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The CCA bash kicks off awards season in America. Get a wisp of what triumphs here, and you have an inside track as to what’s going to happen at the other film culture shows, including the Oscars. We’re working the “Watch and Discuss” tip, so keep an eye on the red carpet action and the awards show itself, and let loose with your opinions regarding everything from fashion statements to acting skills. We’ll be with you ’til 11 p.m. or so.

7:35: Make sure you’re back here ready to roll at 8 p.m. EST.

8:00: Welcome all! Let’s do this.snoop-dogg-critics-choice-awards.jpg

8:05: There’s Snoop (right). Wonder what his favorite film genre is. Anyone wanna take a guess?

8:08: Nikki Blonsky was working at an ice cream shop last year? Anyone here think Hairspray was a blast?

8: 16: Kyra Sedgewick is handing out the Best Writing award. What side of the writers’ strike are you on?

8: 20: Latifah‘s everywhere these days. Mad Money is hitting in two weeks, and her latest jazzy disc plopped into the racks a couple months ago.

8:23: Emile Hirsch faced off against grizzlies this year, and he’s so into the wild, he left his tie at home. “Ivy League” says his dad.

8:30: Emily Deschanel doesn’t know what her favorite movie is. She needs to get out more.

don-cheadle-critics-choice-awards.jpg8:35: Fighting the good fight, Don Cheadle (left) is picking up a humanitarian award tonight. His Ocean’s bud George Clooney is going to celebrate him. Rightly so. Everyone should know about Dafur Now.

8:38: Our first foray into dirty talk: hooray! “Who else have you gone down on tonight?” Casey Affleck asked our host Carrie Keagan after she kneeled over and tied one of his shoes.

8:40: Ellen Page is one of those consensus heroes: everyone digs her. Think Juno is a fluke, or will she be around for awhile?

8:46: Cuba Gooding is a D.L. Hughley fan; he says our host is going to rock the house.

8:51: Wow. Props from veteran Hal Holbrook to Sean Penn regarding the eloquence of a 25-year-old thank you note. We’re strolling memory lane. Nice.

bradd-pitt-angelina-jolie-200x.jpg8:55: Pitt and Jolie (right) have hit town. Yes, they look sharp.

8:57: It’s almost a wrap for the red carpet. Who looked hottest?

9:05: D.L‘s doing it. “If people wanted to see a fictional story about the Iraq war, they could just watch Fox News.”

9:07: Emile‘s dad said he looked “ivy league” by leaving the tie at home – is that true?

9:09: Lots of people pulling toward a common goal. Hairspray gets the Best Ensemble nod. Go Latifah, go.

9:11: Which story moved you the most? Which writer got to the bottom of his or her tale? Let’s hear it for Diablo Cody, writer of Juno.

9:19: I’m loving Michael Cera, but there are lots of strong young actors coming along these days. Ahmad Kahn Mahmidzada is the one the CCA liked best. Here are some other talents.

ensemble2.jpg9:22: Ms. Nikki Blonsky (right) screams louder than Queen Latifah. She should. She is the best young actress.

9:33: The 40 Year Virgin and Borat have both won Best Comedy awards in previous years. This time around it’s Juno. Katie Holmes could act a little bit more excited. Is she OK?

9:40: Hughley was teasing Brad Pitt and Sean Penn about being “honorary” blacks for their work putting New Orleans back together. They deserve it. But as the stars of this list confirm, real African-American actors had a strong 2007.

9:42: Nice that they let a couple of musicians hand out Best Composition and Best Song awards, though Snoop and Feist don’t seem exactly comfortable with each other. Jonny Greenwood‘s There Will Be Blood score and Glen Hasard’s “Falling Slowly” from Once are the winners.

9:49: Amy Ryan snatched the Best Supporting Actress from Catherine Keener, Tilda Swinton, and Cate Blanchett. Casey Affleck uses some wit to accept for his pal Ryan.

9:53: Schnabel Time! The director/artist walks away with the nod for The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. It’s the best Foreign Language Film.

george-clooney-critics-choice-awards.jpg9:57: George Clooney: Hollywood is a “one industry town.” He wants the strike to end. But he’s got business to do and it’s time to salute his pal Don Cheadle, the activist/actor, by laying the “Joel Siegel Award” at his table. Hotel Rwanda and Darfur Now – two provocative pieces.

10:10: They’re teasing us a bit with clips from all the Best Picture nominees, but it’s not time for the evening to peak. Grab some popcorn.

10:12: C’mon now, no animated title was better than The Simpsons Movie. But Ratatouille was pretty nifty. It’s been named top dog. And Enchanted clocks the Best Family Movie award. Do see August Rush, though.

10:21: Someone will have to transcribe Eddie Izzard‘s crazy-talk speech tomorrow. It will show us how much we need the writers back. Ditto for list of countries that feature government-sponsored heath care. Good thing he took the time to work the list, because Michael Moore‘s Sicko earns top prize.bardem-200×150.jpg

10:27: Nothing but skills in the pool of nominees for Best Supporting Actor, but the room seems to like the choice of Javier Bardem (right). He scared the pants off many ticket buyers in No Country For Old Men.

10:33: More dirty talk from Leslie Mann, more political quips from Javier Bardem. A victory for Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.

10:40: Intensity and subtlety win every time. Therefore we’re listening to Daniel Day-Lewis‘s acceptance speech for There Will Be Blood. Seen it yet? Paul Thomas Anderson‘s finest moment perhaps.

10:41: Ahh, they’re throwing to our Worst Movies of 2007 list. Let me make it easy for you. Here it is right here. Which 2007 film did you guys feel like walking out on?

10:49: Guess the Best Actress winner – right now!

10:52: If you said Julie Christie, you are quite correct. She stars in Away From Her.

10:55: The Coens aren’t in the house, but after a shout out to Julien Schnabel, the brothers’ designated accepter, Mr. Bardem, thanks everyone for naming them Best Director(s).


10:58: That’s a lot of critics onstage. But they’ve reached a decision on Best Picture, and that’s the Coen Brothers’ No Country For Old Men. Please don’t forget to read Cormac McCarthy‘s book.

11:00: Make sure you come back to right now. We’re streaming the Post-Show Wrap-Up. Our team on the scene will hook up with some of the celebs and see what they think of the choices. Don’t quit now, c’mon!

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