Monday: Paris Hilton Doesn’t Do Chicks


parishilton0204.jpgCam Diaz’s Dance Off
The awkward actress got into it on the dance floor with a fellow patron of a NYC club. Where’s Drew Barrymore when you need back up on jazz hands? [NYP]

Katharine McPhee Married at 23
So what if she didn’t win Idol – we don’t see Taylor Hicks walking down the aisle! In fact, we don’t see Taylor Hicks anywhere. Kat wins! [People]

Sam Lutfi Talks Sh*t About Brit’s Fam
What a surprise – Brit’s creepy pal is bashing her parents to the press, calling them crazy. When it comes to that drama, who around Britney is actually sane? [Us]

Michelle Williams Talks About Heath
The actress breaks our hearts with this statement about her “heartbroken” state following Heath’s death. [Us]

Paris Hilton: “I’m not gay!”
World to Paris: “We don’t care!” [TMZ]

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