Sundance Stories: The Allure of the Gift Lounge


paris1.jpgPart of the annual Sundance Festival’s allure are the gifting lounges, spread out all over town, which offer celebrities the chance to pick up high-end products for free. Celebrities are just born lucky, we guess. Gauging from what they wind up holding onto, you can tell what’s going to be hot (as Paris Hilton might say) for the coming year. Some of the hottest lounges this year included the ones from Boost Mobile, Fred Segal and The Hollywood Life House. Who showed up? Well, Paris Hilton, for one. (That’s Paris to the left, displaying her brand new icepod, which, in case you can’t guess, is jewelry for your iPod. It’s made out of real diamonds. Like we said, celebrities are born lucky. And some of them are heiresses.) After the jump, we break down some of the swag celebrities got their hands on.

  • Paris Hilton is “obsessed” with Lia Sophia jewelry. So, apparently is Taryn Manning. As is Steve Aoki, the international DJ superstar. All of them picked up gifts at the Boost Mobile Lounge. And now, all of them are also real pretty.


  • Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton and others all picked up Le Mystere Skin products. According to reports, Kardashian picked up day cream, night cream, active face serum, eye and neck cream. She’s a “moisturizing fanatic,” and if Le Mystere doesn’t watch out, she’s going to moisturize them right out of inventory. Watch out, Le Mystere.


  • The hot new boots at Sundance (read: the Uggs of 2008) are the Nomads from Love From Australia. Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton all picked up pairs. This makes us think that their feet are going to be hot. Where are they going to get their free socks?

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