Foxy Brown’s Awesome Excuse to Ditch Jail


foxybrown0108.jpgFoxy Brown is a genius, seriously. Her latest attempt to get out of jail involves her ears–which she should have used to listen to the judge back when she was put on probation. Had she done that–and behaved herself–she probably wouldn’t have ended up in jail in the first place. But alas, Foxy’s Blackberry-hurling ways landed her behind bars for a year, and now she’s written to the judge, attempting to get released early so that she can fix her on-again off-again hearing problem. Say what?

“I ask you to please take into consideration that my health is in jeopardy. Yes, I’ve made some bad choices and stupid mistakes. But please understand that sitting in a prison with murderers and criminals is not rehabilitating or what I need to deal with my inner issues.”

Or her inner ear. The only doctor who’s had success treating Foxy is in California, obvs. That’s where her lawyer wants her to head. He told the judge, “If her hearing is damaged any further . . . it will have dire consequences on her ability to maintain her profession and livelihood.” Seeing as her livelihood prior to her incarceration was causing mayhem by throwing sh*t at people, we think Foxy’s probably fine just where she is.

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  1. Kim says:


    The Virgin Islands was left wondering about the performance Foxy Brown did 0n February 14, 2009. First of all I was dissapointed on her atittude of a young black woman. She was Rude, (@^!_~#&~%#())_~~ y, and Absurd. Money was wasted on that poor (@^!_~#&~%#())_~~ ass. The fans
    was very upset about the fake $$`)$$*@_^(^(@_ (@^!_~#&~%#())_~~ who wore a dress that was 3 sizes smaller than her body. Her weave was at least 40lbs and she had look &+$#*(`*)++!%((^ up. She was a disgrace to the Virgin Islands. She approach the stage that night got booed off the stage, and cause the audience to clear out. She needs to practice before going on stage. She did not know what she was dealing with. My opinion if you cant perform in the St.Thomas you cant perform at all. The first reaction here on this Island means alot. You &+$#*(`*)++!%((^ up here where I am from your doom (@^!_~#&~%#())_~~ Television makes you look like a winner but in person you need Mac products. I am going to make sure your $$`)$$*@_^(^(@_ never come here again INGA. You are going to get an $$`)$$*@_^(^(@_ ing from ………. You make us shame. Who wrote your songs need to scatter your $$`)$$*@_^(^(@_ You are a big time, deaf, dumb _&+_@$*+%*+@~*)@^^ . And the talk about you being pregnant I do not know for who? because you are a maniac. You gain all that weight and look like you had four kids the baby name of a goat (@^!_~#&~%#())_~~ I would never put your music on again and everyone here agree. You are a sell out (@^!_~#&~%#())_~~