You’re Invited To Sit In On Rehab



If you’re dying to see how the stars of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew have fared since the show wrapped, you’re in luck: a reunion for the show is being shot Monday, Feb. 25 in Los Angeles, and you can attend the taping. You must live in the Los Angeles area (or will be traveling to it at that time), and you must be 18 to attend the taping.

If you’re interested, you can request tickets by emailing In the subject of the email, please write “REUNION TICKET REQUEST” and in the body please include the following information:

1. Your full name
2. The number of tickets that you want (max. 2 tix per request)
3. Your phone number
4. A working email address
5. If you are comfortable telling us we would love to know if you have yourself been to rehab (We are looking to have a supportive community in the audience.)
6. How you heard about this live event (this blog, TV, another source, etc.)

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  1. Lily says:

    I am soooo proud of Jeff. He makes me cry sometimes watching how much he’s changed for the better since the first episode. Amazing….

  2. Karii says:

    I So Agree With You Lily !

  3. Emilio says:

    I just wanted to comment on the Rodney King revelation. Up to now I thought you were just a hoodlum, I was wrong and want to apologize to you for thinking that without knowing you. I want you to really try out there, it will not be easy and people will always judge you but this is America, remember this is the only country you can literally reinvent yourself. Some people of this country, including the law enforcement community, that I too was part of, may never forgive you…Who cares. Live your life. One last thing, you may or may not know this but in law enforcement we say pre RK and post RK, you changed law enforcement as we presently have it. Now I want you to decide how you will live your life, as a better person or end up like the other person who changed law enforcement like yourself (Arizona Vs Miranda). Good luck with yourself buddy, it ain’t easy, I too have messed up but I refuse to take the easy way out and punish myself. You are better then that. Once again good luck.

  4. cathy west says:

    Dr. Drew—Are you familiar with “RR” Rational Recover? I realize that this is a non-AA or 12 step program, however, what about just quitting. Period. I am totally in support of psychotherapy for certain other problem: anger, abuse, depression, etc. But, chemical abuse is a choice–you choose to do—you choose to stop. AA and others supporting the theory that it is a disease and that you will relapse is negative and sends the message that you will use again and that you will fight this “disease” for the rest of your life. I think it is an impossible “recovery” theory that doesn’t emphasize SELF-RESPONSIBILTY. Please consider. Sincerely ……Cathy

  5. stephie trageser says:

    I very much enjoy Dr. Drew and the show! Kudos to all who particapate. My first husband died at age 39 from drugs and alcohol. It was a rollercoaster ride of a relationship and one I wish on none. I must comment on Jeff Conaway. I was attacked by a stray pitbull and went through numerous back surgieries, not to mention Hepitis C (as that was a gift from my previous husband) and I struggle with chronic pain daily. His behavior is unacceptable, and his girlfriend should leave him, instead of being a constant enabler and lifeboat. Been there, done that. Once I left my situation (ten years) it was either sink or swim. Grow up Jeff, we all have our demons and need to bite the bullet and move on. As for Guns and Roses sweetie, Mr, Stewart, Gary and the girls- Hey, Iam a click away to talk with anytime. You all are doing great and are worthy of respect and love! Gary sent me a thank you note after I wrote to him, (following his motorcycle incident) and I treasure the letter, as it was inspirational about his spirit and commitment to live! Thanks for your time-Bless you all. In heart and thoughts -Only, happiness, love and laughter-stephie