Jamie-Lynn Still Pregnant, 6 Months To Go!


jamielynn_britney.jpgYou better not claim to be sick of the Jamie-Lynn baby drama yet! We’re only 2 days in and there’s so much to get caught up on. Let’s make it quick and painless (unlike that ol’ thing called birth that J-L’s gonna tackle in the Spring).

  1. Jamie-Lynn and her baby-daddy aren’t dating anymore. Girl’s going at it alone in the delivery room with her mom by her side! Brit will have to stay in the waiting room.
  2. Hey ex Casey Aldridge may be guilty of statutory rape, depending on where the baby was conceived. Someone steal J-L’s diary!
  3. K-Fed knew about the pregnancy before Britney. Telling the stable one first is always a wise plan.
  4. Papa Spears is allegedly “devastated” and thinks that Jamie-Lynn “ruined her life.” Give her a chance to at least ruin the kid before you say that, Dad!
  5. Finally, Brit has already sent her lil’ sister a gift basket of goodies – like this super-cheesy sequined tank top – though a more appropriate gift would have been a handwritten list of mothering advice. Then J-L would know what not to do.

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  1. Briana says:

    Hey Jamie i know its been rough 4 u but i know u have some hope in u… trust me ive been through alot too and what happened its just all gone in a blink of an eye!!! i know people in this world dont have nothing better to do then just to crack on u!!! i feel sooo sorry 4 u if ever u need someone ill be here 4 u call me when ever u feel like u need to my cell is (216)978-8220!Take care love always Briana!!And GOD BLESS!!!

  2. jailyn says:

    why did you break up with your boyfriend jamie lynn.

  3. jailyn says:

    jamie i feel so sorry for you that y0ou are pregnat my mom is pregnant and she is 7 months pregnant if you want to call me heres my number if you have any problems ok you can trust me i can keep a million secrets because your my only celebrity iv ever talked to but i know you didnt have sex to get the pregnancy it was just a happy miricale that happened hers my number now(770)4734291.