Fashion Week Frenzy: Mary Alice Stephenson Backstage


Mary Alice Stephenson, America’s Most Smartest Model host and Harper’s Bazaar contributing fashion editor, went backstage at Fashion Week to bring you, dear readers, an inside look at the best and brightest emerging designers. In the video above, she attends three shows: Alexander Wang, Elise Overland and Reyes, another Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award-winner. Check out all the action above, and see the looks from Reyes after the jump.

February 3, 2008
Designer: Reyes
The look: The last days of disco; shiny, happy ladies; Earth Goddesses who like to go clubbing

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  1. Bere says:

    Many people won’t be buying VO5 products, just because a cheater, not a smart person, is representing the campaign. It is a shame! Maybe VO5 is also cheating in their products, that is the impression they are giving….

  2. Holly says:

    I absolutely loved this show (except for the fact that the idiot beat out my Andre, the real model). But WHEN IS SEASON 2 comming on??? Hopefully there is a season2!!

  3. Mahler says:

    Andre is the best he don´t need this prize SOVIET!!!!!!!!

  4. Nikki W says:

    I liked the show until it became about who’s the best cheater, and not the smartest and best model. Smart people don’t HAVE to cheat, that’s why it’s called being smart. The rules are either the rules or they are not, change the name of the show To America’s most devious model, and then VJ would have been the clear winner. Hell why have rules at all!!! ‘This is the way the buisness is” well I guess it’s just stupid to think this show was about changing the way Models are perceived, it just reinforced all the hype, and you just said ‘we want to keep this industry full of back stabbing conniving people’ way to go!! I hope this was all just so Mary Alice could do something more awesome for Andre in the future, otherwise the outcome of this was an epic FAIL!!! SOVIET!!!!