You Want Some Lip Chap?



We mentioned it last week, but just in case you missed it, Charm School winner and Flavor of Love 2 alum Saaphyri has launched her line of lip balm dubbed Lip Chap (duh). It’s available in five flavors, including Mojito and PiƱa Colada. Who needs alcohol when you have Lip Chap? For the follicly challenged (and not so much), she also just launched her line of Indian hair. She talked about both projects recently on Becky Buckwild’s Blog Talk Radio show (check the Dec. 23 episode). Did you know that you can give a dog extensions? It’s true, Saaphyri says so. Also revealed is the fact that Lip Chap is unisex (for boys, girls, girlish boys and boyish girls, says its creator). But most importantly, it’s guaranteed to keep you from beating a bitch’s ass.

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  1. shameka says:

    I bought her lip chap and it is just craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!

  2. mandy s says:

    yeah,it had a bad smell to it,and it made my lips crack.

  3. macey says:


  4. marcus says:

    I wont buy that +!`@# es nasty crap.

  5. Rormshott says:

    have a nice day!

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