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Dr. Drew’s weekly commentary on Celebrity Rehab continues! After the jump, the hardest-working doctor in showbiz talks Daniel’s departure, the perfect recipe for addiction, the danger of seeing things as good guys vs. bad guys, and — who else? — Jeff.

celebrity_rehab_4_1.jpgEpisode 4 begins with people begging Jeff not to leave. But isn’t this a case of that cliché you always hear: he has to want to help himself?

Yeah. The motivation isn’t what you’d like to see, but Jeff’s got so much stuff going on. I’d just like to see him off drugs and how he feels sobered up, when he’s off chemicals. His perception might be totally different. So no, it’s not a good prognostic sign that he’s wanting to get out of there, but Jeff is not your average patient. This is not his first time at the barbecue. He’s been treated multiple times, he’s struggled with this for a while and I’m still more than willing to struggle with him. He’s just really deep in it. He knows recovery, he’s been there before, and so it’s just a matter of trying to hook him into it again.

celebrity_rehab_4_5.jpg Sexual abuse comes to the forefront of the discussion in this episode. You say that this is extremely common.

In my world, it’s not just sexual abuse, but physical abuse. If you’re sick enough to need my help, you’re approaching a 100 percent probability that you will have had a history of trauma. That’s just the way it is in my world.

It seems like there’s nothing worse that you could experience as a kid.

Yeah, terror. You add terrorizing experiences to the genetics of addiction, and you end up with a bad addictive disease. It’s sort of a recipe for it.

celebrity_rehab_4_3.jpgDaniel starts complaining about the cameras intruding. Was that legitimate?

Well, as time has gone on, my affection for Daniel has grown. I think everything he said was a reflection of what he was experiencing. Maybe it was a little more complicated than that, but I think he was genuinely experiencing it, yes. He was sort of right-on with a lot of stuff. He was helpful with Jessica and Brigitte. And the environment was weird, and he really did have to think very hard about whether this was right for him. He had a lot riding on it, as far as legal problems go. So, I mean, God bless him. Great softball player.

celebrity_rehab_4_2.jpgBut he knew what he was signing up for.

I think so. But in the wake of what he left behind, the show didn’t make it as clear as it was in the actual experience, but it was a blessing to those people, his behavior. It really go the group working again. Everyone was sort of stalled-out emotionally and him having stirred it up the way he did brought them back in the game, all of them and in a big way. It was an interesting thing. It’s not such a great thing that happened there, and I’m still not even sure exactly what did happen, but it was an opportunity for everyone to take a harder look.

celebrity_rehab_4_11.jpgIn light of Mary’s allegation, for him to have been complaining about women in the pool, it just all seemed really fishy to me.

Yes, and I’m not sure that “ironic” is a strong enough word. Even facing the questionable quality of all that, though, he wasn’t alone in his behavior. What I think is always dangerous, and this was so vividly pointed out by Daniel’s departure, is to think in terms of good guys and bad guys. These are all people who need help. They’re flailing around the best they can to participate in treatment, and s*** happens. It’s not because somebody’s good, and somebody’s bad, but because everyone’s in this soup together and s*** goes down. Sometimes, there are bad people. The one thing, for instance, that is an absolute no-go is giving someone else drugs. It’s one thing if you use drugs, but if you give them to someone else, you’re endangering their life directly and knowingly. You’re an addict, you know what that means. That is totally out-of-line behavior. But everything else is just people struggling to get by.

celebrity_rehab_4_6.jpg We see cell phones being collected this episode. Is that because everything must be said openly in treatment?

Well, it’s because everything has to be done under our supervision. We don’t want people calling out to score and to end up bringing in drugs. By the same token, one of the big qualities of treatment is to get them to comply with structure. I mean, Mary would run three phones at once. She’d text and be having two conversations simultaneously. You can’t perform treatment when someone’s so distracted. Now, she was one of the ones that secreted away a phone. We didn’t know celebrity_rehab_4_7.jpgshe had it and we didn’t know that Daniel had his. You could say that that’s our fault. We should have been on top of that, and yeah, we should have been. But at the same time, these two got in trouble right there. If they hadn’t had their phones, none of this nonsense would have happened. This is exactly why we’re trying to contain the environment. It’s a great example of how the slightest little crack in the wall makes stuff start happening.

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