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New York has found her man, and in a rare turn for Celebreality romance, she’s still with him six months later. Imagine that!

After the jump, New York talks about falling in love with Tailor Made, falling out with Buddha and penis implants. She also wants to clear the air of a little rumor you may be aware of: “I’m not pregnant. Put that in bold letters.” Yes ma’am!

So Tailor Made, huh?

Yes. Do you see why I picked him? I know you know why, right? He’s a great guy, like, seriously.

He was definitely a dark-horse. I mean, at the beginning of the show, you couldn’t stand him.

Exactly. There was no chemistry, I didn’t even like the way he looked. Now I think he’s the hottest thing ever. Go figure. I don’t know what happened.

I know that few people knew that he was the winner up to this point, but in your experience, are the people who do know surprised?

A lot of the guys at the reunion [which filmed earlier this month] were surprised. I think a lot of the guys felt like he wasn’t the best fit. They had so many problems with him throughout the whole time they lived with him, so it was like, “You picked the biggest a**h*** out of the whole bunch of us.” They were a little upset with me for picking him. I’m like, wait a minute. This is for me looking for love. This is about what I want. They kinda forgot about that.

And so, I guess the fact that you didn’t get rid of him after he spit on Mr. Wise shows that you were really that into him?

That night was one of the toughest nights in the house. I had every producer of the show in my bedroom and we were sitting up there for three hours. They were trying to convince me it might not work, he spit on somebody, that’s an assault, blah blah blah. I’m like, “Look, you guys, he’s the only guy in the house that I’m feeling to the point where I’m ready to do everything with him on a physical level, mental, every level. This is the guy. This is the one.” It took me a while to convince them, and I’m so glad I fought for him at that moment. Because if I were to cut him because he spit, I don’t know who I would’ve ended up with and I don’t if it would be as real as this is.

Did you relate to him at all just as far as him going in there with a game plan and not afraid to alienate everybody? I mean the parallels between Tailor Made’s behavior on I Love New York and New York’s behavior on Flavor of Love are pretty remarkable.

That’s so funny. I call him my Mini Me. I’m like, “You remind me of myself when I had to fight for Flav.” Constantly misunderstood, doing everything that it would take to win. I figured, “Wow. That guy reminds me so much of myself how could I go wrong with him?”

It was pretty clear especially from the counseling episode that he was willing to do whatever it took, even if it meant assuming a position submissive to you. Is it safe to say that you wear the pants?

The thing I love most about Tailor Made is that he is not afraid to take a backseat to me in any capacity. This man knows that I run the household. He doesn’t go out and buy toothpaste without asking me if it’s OK. And I just love it. It’s such a great balance. I feel like I’m in control you know, but it’s done in a respectful way. It’s not like you know I’m his slave master or anything like that. It’s just that he has so much respect for me that I’m not used to it. I don’t take advantage of it, but I do love it.

Yeah, I was gonna ask, is that respect mutual?

Well, let’s just say that I am less intimidated by him then he is by me. So usually I’m the one getting my way.

Was there a time that you could point to that you could say like here’s when I knew I was in love with him? Or was it up until the end that it was a struggle? Because I know the whole Buddha thing was like…really dramatic. You know?

I did have very, very strong feelings for Tailor Made, but I had shared some meaningful time with Buddha. When we were in Jamaica, I swear I didn’t know who I was gonna pick probably until right before the elimination. I don’t know if Tailor Made knows that. I don’t think he does. And I don’t know if that would change anything, ’cause of course, you know, that’s my man now so I lie: “Oh, I did know I was gonna pick you.” But actually I didn’t know who I was gonna end up with until I walked out there.

What was it that finally helped you break out of Buddha’s uncontrollable pull?

I finally realized that he’d never bend at all. He was so strong and I just knew if I picked somebody like that, we would’ve fought a lot. I don’t think it would’ve been a healthy relationship, and I think we woulda broke up before the reunion show could have even aired. I just knew that tussling back and forth with him over and over again was just gonna end in disaster.

But you said you loved him. I mean, you said you loved both of them.

Looking back on it six months later, I loved Tailor Made and I lusted for Buddha. I think I got caught up on his looks so and certain things he would say and gun picking me up and all of that sort of stuff. I definitely think it was a lust thing.

You didn’t accept Tailor Made’s engagement, but you did say you would if everything went well in the next 24 months. Why that number?

Not to be clichéd, but I believe that fools do rush in. If something’s going to work, give it some time. It wasn’t a significant number, but it does mean that if I love this man as much as I did that day, then in two years we’ll be ready to be married.

You told me earlier in the season that even though you were disobeying the terms of your contract, you and Tailor Made were seeing each other in the six months between the show’s taping and the finale airing. What was that like? How frequent was it?

We got home from Jamaica. He went to his place, I went to my place. We paid our bills, said hi to our families and then a week later we moved in with each other. We’ve been together seriously for the last six months. It wasn’t going to hotels and sneaking around and stuff like that. I toyed with that idea as far as giving our interviews and saying that but no, it was like day to day, night to night we were actually living together. We just grew so strong and it so important for people to know how real this relationship is that we couldn’t even wait. We couldn’t abide by the rules. Now we can laugh at it because it’s over but we could’ve really been in serious trouble.

Were there any precautions that you made so that people didn’t catch wind of your cohabitation?

Absolutely. We did things sometimes, like we would drive somewhere and someone would come pick me up and we’d meet up at the same time and the same place. That type of thing. There were so many different things like disguises. He would call the restaurant and see how many people were there and we would wait for the last people to eat then we would go eat. There were so many different things that we used to do.

It’s crazy, because it seems like this is the first relationship to come from the Flavor of Love universe to actually have a shot at working.

It feels very comfortable to be able to say that this is gonna work, because we both want the same things for each other. We just want to make each other as happy as we possibly can. That man completes me so perfectly and I do the same for him. He turns me onto things I didn’t know and I do the same thing for him. We keep growing with each other, it’s beautiful.

In the counseling episode, there was the suggestion that he wouldn’t satisfy you sexually. You told him he’d need a penis implant. Care to shed any light on that?

I have to say this about Tailor Made: he is such a unique man, and even the way he makes love is very unique. I haven’t experienced anything like it before. He’s very passionate and he actually does not need the penis implant. When I’m with him, it’s just like nothing I’ve ever had before in my life and that’s a good thing.

Are you still seeing your therapist?

I’m not seeing a therapist anymore because I completed my journey. She was basically there to help me heal from the Tango situation and she assisted me in finding the right guy. So now, her work is done, I found someone and everything is really good, but she did help me a lot.

I know you don’t read about yourself very much, but there’s been this rumor going around the Internet suggesting that you’re pregnant…

Oh can we please clear this up? I’m so sick of it. Yeah, I put on a few pounds. Yes, I’m a little bit heavier, but I did it before and no one said I was pregnant then. I don’t know where it’s coming from. I’m not late. There’s nothing circulating in my personal life other than you know…I’m not pregnant. Put that in bold letters. I don’t know where that came from, but there is no way in the world.

So, what’s next for you, New York? With I Love New York 2 off the air, VH1 finds itself without a queen.

I am going to take a bit of a break. You know, get myself together, travel a little bit, have some extra, extra, extra extraordinary fun and then, in some capacity I know I’ll be back. You know? To rule the airwaves, to rule the network if you will. I would say you definitely haven’t seen the last of me.

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