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  1. francisco martinez says:

    i will say inna was the best looking girl in the house

  2. chris says:

    dudes she is nasssty ………………. and shes taller than me ihate her for being tall (@#$%#^)

  3. Bilbo says:

    I agree w Francisco. Inna and Megan would have been my top two.

  4. Heather B says:

    Super HOT

  5. Kris says:

    inna is the hottest girl on there by far.

  6. samanthia says:

    you just think you were the boss of bret’s house, guess what you’re not and never will be. you’re a monster. you should have treated the other gurls with dignity and respect.

  7. Tori says:

    HOT, especially the face!

  8. george aguilar says:

    one of the most stuning girls i have ever LAID my eyes on.

  9. rob says:

    she look good besy one

  10. Eric says:

    Inna was the hottest woman in the house, in my opinion. Everyone else here who said that, I agree 1000% and my wife agrees, as well. We both had a hard time figuring out who would be 2nd, so I’m not sure if we’d agree there, but we both thought Inna was #1, no question.
    For me, 2nd Place would probably go to Megan or Destiney or the girl who got cut first for passing out (she was only in one episode, so I’m blanking on her name, but she was really cute).
    Daisy is easily in the Top 5, and sometimes I think she was a contender for #2 also.

  11. gloria says:

    hell to the no i have huger boob then you blah aka your name is #)&@) and last name #)&@)

  12. chris burgess says:

    she’s not hot she is $*@# in sexxxy as $*@#

  13. datris stone says:

    out of all the reallity shows on tv inna was the sexiest and hottest out of all the women. she had everything going for her. the tallness, long dark hair, and the worlds sexest eyes. her and christy joe would have been my my final two. after was voted out i stopped watching the rest of the shows till the final one, and by then i did not even care who won.i don’t even remember the other girls names.

  14. Andrea says:

    Very tall, but yes, very pretty.

  15. Jenna Lee says:

    shes pretty in this pic. but not n e where else.

  16. chelsea says:

    inna is so hott bad mistake to send her off she is just to HOTT!!!

  17. phil says:

    INNA, is an 11 on 10! my dream woman, she rocks!

  18. sabino says:

    that hot is hot #)__%@+`^&#^_$~* ing baby french

  19. jesse says:

    She so hot I love Inna.

  20. Jason says:

    She is fine cuz she got a pretty face and some perfect t**s and an awsome a** I LOVE HER!!!

  21. Jasmine says:

    SO H-O-T HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV YOU INNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna grow up 2 be just like you grl !!!!!!!

  22. bill says:


  23. fz says:

    very sexy

  24. Chad says:

    sexy as )_`)&*@@!#^#@_(@

  25. tony says:

    Inna is very hot, shes got one beautiful body.

  26. randy says:

    of course she his a exzotic-rare beauty-just needs work on inside i really liked her in rock of love 2 i could not bleave her great rare look i was stunned from beging

  27. Becca says:

    Inna was my favorite she is so pretty and just sexy. I’m not gay, but if I coulsd choose to look like any of the girls, it would be Inna.

  28. mack says:

    Hottt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On Fire!!!!!!

  29. SHANE says:


  30. Brit says:


    Inna is soooo insanely STUNNING. Sooo beautiful. One of the most beautiful girls on Rock Of Love EVER.

  31. cannaletto says:

    She’s incredibly hot!! are you kidding? I get chills just looking at her. I would love to meet her in real life so we could have some fun, I’m a tall guy so, her tallness is just another bonus to me. heh heh heh. You go Inna, I think you rock, & you have always been MY personal favorite. I’m glad it didn’t work out -w- Brett M. because it means you’re SINGLE!!!

  32. cannaletto says:

    By the way, only guys who are gay, short, {with a short-mans complex} or sissy-boys, would be intimidated by her being tall

  33. yango says:

    please this girl not belong the pretty than inna. PLease deletethis pic :(( inna is white and sexy not fat and troll…

  34. ANNA ALVARADO says:

    i´m from México, and to me she is a beautiful lady, and she is the coolest in da house

  35. rusu eugen says:

    Very Cool cooll???man!

  36. elena says:

    She is not inna!
    she is the real Inna!

  37. miki says:

    verry,verry,verry hot

  38. Gizella says:

    LIKE A MAN !

  39. LUIS says:

    Definitely HOOOOTTTT!!!!!

  40. motherrussia says:

    damn, she is freaking hot