Reviews Rage: The Hottie & the Nottie



Occasionally we are so stunned by a film’s ability to disgust critics that we can’t help but report their comments. Such is the case with the new Paris Hilton vehicle, The Hottie & the Nottie. The film is about an alluring Los Angeles woman (Hilton) whose best friend is ugly. In order to make Paris his, a slovenly nerd must find someone desperate enough to sleep with her friend. Not surprisingly, the film is a complete train wreck. We suspect it’s a money-laundering scheme. If we were savvier people, we could tell you that works.

“One would think that after increasingly embarrassing forays into reality television, the Internet and the penitentiary, Paris Hilton might have taken a moment to reflect on her choices. Or perhaps not: with The Hottie & the Nottie Ms. Hilton proves yet again that introspection — not to mention shame — is as alien to her as a life without paparazzi.” — The New York Times

“Crass, shrill, disingenuous, tawdry, mean-spirited, vulgar, idiotic, boring, slapdash, half-assed, and very, very unfunny, The Hottie and the Nottie stars Paris Hilton as . . . But really, need I go on?” — The Village Voice

Preposterous, disingenuous, remarkably unfunny and genuinely distasteful.” — TV Guide

“Paris Hilton has already ushered a remarkable three features into the Internet Movie Database’s ‘Bottom 100.’ The Hottie & the Nottie will make it an even four, being so unfunny that the previously unthinkable sentiment ‘She deserves better’ comes to mind. A certain disappointment sets in when the consummate awfulness subsides after an hour, becoming slightly less painful. But then, dropping a hammer on your foot improves that way, too.” — Variety

Rumor has it that Hilton wants to spinoff this crapola as a TV series. You’ve been warned. But it’s still better than Fool’s Gold.” — Rolling Stone

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