Let’s Get Lost…Again


Every last Lost fan knows that there’s only a week left until the premiere of Season 4 (Thursday, January 31st at 9/8c to be exact). Since the number 6 seems to be embedded in several of the show’s current promos and will likely be a resonant symbol this time around, here are six Lost news updates to let you know what’s happened since bearded-Jack cried “We have to go back” to Kate on last season’s mind-blowing finale. If you want to stay spoiler-free, don’t freak – all the reveals ahead are minimal. Come back each Friday: We’re posting a recap every week.

• The plan for a 16-episode season has been cut in half due to the ongoing WGA strike. Eight episodes are in the can and, according to producers, the ending will provide just a mild cliff-hanger since they hadn’t anticipated the strike when producing the first batch.

• Details have been few, but there’s new cast news. Michael (Harold Perrineau) will be back this season, undoubtedly saying, “My son!” over and over. Plus, look out for Fisher Stevens (most recently in Awake, but most beloved for his role in Short Circuit), Jeremy Davies (Rescue Dawn), Lance Reddick (The Wire), Ken Leung (Uncle Junior’s friend in the from The Sopranos psych hospital), Rebecca Mader (The Devil Wears Prada), and Jeff Fahey (Planet Terror).

• Producers revealed the existence of the Orchid Station from a “found” orientation film. In it, the orientation dude from all the other videos now identifies himself as Dr. Edgar Hallowax and apologizes that the station is not centered on botanical studies. A rabbit is produced with the number 15 marked on it, and then panic ensues when another rabbit with the same number 15 appears on a shelf in the room. No explanation is given, though it’s doubtful rabbits aren’t smart enough to acknowledge their twins.

• A series of new “Missing Pieces” mobisodes were released via Verizon Wireless. They’re intended to fill in some story gaps. Most are fun. They repurpose them for the Web on ABC’s Website about a week after each release. I guess that makes them webisodes then, right?

• To reward loyal fans, the show launched a cool marketing plan that included a relaunch of Oceanic Airlines’ website and a variety of billboards in cities around the world. However, all this is a way to spotlight their alternate reality game. If you’re a Sudoku addict, you’ll enjoy the clue-laden mystery. I suspect only the most diehard geeks among us are playing along. (I’m into “Chapter 4” of the game, thank you.)

• ABC’s promos for the show have hyped us up. But even better is the “Lost Recap in 8 minutes and 15 seconds” piece on the show site. (If you don’t know the significance of 8 and 15 to Lost, you clearly meant to click on the Rock of Love blog post – goodbye.) The recap is complete with a dry voice over and knowing winks about the show plot lines. Good stuff for hardcore fans or newbies alike.

Get ready for our weekly recaps, right here each Friday morning. We’re in the home stretch, Lost fans! – Sean Salo

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