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  1. Stephanie says:

    Definitely hot!!! She is beautiful inside and out and I am soooo ecstatic that Bret picked her!!! If you put big plastic implants on her then she’d be the stereotypical image of what is hot so it’s awesome that she’s who she is and she can accentuate her features if she decides to later on.

  2. Ron says:

    She is extreamly hot and smart!!

  3. Lainey P says:

    She is totally hot! I’m so excited that Bret picked Ambre because she’s very smart and knows what she’s talking about unlike Daisy. Ambre is Hot in every way. She is the one for Bret Michaels and again Ambre is HOT! HOT! HOT!

  4. Colie says:

    HOT!!! I think Bret made the right choice. What makes Amber so hot is not so much her looks, but who she is as a person. Don’t get me wrong Amber is definately HOT and Daisy is NOT!!! Daisy actually looks disgusting with her bad implant job and jacked up face. I really hope Bret and Amber stay together and it doesn’t end up being like last season.

  5. Heather B says:


  6. jessica says:

    ew shes so gross, i hate this girl, i think destiney should have won, and daisy was an alien…why are there even two shows for this guy, i dont know why tv has gotten this sorry…this sucks, i wish vh1 could be more creative and think of new ^#%* i mean theres a _&+* en sequel to every, EVERY, dating show, they cant come up with anything else, now mtv is doin g it for that nasty tila tequila #__^&

  7. tracy says:

    i think ambre is very pretty”hot”. she has got it all together and she blows daisy out of the water totally…. she dosent look fake like daisy with all her lip injections and tatoos and fake boobs….you rock amber…

  8. samanthia says:

    ambre is disgusting. daisy is hot you’re not. you’re the bossy and %%@_# y type, that’s why bret is going to dump you. he loves daisy not u.

  9. lucycamden says:


  10. sonia aka AMBER ROSE says:

    first off, ambre is definitely hot! secondly, brett like he said is looking for rock of love not rock of lust, NOT that ambre cant fill both, however i think brett has done enought PARTYing for a life time, now he is in his adult prime, which is time to settle down, SIMPLER AS THAT and he couldnt have chose a sweeter, more honest, more c oncerning, care taking, gorgeous smart woman than he did. EVERY SINGLE GIRL On thier had fake boobs, fake butts, OMG EVEN FAKE NOSES like geez woman god made u stop trying to recreate the barbies out there leave that to MATTEL & FISHER PRICE PPL! on a completely serious note, BRET if you read this and Ambre if you read this, i am 35, married, 2 teenage kids, ones getting ready to leave for college… you were perfect for each other. To amber: you are hot dont listen to none of these little hoochie mama stereotypical idots out there brett has had sex with ugly, fake & hot, but i am sure he has never had THE REAL DEAL>>>> by the way,,,, love you guys and my 14 yr old wants bret to know HE ROCKS and Ambre she says HOLD ON TO YA MAN! lmao guys have a great life and we pray you will get married and live a happy one! BRET DONT SCREW THIS UP!

  11. Tori says:

    So HOT! She is WAY better than Daisy in so many ways!

  12. Steph says:

    All I have to say is YUCK!!!!

  13. angela says:

    She is a beautiful successful women!

  14. pam says:

    She is hot, smart and genuine. It’s great seeing the “nice” girl win for once!

  15. Nancella says:

    C’mon, She’s HOT! You gotta ask? If Brett Michaels PICKED her, don’t you think it kinda goes without saying? He’s probably had so many bleached blonde silicone-enhanced !)$** es by now, genuine stock parts might just be a welcome change. Oh, that ‘granny pants’ thing really got me; can’t wait til ‘Daisy DeLaHoya’ or ‘Vulva Mossman’, or whatever the hell her actual name is, gets her first wrinkle or she wakes up to find one of her super-scary implants has turned on her….Too bad plastic surgeons can’t graft brain cells. She is SOOO clueless about how much sexier older women are…but then, she has the intelligence quotient of a gnat, so what might we expect? She’s not gonna stay young & tight forever, and we can’t wait to see her on a future ‘Where Are They Now?’ special in some hoe-down small town gin mill pullin’ drafts, with her crepe-like man-tattoos strongly resembling the fabric inside of a casket. [Which reminds me...nice romantic vomiting technique; is there any end to your feminine wiles, Dazed-D??] Don’t worry…Charles won’t have any trouble letting you support his deadbeat _!_ again, we’re sure. After the Heather beat-down, though, you might want to stop jumpin’ up in people’s faces…but, it’s not like Miss H wasn’t so freaking jealous of the fact she’d been relegated to “Best Friend” status this season [instead of the runner-up Brett was supposedly so close to picking in RoL #1] that she wasn’t just itching to sock most of the girls from the get-go. A man calling a woman he’s boffed his “Best Friend” is the equivalent of a woman telling a guy “You’re sweet, BUT…” Attraction Death Knell, for sure. For God’s sake, Sam HANDED Heather to him on a silver platter and Brett STILL took a pass…Heather’s still salivating over him so much the Reunion lighting guys probably had to use different stage light filters… But anyhow, I digress. Great show, great couple, wish you all the best of luck. Ambre’s a great, sexy and together woman and you two rock as a couple!! Enjoy each other, Brett & Ambre…Congratulations, you BOTH won! Love you guys…..xxxxxxxxxxxx ooooooooooooo

  16. R. DiMarco says:

    Hi Ambre,

    I admire the class you brought to the show. I have never done anything like this and I am really not into
    rock. However, I did enjoy the show. I believe Bret made the right decision in selecting you has his
    rock of love. I sincerely hope it works out for you both. You are a charming couple.


  17. James Olmstead says:

    Ambre good job for winning i watched every episodes. You were the most prettiest girl on there, you are good for Bret the other girls weren’t. I knew you would win.

  18. amanda says:

    This is NOT the Ambre from the show. Fake!!!!

  19. jp says:

    does anyone know what kind of watch ambre is wearing on the show?

  20. taylor mills says:

    hey girl i ‘ m your biggest fan and i ‘ m 10 years old you rock

  21. dan says:

    not hot. she is past her prime. and way to old to say I’m not wearing underwear. she kept telling everyone how educated she was. Her degree is in dance. how smart is that?

  22. dan says:

    not hot. she is past her prime. and way to old to say I’m not wearing underwear.

  23. gloria says:

    she is but her boobies are small they look like _^“ ing @)` holes _^“ this bret love big boobies so you need to have your boobies done

  24. brandy says:

    She is not hot at all but my daughter thinks she is pretty and smart.

  25. Nettie says:

    NOT ! ! !

  26. Lucy says:


  27. stephanie says:

    so lookz nice =0

  28. LESLY says:


  29. Andrea says:


    Not hot. But, then, she is somewhat intelligent. I really didn’t see her as being that different from the others.

    She was just mre mature and played the game better. I didn’t see any one on the show that really seemed right for Brett Michaels.

    If you think about it she was alot like Jess on Rock of Love I, she kind of hung back and watched everybody else screw up.

    I think her mouth hanging open, cheerleader style will eventually get on Brett’s nerves.

  30. chelsea says:

    in that picture she is a not but in other pictures she is a HOT


  31. Reina says:


  32. tiffany says:

    ambre is not hot but she isn’t a not either i mean she’s pretty and on the show she seemed nice

  33. bubu says:

    more tetas please

  34. Emily says:

    Sure ill say yes