Fashion Week Frenzy: Alexander Wang’s Dirty, Pretty Things


wang.jpgAt times it seems that Fashion Week is a non-stop parade of sophistication, beautiful people clad in high-end apparel made by and for people who schedule items like “cocktail party” and “debutante ball” in their calendars. Then there’s the other kind of show — like the one from young designer Alexander Wang, which was scary, strong and beyond beautiful. Mary Alice Stephenson, America’s Most Smartest Model host and Harper’s Bazaar contributing fashion editor, gave us the lowdown on Wang, another winner of the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award, which honors emerging designers. He showed his collection in an art gallery space appointed with a smoke machine, strobe light and dirty runway. The clothes were stage-ready, and his models all had attitude to spare. Spotted in the crowd were Wang’s business partner, model Erin Wasson, photographer Terry Richardson, and Alexandra Richardson, daughter of Keith. More after the jump.

February 2, 2008
Designer: Alexander Wang
The look: Irma Vep; dirty girls gone dirtier; what would happen if Nine Inch Nails fans developed a sense of style; shoot first, ask questions later
Celebrities: Erin Wasson, Terry Richardson, Ally Hilfiger, Alexandra Richards, Arden Wohl, Genevieve Jones
Honorary Missing Celebrity: M.I.A.

VH1: How did you enjoy the show?
Mary Alice Stephenson:
It was incredible. Alexander is such a talent. Despite the fact that there was such a strong street vibe to the show, I think every single one of those pieces could be worn in a sophisticated way by almost anyone. I mean, you don’t have to pair his clothes with ripped tights.

VH1: Even though there was a real punk sensibility to the clothes, you could tell that they could be worn a number of different places, to different events.
That’s one of his strengths here. For a young designer, selling a collection is really important. You need to prove yourself. What was so smart about this show was how much attitude each of his items has, and how adaptable they are at the same time. The same girl who wears one of these outfits to the office could totally hit the Lower East Side later for a night out on the town without having to change. I think he’s going to sell very well. The thing is that he has a very masculine vibe to his work, which is big this season. You can tell he was inspired by menswear. It’s cool-school designing, but not so much that it’s anti-commercial. He’s really someone to watch.

Pictured above: Alexander Wang and business partner Erin Wasson

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