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  1. Tara says:

    Uh, she’s the worst!!! Her body isn’t bad, but her face is nasty. She’s a huge $*~^+ on top of it!!! Just an fyi, your not half as hot as you think you are!!!!!!!!!

  2. bob says:

    she is soooooooooo Hot.

  3. Ferris says:

    NOT!!!! Arrogant, selfritcheous, yes, not hot.

  4. Juliet says:

    HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! I’m a chick and I’d date her! Big mistake Bret!!!!!

  5. JAMES says:


  6. JAMES says:


  7. Jordan says:

    Not. She is dumb. She cant talk right either. If Brett liked her it was sympethetic.

  8. george says:

    unquestionably, megan is very hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bret’s lost- hugh lost

  9. samanthia says:

    you’re pleasant looking, but you ain’t hot. you should have put on a winter coat, so your turkey neck would be covered. this is disgusting megan

  10. Kursten says:

    ugly nosed ~#^+~ nasty skin slut bi***

  11. john says:

    look like she is lost needs to talk more

  12. Cupid14 says:

    She’s hot but shes a biotch!

  13. bob says:

    she was on another show but i cant figure out what

  14. paula says:

    i think she’s just adorable! and she has the best body on the show!

  15. Shannon Spann says:

    I believe Megan Fox is more than hot, She has subtanse that the average horndog can not see past his @+$`%$~$$+%!)$+@* If I had the chance to meet her I’d Show her a level of respect that I’m sure would cause her alarm, because people are more than bodies and I know she is the things she mentioned in this latest show,”sweet, kind maybe not so innocent” but then who is. my point is people are more than flesh and vanity and Megan is no exception, she is absolutely gorgeous and i know from just watching her on T.V. that inside that gorgeous body is a beautiful and kind spirit. I truly hope that one day i can meet her or that at least God is kind enough to put some one of her caliber in my path.

    S.E. Spann

  16. manuel a ALMONTE says:


  17. Ella says:

    Megan is HOT! She is the best one on I love money and I hope she wins because she’s the only that’s actually putting her money to a good cause! I love her, she is ggoorrgeeouss! Don’t be hatin on her just because you’re not that pretty!! GO MEGAN!! :D

  18. benjamin says:

    she iz hot

  19. sk says:

    hell yeaaaaaa shes so hot and i loveee megan she better win from the chitown

  20. j says:

    idk what kursten is talking about but u are beautiful

  21. elsy says:

    well duh..ofcourse shes hot she has a coca cola shape ..small waist big hips big boobs.. now thats hot!!

  22. jay says:

    MEGAN is soooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooot

  23. Brit says:


    Sorry Megan, but you’re ugly. You’re tall and you’re skinny with big fake boobs but you have no %*^)`$**%#)$~%) You’re not even close to being half as hot as you think you are. And you’re ugly, sorry, but it’s the truth, you have an ugly boring fat white girl’s chubby face.

  24. J.R. says:

    Megan looks like one of the aliens from Men in Black got loose and screwed an earth woman. Those big buggy eyes, which I expected to close side ways when we weren’t paying strict attention to her. Otherwise she is just a tall, ughly jewish girl, with wide hips and fake boobs. She would be an excellent trouphy wife for a moose or a water buffalo. M-o-o-o-y-v-e-y!