebreality Interview with her.

Live Upon Reflection Posted at 9:45PM EST


Last chance: who’s it gonna be?

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Live Taking the Plunge, Pt. 2 Posted at 9:38PM EST



Now…is New York?

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Live Taking the Plunge, Pt. 1 Posted at 9:32PM EST


Is Tailor Made ready to take the plunge?

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Live Believe in Yourself…Or Else! Posted at 9:18PM EST


Sister Patterson slaps Tailor Made in the name of helping him. Is this acceptable therapy, or merely a preview of what life with New York could be like?

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Live Hot or Not Posted at 9:12PM EST


That umbrella hat: does it help or hinder Buddha’s hotness?

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Live It’s a Trap! Posted at 9:05PM EST


Tailor Made used his scheming to get New York alone, and instead of getting mad at him for it, she rewarded him. Is she letting him off easy? Should she have punished him for being sneaky?

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Live Buddha or Tailor? Posted at 9:00PM EST



One’s buff, the other’s scrawny. One buys her nice things, the other thinks his presence is enough of a gift. Who’s the right guy for New York? And, this may be another question entirely: who’s she going to pick?

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  1. BG says:

    Are New York and Talor Made still together

  2. My Opinionz says:

    How many times do you need to be kicked off a show (flava of love) by Flava Flav of all people..to make you realize you’re trash. The whole world saw New Yorkget screwed (literally) by the ugliest man in the world (flava flav) .

    I have more respect for porn stars than I do for New York aka Tiffany. Her mother is pure trash and knows nothing about class. I just can’t believe someone actually gave the tramp her own show. How STUPID, someone allowed the Ho and yes, someone that truly looks like a transvestite (her mother) to have a show.

    I have to give it up for Tango. I’m SO glad he saw her for what she really is…NOTHING BUT TRASH! The second season men, should’ve realized that sooner and there wouldn’t have been another season. I’m sure there is better entertainment out there people…because this was a HUGE waste of air time.

  3. steppa says:

    she should have dudied buddha