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After the jump, New York’s new man and the self-described “happiest man on the planet” talks about going to extremes to win her heart, how he feels about the other guys on the show and how his daughter feels about the new woman in his life.

I assume that you feel vindicated after the fight that you put forth to win New York’s heart.

By the time we were in Jamaica, everything was going perfectly with New York and me, but at the same time I was so worried about what was going to happen with Buddha. I really felt like he played a lot of mind games and stuff, and it still seemed like he had a real control over her. I was just concerned that he was going to be able to manipulate her one way or another. I never like took her for granted. I never said, “I got this in the bag.” When he chose me and said it was an easy choice I was just so happy. I fought so hard. I stepped up, when she wanted me to step up, I laid back when she wanted me to lay back because I was causing too much trouble with the other guys. I think at the end of the day it was alll worth it because she really…I know it’s clichéd, but she really made me the happiest guy on the planet.

Watching, I thought you were the underdog.

Yeah I think so, too. A lot of what I did early on back in the first four episodes, I kinda set myself up to be the villain. But at the same time, our connection was pretty intense very quickly. After our first date, when we went to the jewelry store, I came back to the house and I was just in awe. I was just smitten. And I think that she really had the same vibe too. You’ll hear her talk about, “Oh, he has hair plugs and this and that,” but to me, I felt like whenever we were alone on a date together, we really had a strong connection. After the spitting incident, I had to step back. I actually felt like I was losing that connection. Initially, I was being so aggressive to get any time alone with her that…I don’t like the word “snitching,” but I was bringing to her attention the other guys’ faults or just doing whatever it took to be with her. And I feel like if you want to be with a woman, that’s how you have to be. You have to really show her yourself. Buddha tried to do the opposite. He kind of said, “I’m so great that you should be chasing me.” Who the hell does he think he is?

You really ran the risk of alienating yourself from the viewing audience with your behavior early on in the show’s run.

I never really worried about the viewers or the audience or their perception. I think that’s the key difference between me and the other guys. A lot of them kept talking about the reunion while we were still in the house. I never even thought about the reunion. That is just so weird to me. I wasn’t worrying about making friends with all the guys. They were all worried like, “Oh man, how’s this gonna look when people see you?” I think even Punk said, “What are people gonna say when they see you spit in his face?” I’m not thinking about what other people think, I’m worried about what Tiffany thinks. These guys were so into the whole camaraderie, the whole fraternity, it’s like literally, I think they approached it more like they thought it was The Real World or a social experiment of guys living together. They really weren’t making any effort to be with Tiffany, at least in my eyes. It was almost like they thought it was a free vacation or something.

You entered the house already really into New York, right?

Oh, definitely. When I watched Flavor of Love, she was the girl right off the bat that I was attracted to. I like her physically but I also like her attitude. She’s really sassy, you know? She wears her emotions on her sleeve. She’s a very genuine person and you can really see that. She was very heartbroken after Flav, and then to have to see it again and then to have to see Tango do it to her. Especially when it happened with Tango, you see the pain in her eyes. She is such a wonderful woman and these guys keep playing her and it’s just like I don’t know if they see what they have in front of them.

If your relationship ends up working out, it will be a first for VH1 dating shows.

Well, I think the main difference is that with Tiffany, you could see the emotion. Otherwise, what’s the point? It’s just for TV, it’s just for money or whatever. It’s almost like this genre of reality dating is set up so 99 percent of the time it will fail. Unless there’s a real connection, it’s destined to fail. I just think [our success so far] shows our compatibility and how we were made for each other.

It also helps that you’ve been living together.

If you go on a show like this and you say you found your soul mate, how are you then gonna say OK, because you want to respect the confidentiality agreement or because we want to preserve ratings, we’re just not going to see each other? As soon as the two people say that, that’s when you know they are more interested in television then their relationship. I don’t know if it was three days or a week after filming wrapped, but we kinda said, “Forget this!” We were basically bad kids, you know what I mean? They tell us, “No no no. You can’t do this,” and we just say, “Forget you.” Love is not about following rules. There shouldn’t be limitations on love.

It must be different courting in public with cameras on you versus courting in private.

Oh, absolutely. Our time on the show is such an insignificant piece of our life together. The show is what brought us together, so I’ll always be grateful for it. However at the end of the day, it is very insignificant. We’ve been together now almost six months, and the show was four weeks. So much more happened outside of the show that people don’t and will never know.

And during this time, how have you been getting along? Tiffany you know, as we see on TV, is sort of emotionally volatile, have you been fighting at all?

I think you summed it up very well when you said “emotionally volatile.” That’s her in a nutshell and that’s what attracts me to her. I think the key is opposites attract. We have so much in common in terms of how we approach relationships in that we put our entire heart and our entire soul into a relationship. However at the same time, I think I’m a little bit more passive. They play me out to be a lot more passive on the show and they probably make her out to look a little more dominant than she really is. The show makes her out to be like she’s just the total dominant diva and puts man in their place and I’m just a totally subservient passive guy. I think I lean more toward that, but I think it’s not as dramatic as you see on television.

Are you aware of like the MySpace blog Buddha writes? On it, he implied that you and Punk were interested more in each other than in New York.

I didn’t read it, but I read about it in your interview with Punk. These guys are so obsessed with MySpace. Believe me, I don’t want to belittle MySpace because I know it’s a great forum for our fans, but it seems these guys had their MySpace pages set up even before the show. But regarding the Punk thing, that’s just bull. I just think it’s just sour grapes on Buddha’s part. One thing that really stood out to me was when Pretty came back from that incident with his sister, I heard Buddha say, “Don’t worry. We got your back.” And I’m like, what does he mean he has their back? He should have Tiffany’s back. Even when Buddha returned, the other guys were like, “Yeah! Buddha’s back! Game on!” Why do you want him back? Don’t you want to be with Tiffany? This is just one guy who’s gonna stand between you and her. They were all so into each other.

Some people have accused you of trying to buy Tiffany’s love.

I’ve read that and I just feel that it’s not about the cost of the gift, it’s about the thought that goes into it. That sounds clichéd, but those shoes [I gave her on the second episode], it’s not like I went into Nordstrom and said, “Give me the most expensive shoes you got.” I wanted something that really embodied who she was. Something that was sexy, something that was sassy. I used the metaphor that she was my Cinderella and I was her Prince Charming. It doesn’t have to do with your financial needs. Some of the guys did put thought into it. They drew a picture, they wrote a poem, whatever it was. But Buddha brought a teddy bear, and I just thought that was so…he just thinks he’s so great he doesn’t have to put any effort into it. It’s not about cost. I felt that me picking out those gifts like the shoes and the La Perla negligee and the fact that she liked them showed that I know who she is.

You work for Ecko, right?

Yes. I’m a planner for our retail division. Prior to the show, I worked for Calvin Klein and I had to actually resign from my job to come out and compete for Tiffany’s heart.

That’s serious.

The show potentially films for up to a month and I asked for a leave of absence. They said, “Well, we have budget meetings coming up. There is no way you could miss them, and second of all we’re not going to give you a leave of absence to go on a reality show.” So I took a gamble and I quit my job and, obviously, it all paid off. So I took a few weeks off after the show to spend time with Tiffany and then I started interviewing. When I sat down with Ecko, the fact that I was on the show wasn’t looked down upon. Whereas if I took a job with a very buttoned-up company, they would have considered it a liability.

Watching the show, I thought you came from money.

Nah. My mother’s family, I wouldn’t call them affluent, but they live a comfortable lifestyle.

There was a part in the couple’s counseling episode when New York said she wanted you to get a penis implant…

Yes, that was interesting. I was kind of thrown off because the way they presented it was, “How would you feel if we asked you to do some elective plastic surgery?” I was thinking, what the hell would I need done? When they brought that up, I told her that I’ve never heard any complaints about my penis size, but because I am devoted to you, I’ll be willing to do whatever it takes.

How has it been introducing Tiffany to your daughter?

They get along very well. Tiffany’s almost like a big sister to her. They’re like two peas in a pod. They like to team up on me and make fun of me. My daughter has nothing but good things to say about her. I was pleasantly surprised. Just as it’s important that Sister Patterson approves of Tiffany’s choices in men, I think it’s equally important that my daughter has a good vibe with the woman in my life. And that’s the case, which is great.

So what are your plans for the future?

Well, New York’s 24-month ultimatum was a good idea. It’s key that we get to know each other outside of the show. That’s pretty much what we did over the course of the last six months. At this point, she knows I want to spend the rest of my life with her. And the feeling is mutual.

Keep up with Tailor Made via his MySpace.

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  1. kateri says:

    He bought her if you ask me!

  2. kateri says:

    New York ain’t even cute in the least way possible! She wears way to much make up and she looks like a man. She is a shim!!! Tailor Made has a sweet side to him…

  3. katie says:

    your face look your butt

  4. katie says:

    your butt look like your face so your new york is better then you hahahahahahah what is 4+600=

  5. John says:

    I’m glad she made the right choice… Buddah would have dogged her. He was only furthering his career!

  6. Ashley Estrada says:

    I am so happy that New York pick you and not Buddha. You seem to be a good person and a smart guy. I really think that Buddha was not into New York like you were. He seem to want to win the show and not New York’s heart. He was there for the worng reasons, but you seem to be there to fall in love w/ her. I wish you two all the happiest in the world. Hope you guy really make it.

  7. Ashley Estrada says:

    Take good care of your lady.

  8. MatayaMarcell says:

    hey will this is mataya i just what to say u are so nice and i am just so proud that u steped up like a man…..

  9. KIWI says:


  10. ANGELIQUE says:


  11. wytisha says:

    i was wondering if you guys were still together if so how about doing a show showing whats going on in the life of tiffany&tailor.

  12. Trae says:

    She def picked someone her and her mom could control. Her mom already slapped the ~&!( out of him and a few eps back, NY was screaming at him and the coward had his hands up like he was gettin whooped by his mom or something. She def the biggest )!`_% She betta not ever take him to the hood or around no real men because he is def scared and can’t protect himself. Infact I think he looks to new york for protection. If a fight breaks out at the club, NY will def be the on to put her hands up before that )!`_% does. All he knows how to do is spend money and that’s all her weak ^*_ is looking for. What man is gonna want to take that home to their mother for real. Entertainer’s mom was for real with it . She put the he/she mother of hers right out on front street where she belongs.,,walkin around like a saved child of god. Please,, her attitude and language is nothing of God and nor is that unlady like daughter of hers. Talor made and NY deserve each other.

  13. Trae says:

    And Tiffany Please stop with the dating tips,,cuz your sorry weak, too much make-up wearing, foul mouth, smell like a newport, dramatic, needy, unlady-like, can’t stand on your own two, desperate, face look like your butt, sorry excuse for a lady dont’ need to give dating tips cuz REAL woman are doing real things and don’t need a man. Get it together!!

  14. sarah says:

    i think he was really in it to win her heart unlike some people who were there just to be on tv. i did think that he tried to win her heart by buyimg her gifts but now that i read wht he had to say i think he knew what she liked and knew her and he wanted to show her that. all together you may have let her ctake complet control you love her and thats what matters. so keep your love strong and at least take some control

  15. CHEVON says:

    I would really like for you and New York to think about doing a show about how you are living after the show. Alot of your fans as well as I would like to see more of you two. I would like to say I love both of you and am very happy that you are together. I feel you did what was needed to be done to win New York’s heart and I commend you for that. Hope to see more of you guys soon and maybe a little new york or tailor made.

  16. Aggie says:

    You are the man Tailor Made, and forget about what other people say about you. I just wish you and NewYork good luck. However, don’t let her take advantage of you because you seem a nice good guy. I wish your love eventually tones down New York a little bit because i want to see you both happy, and having happy beautiful babies raised in a healthy, loving christian home. God Bless yoou!

  17. Tt says:

    Two wack `!@ people made for each other!

  18. LARISA says:


  19. henry says:

    sorry theres gonna be a I love New York 2

  20. BEE~BEE says:


  21. adriana says:

    Tailor Made are yoy getting new york yes or no

  22. marikaProctor says:

    You are a snitch

  23. Lulu says:

    Tailor maid is the man!!!!!!

  24. SHANELL says:


  25. liz says:

    i think new york made the right choice with tailor made. he look like a good guy that will make new york happy!

    good luck and happiness!

  26. ana duran says:

    hola… soy de venezuela.., me encanta mucho el reality show de i love new york 2.., ella es divina jajaja me gusta como trata a los hombres.., espero que de verdad consiga esa persona que busca…, y que no sea mas que un show…, saludos a tiffany.., disculpen si no se exactamente como se escribe su nombre.., pues.. poco se de ingles!!!, y pienso y considero que debe aceptar mas.., a ! tylor made!.., de todos los que hay en la casa, me perece simpatico, agradable,.. y respetuoso…, se nota que esta por new york alli en la casa, la cuida esta pendiente de todo.. etc…, a mi parecer los otros son unos locos jajaja, igual que punk… parece buena persona y sincero.., besos….. y que new ypok consiga a su amor!!! bye

  27. Kathy says:

    hi tailor made im in love with you very much the first time o saw u in tv i was like ohhhh my god he is so cute and nice i m jealous of tiffany what a lucky women ok well tailor made i just wanna know whats your real name please tell me i just want to know ok then i have to leave i wish you guys the best and that you have a lot of kid just kidding no no if you want to ok tailor made bye you re mine mine mine in my dreams

  28. Amelie08 says:

    You’re a very good-looking man and she’s not so pretty, and very… Es una mujer muuuuy vulgar, desde como se ve, hasta lo que viste. La gente suele confundir lo sexy con lo corriente, lo cual sucede en este caso. El tipo se viste bien, al menos, pero definitivamente no hacen buena pareja. Pero bueno, igual está muy guapo. El que lo entendió, lo entendió, y el que no, pues ni modo.


  29. MRS . BOSHTEN says:

    TAiiLOR MAiiD yoU GuRL ii +%&@+$%~$~#~)`#_ EN CRAZY aND ii LOVE iiT!!!!….
    SHESz A ROCK STAR!!!!!!…………………….

  30. yoel says:




  32. Robin says:

    I was just wondering if you and new york were still together at this point and if so if everything is workingout?

  33. Denise says:

    Hey Tailor Made I am so glad that New York choose you instead od Budda you are so nice and sweet , and very romantic are you and New York still together or what !!!

  34. ava says:


  35. shy says:

    ##$*@^~!)(@&*_!! you negga &%_##@%$)_~^#(+#&

  36. shay says:

    boy dat +!~#)()&)&#^~&%&& just wanna take over some &~__)~!)($#)#$%_ thats y she look the way she do she lucky pumpkin spit on he ~*&#`*~`%_$^*(~ cuz i would of killed dat hoe with her gold digging ~*&#`*~`%_$^*(~ dats y chance *+(%!_&%!#!()(+ ed her shoved her and now hes gone so he played her dum ~*&#`*~`%_$^*(~ hahahahahahahahahahhahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. shay says:

    talor maid u is so sweet and cute but i dont see y u like dat %!&_)_%%_+*!@@~*_ she %%@^__@@^*%_&@( fake %%@^__@@^*%_&@( th rest and she a hoe

  38. antonella says:

    ola pz soy de peru y te digo algo tu relity show me encanto siempre estuve contio en todas tus programas en flavor 1 y 2 i love new york 1 y 2 en la primera queria que gane chance pero no fue asi ahora gano mi favorito tailor made asu me encanto mucho besos ….

  39. paty says:

    HOLA felicidades por el programa, estuvimos al pendiente mi hija de 11 y yo y han estado fabulosos los episodios 1 y 2 ,el primer episodio no me gusto que haya ganado chance, pero el segundo vamos por tailor made,en monterrey, mexico no acaba el programa ,pero dale con todo a tailor.saludos y muchos besos

  40. rashawn says:

    new york is right for you

  41. betty says:

    soy de mexiacali y no me pierdo el programa esta padrisimo que gane tailor made esta guapisimo

  42. Jennifer says:

    I hope yall work out alot has happened to u so i think you should be with her u should alot of emotion and it looks like yall had a good time with each other when yall did have time together.I wish the best of luck to yall but i know that she is not all that bad that peqple make her out to be cuz i am the same way with my man…

  43. crissy says:

    hola soy de colombia veo siempre el reality me cae super bien new york si no te quedas con tailor regalamelo me facina

  44. Buddha says:

    Hey all my fans, it’s Buddha here, and I just want to let you know that i’m having an affair with New York (tiffany), so I would like it if my fans were the ones to tell Tailor made… so please do the honores..

  45. Mayra says:

    hey hey:D buddha is a idiot men and i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove tailor made

  46. jayelove says:

    tailor made is stuipd anyway i new from the begin big strong buddha was gonig to get tiffany because flavor ugly !*^^&#^@#%+%++` did that was some bull………..

  47. ev says:

    tailor made is the best man ever !!. yesterday was the final in heare (guatemala) !!
    we celebrate that budda lose! …budda is the worst man ever ! he doesnt deserv nY hurD!
    GO tailor maDE!
    ny and tailor maide 4 lifEee!! XD
    lob U!!
    vh1! rockZz!

  48. Adrianna says:

    I hope you are happy George…. you got yourself a real nasty woman.

  49. Tina says:

    honestly, New York is horrible. what are you thinking????? she has no class, no education, why why why.

  50. elsanto3tj says:

    i love new york, this guy is a #)+`(!!@~$&^@~_`( i feel sorrow about you newyork , i wish you good luck ,i love you mamacita ,negrita chula , como quisiera poderte tener en mis brazos como todos esos tipos del reallity, one kiss for you

  51. elsanto3tj says:


  52. Carolina says:

    Me alegra mucho que ganara george, es muy guapo, cultivo y con un gran porvenir…que bueno que perdio buda…es un pesimo actor….
    Hacen bonita pareja.

  53. sujey says:

    teilor made do you know spanish if you do that is great now tell me the you and new york are still together if youdo that is great keep up the good work i think she is a great person i love her attitud and the way she is you guys make agret couple.

  54. Alta cat says:

    Tailor Made, you are such a humble man,New York is soooooooooo lucky 2 have u.if it dont work out with her in the future , i will realy want u 2 be my soule mate. U r the perfect man 4 my life. u need life in paridice with some1 from the carribian like me, some1 hwo’s going to think always of u and always of your dauther 2.U are the most handsom man , the most loving man, the most romantic humble man in history.U DON’T DESERVE some1 hwo’s constantly telling u that u don’t love them , i saw it in the show New York goes 2 hollywood ,and deep inside of my hearth i know that u love New York. but u are taken 4 ever ,and i am sorry 4 the bad surcomstances in the future that u will be going true with New York. ps; “your only soule mate”

  55. divalicious.25 says:

    tailor made i want you in person 2 rigth me back, u are the most handsom mand in vh1 history.

  56. alta cat says:

    New York has no respect 4 u. HOW can she be flurting with the guy hwo she is acting with and rubbing his chest in national tv. then still saying that u dont love her. U are 2 good 4 her. sence u like black girls also u should email me back or give me your real name so that i can keep in touch with u. we can make it with out stess. but we can make it in a little freindly island that name saint-barthelemi . if u ever 4get about New York ,get me a way 2 contact with u ,cause u are 2 good 2 be true. I am sure that your daughter dont like her 4 u at aaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ! u think she is good looking? well she is not. with or with out make up she is unhealthy looking, and ugly looking . i have respect 4 U TAILOR MADE and i know u need true love and not true lost . i have called a few poeple that reads cards and they said that the relationchip between u and New York wont last 4 a long time. And i respect your opinion ,u need my love and not tiffany lost. She wants u $ your money and nothing else. IF u ever make a “i love Tailor Made show” i will be 1 of the first woman 2 be in your show just 2 show u what true woman u deserve. and not a surcumsise man like New York that is only using u 4 investment only.

  57. alta cat says:

    ooooooooh! I 4got 2 say that TIFFANY mother is a man and she has a d..k . ps: your soule mate

  58. VANESSA says:

    WELL, ALL THE WAY FROM LONDON, I JUST WANT TO SAY TO TAILOR MADE, THAT ALL HE WAY THROUGH THE SHOW I HAVE SUPPORTED YOU, WANTED YOU TO WIN THE SHOW, YOUHAVE SHOWN TRUE QUALITIES WHICH ARE VERY HARD TO FIND IN ANY OTHER MAN, IF MOST OF THE MEN IN THIS WORLD WERE TO BE LIKE YOU, THINK THE WAY YOU, WE WOULDNT HAVE SOOO MANY BROKEN HEARTS, I KNOW YOUARE A MAN WITH A PURE AD HONEST HEART, PEOPLE LIKE BUDDHA, HE IS JUST INTO HIMSELF AND YOU KNOW THAT IF BUDDHA WOULD HAVE WON THE HOW, HE WOULD GO GET FAME, WITH THAT MONEY SPEND IT IN STRIP CLUBS, BUDDHA CONSIDER ANOTHER INDUSTRY AS YOUR NEW CAREER. ANYWAY GEORGE, after what i saw on the show, i did not like the fact that tiffany would actually snog some guy right in front of you, and yet, you till managed to fight for her and win, that just shows that you are a great man, devoted to love, but is it hones? i jus hope and pray to god that tiffany will pay you back rightully and treat yo lie you deserve, if anything was to go wrong, you have the heart of amerca’s women, because of your way of being, you will manage to find any woman you want, as many have fallen in love with you. god bless you, wish you all the bst…VANESSA xxx

  59. VANESSA says:

    OH YEAH JUST EAD THAT BUDDHA HIMSELF WROTE HE I HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH TIFFANY, WELL GUES WHAT BUDHHA, NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE LIKES YOU! SO JUST HIDE, CAUSE NO1WANTS TO NO U! america doesnt hate you, they feel nothing more o less than pity for you. behind those muscles hides a lonely man with no1 to give him TRUE , HONEST sincere heart, you have to take other mens women to feel empowerment, is it your mechanism of self defence???

  60. Lover Girl says:

    I love you George and I hate to see you with that ugly ghetto horse Tiffany. You deserve better than that. You need a strong black woman that is going to treat you right. Besides, Tiffany’s breast are too long and saggy, it takes the fun out of kissing breast when you have to chase them and put them on a shelf to support them because they are too big to hold in your hand. Who wants breast that are bigger than your head. She needs to get a refund for those messed up breast. Baby mine are nice and perky!!!!!!

  61. nicole portunato says:

    i think tailer maid was only in it for the fam he used newyork and newyork needs to have nothing but the best in life life is to short to be messing around he never loved her when she told him you do not love me no more he did not say ant thing back he stayd shut so new york if u r looking for love girl go get it and if you was gay i nicole would go pn your show to show you what real love is all about and how treat you

  62. tina says:

    Are you kidding you seem to have a half brian.Can you see what everyone else can see. Tiffany is abusive and lacks common manners. How does one not see this..She is from Syracuse New york small town bad side of the city and gets a bit part on reality show.Maybe she is right you just want her because she is on a little show that she thinks people are laughing with her when we are laughing at her.Tiffany thinks she is something,I can not believe her Mom did not even teach her common table manners (she eats like a 2year old that is just learning to eat table food). Tiffany’s Mom is the most abusive person I have ever viewed,when she was interacting with the cab driver she looked and sound like a abusive nut case”daughter like mother”shame on the producers for thinking that bit was amusing.Abuse is abuse …I am so happy when people put the Mother and daughter in check ,hopefully they will see you can be entertaining if they stop with the abuse and learn basic manners.. Tailor you need to be selective with the women you keep company with you have a daughter, is that the role model you want your daughter to look up to(you can not even have a civil dinner with Tiffany,” eating with her mouth wide open” “licking her fingers”.)

  63. Kathleen says:

    Tailor Made was the only handsome man on this show! I really don´t believe that this relationship with “New York” will ever work. She still has a lot to learn from life and to respect people. Tailor Made deserves a better woman.

  64. Andrew Carter says:

    Tailor Made: Are you in desparing that no other woman wants you? So much that you had to go to this stupid show and humiliate yourself for something like “New York”? You are a very good looking man and I don´t want to believe that you lost your mind! Run away from these trouble-makers called “New York and Sister Patterson”. They have no class. They are definitely mentally disturbed! Are you blind? You deserve better! You still have tme to run away from this ^_**`(#&$`~$$&&~

  65. Graig Max says:

    Tailor Made: Are you in desparing that no other woman wants you? So much that you had to go to this stupid show and humiliate yourself for something like “New York”? You are a very good looking man and I don´t want to believe that you lost your mind! Run away from these trouble-makers called “New York and Sister Patterson”. They have no class. They are definitely mentally disturbed! Are you blind? You deserve better! You still have tme to run away from this ^!`&#)&%(~!!&$^%

  66. princess says:

    Tailor made i hope every thing works out for you. i think ur just the cutest thing. i wish u and new york tha best.chow

  67. jewsus says:

    LOL! his daughter and new york gang up on him and make fun of him. How sad.

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