Akon Wants To Be Startin’ Somethin’


Akon, the buff African-American superstar with the dulcet voice and penchant for, uh, escalating interactions between artist and audience, had the privilege of duetting with the Gloved One on “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” for Thriller 25, the anniversary edition of Michael Jackson‘s storied album. The record won’t be out until February 12th, but we’re streaming that track for you, here and now. And since we’ve had the privilege of listening to it, let’s just say that it’s a real duet, not one of those that stop with backing vocals added to the chorus. Between this and Rihanna‘s “Don’t Stop the Music,” the lyrics “Mama-se, mama-sa, ma-ma-koo-sa” have rarely had so much exposure.

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  1. robyn says:

    i love songs by micheal jackson especially thriller. this track is also awsome i wish micheal jackson luck throughout the rest of his career

  2. Sandra says:

    Many like me are thinking, why is everyone so upset about this death? Yes Micheal Jackson was an absolute amazing pop artist, but he also got away with way more then he should’ve. He in my eyes did mollest those boys, and possibly more then that. He was very out of control and went down hill. I don’t think it’s because of anything else other then him wanting attention. Sorry for many out there who take offense to this.

  3. kiki says:

    Micheal you will be missed.

  4. emily mack says:

    micheal jackson was THE best singer and it broke my heart when he died. he truly never died he will always be here. i feel and my whole family feels he never died. R.I.P micheal, we love you!

  5. jenn says:

    Micheal Jackson took his music a long way for us listeners along way. If it wasn’t for him, i wouldn’t have this feeling for pop/music sensation to blast his songs.

  6. chris francis says:

    micheal jackson. the greatest singer in the world his music is the best and also his chioce of words made some diffrente’s in the world,and I will him love him all the way.god bless micheal jackon and his hole family.

  7. sam says:

    hi iam akon fan ilike this vh1

  8. MP3VA review says:

    I know this is really boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks – you cleared up some things for me!