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  1. liz says:

    kristy jo was the hottest chick there

  2. sarah says:

    i think she’s hot! and i wish she wouldnt have left in the first place….she was having a hard time but she loved brett and that’s why she left because she knew she had alot of things to take care of. that’s true love!

  3. Shannon says:

    HoT!!They were hating on her! then all of their dirt came out after she left!!!

  4. Jeanette says:

    Kristy jo was a damn moron!!! a silly lil crybaby. she was never there for brett she just wanted to be on tv………slut!!

  5. Lindsay says:

    Kristy Jo was the only half way decent looking chick on that show, she was such an idiot to leave, she would have def. won!! All the other girls were ugly ~*`!( es

  6. RKM says:

    Kristy Jo is beyond a shadow of a doubt, one the the HOTTEST women to ever be on a “reality TV show” or any other show for that matter…..end of discussion… closed….game over !!! SERIOUSLY SMOKIN” !!!

  7. Heather B says:

    2nd hottest, next in line to Destiny!!!!

  8. Derek says:

    I`ve the 2 seasons of this show and I think that KRISTY JO is the HOTTEST CHICK not only on the show, but in all of reallity t.v.

  9. samanthia says:

    bret should have picked you. you were the hottest gurl on the show next in line with daisy and destiny

  10. jess+andrew says:

    kristy joe is the _&*( in hottest girl on the show her and bret shoulda ended up together
    she didnt need to b on tv she was a _&*( in playboy model a stauts that all u haters wish u could achieve !!!
    love u kristy jo !

  11. Jake says:

    She is one sexy minx…..oh yea

  12. rob says:

    yes but she always crying

  13. Kristen Deck says:

    def hot shes “)~ ing gorgeous

  14. Andrea says:

    Definitely hot. The only really beautiful woman on the show. She is a total package, in the looks department. And seems like a really genuinel person.

  15. trista volz says:

    i think kristy jo was so awsome but so amosional she needs to get her self together she souldnt have gave up brett she could have been the winner but other than that she is hot

  16. d bailey says:

    She’s totally hot. She’s the hottest one on the whole show.

  17. Scotty says:

    omg kristy jo is so hot!! she could have one if she didnt leave

    WOW i wanted her to win but the old loser ambre won =[

    i hope she goes on again and wins shes HOT

  18. wilson says:


  19. wlson says:

    she is the hottest of the show.bret should have picked her.

  20. amber starr says:

    hot. no not hot. @$!()_+^(!_)++*% in sexy as hell.

  21. russ says:

    One hot drama queen!!!

  22. anthony says:

    Hot Very Hott. Favorite Since Rock of Love. Definetly the sexiest on the show. She should get her own show. I would apply.

  23. yaboi says:


  24. OMG LOVE KRISTY says:


  25. dustin says:

    hot……amazingly hot!

  26. Jim says:

    Hot. Easily the best looking one in the entire charm school.

  27. pingking says:

    Oh My God!!! EXTREMELY HOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. hohoo says:

    she nasty yo

  29. jessica says:

    her hair is ugly and so is her nasty face. I don’t like her butt hole either…it smells

  30. ricky says:

    I don’t like her butt hole

  31. Brit says:


    She’s a lot more beautiful than hot though

  32. Clint Richardson says:

    Kristy Jo was by far the most beautiful, intelligent, sensitive, and interesting girl on Rock Of Love, and by far the hottest women I have ever seen in the world. Its to bad Bret did not pick her but I understood why she was still too emotionally attached to her husband. I wish she would have her own show. I would definetly love to try and win her heart. Hopefully she is emotional available now.

    Love Ya Kristy Jo

  33. Loureiro says:

    I think she is pretty hot!!