Ahoy, Maties! Mayer’s Cruise Docks, Pictures Galore


Last Friday, a few lucky seafarers and John Mayer set sail for a four-day cruise on the Mayercraft, a sea-worthy vessel if there ever was one, complete with performances, an ‘80s themed prom, and Mayer sporting a Borat banana-hammock of a swimsuit. Best Week Ever stowed away — check here for their full coverage.

Being the awesome folks that we are, we offered a free trip on the Mayercraft to one lucky lady, Kristan Harris, the winner of the VH1 Livin’ Suite on the Mayercraft Carrier contest, then sent her to work for us. After the jump, check out Ms. Harris’ interviews
with YOK artists Colbie Caillat and Brandi Carlile, and more pictures from the Mayercraft.

Winner Kristan Harris: Have you ever played on a boat before?

Colbie Caillat: I’ve played on a teeny little booze cruise. It was in San Diego – it was cool. But not like a cruise cruise. It was gorgeous.

KH: What’s the strangest part of the cruise so far?

CC: The strangest part of the cruise is all the people coming up to you asking if you want more drinks every 5 seconds, and they don’t leave you alone.

KH: If you were headlining a cruise, what would it be called?

CC: The Coco Breeze Cruise.

KH: Have you ever played on a boat before?

Brandi Carlile: I used to play on a boat singing back up vocals for an Elvis impersonator days. I got [sea] sick. It was about 7 or 8 years ago.

KH: What’s the strangest part of the cruise so far?

BC: Yesterday I went into port and I found this little place off the beaten path on the beach and had a burger. And then I decided to go on one of those banana boat rides. We were going at dusk and we kept getting flipped off, it was really very surreal.

KH: If you were headlining a cruise, what would it be called?

BC: That’s a tough one. Maybe like Love Songs Boat? Like Love Boat…Songs Boat? It’s not that good, is it.

The Boat

John Mayer Performs

Colbie Caillat & Brandi Carlile Perform

Photo Credit: Katie Friesema

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