Rihanna & Jay-Z: Lovers Spat On-Stage?



We tried to ignore this one, but the web is still buzzing about the alleged tiff between Rihanna and her mentor, Jay-Z, at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night. The whole thing appeared to go down right as the pair was heading on-stage to accept their award for their collaboration on “Umbrella.” After hugging it out in front of Beyonce (which fueled up those old fling rumors), Riri tried to drag Jay by the arm on-stage. He pulled away, she busted out some attitude, and they then awkwardly accepted their statue with the Jigga translating Rihanna’s speech (see pic above). Check out the video firsthand to see how it all went down. Photos of the two taken later in the night reveal two things – Rihanna was getting frisky with alleged boy toy Chris Brown, and she was lookin’ pretty pissed off at Jay.

So just what is going on here? From what we can gather:
- Jay-Z is pissed at RiRi for dragging him onstage like a manchild.
- Rihanna’s angry that Jay treated her like an idiot during her acceptance speech.
- Beyonce’s steamed that her man embraced his 19-year old prodigy right in front of her.
- The internet is desperate for their to be a sh*tload of drama between these three.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown is furious that we aren’t paying him and his smile more attention! Seriously guys – everyone needs to just kiss kiss and make up. Er, except Rihanna and Jay-Z. They can just shake hands.

[Images: Getty]

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  1. Amy! says:

    ha ha the chris bit was funny!…..i was payin attention 2 u AND ur smile chris! ur so hot nd cute!

  2. puriety says:

    Jay-z should not have snobed Rihanna coz they were in it 2gether,they should have celebrated.Beyonce should have understood,coz the hug was necessary at that particular situation.Chris is too young 4 rihanna my friends,she should consider Neyo.

  3. puriety says:

    Jay z acted like a bastard,if that act was meant to show beyonce that there’s nothing between him and Rihanna.

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  16. Christy says:

    I don’t like Rihanna that much, but I thought it was very rude of Jay- Z to yank away from her like that, and to translate. It’s there life let them live it. Maybe he just yanked away to make it clear that they are not together.

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  19. Danyana says:

    LADIES! LADIES! LADIES! First of all, I think the gestures from Rhianna wasnt appropriate considering all the rumors. Im sure Beyonce is confident in her own right, considering how Rhianna was a mini B. UNTIL the haircut and new stylist. However a brief hug was very necessary, all the other drama was not. With the way the media exaggerate, Jayz had no choice but to put distance. If Rhianna wants to be glorified as being secondary than that is her choice. All I know is that my man better show the same respect. These people are here to entertain and that is exactly what they are doing. Stop hyping the situation. In the end, Beyonce made the big pimp totally commit, she upgraded him. From style of dress to the lyrics that flow. That guy takes her all around the world and she has her own legacy. Besides people compare their age differances although B is a grown woman. Now with RiRi thats like totally robbing the cradle. Guess R Kelly paved the way.


    no i do not think so,why people are saying them thing he is happy with b & she is his friend so stop it.lololololo

  21. paul says:


  22. cierra says:

    rihanna is the dumbest person i ever met ii hate her so much but luv her music thou good job but she is a little sulty ii think beyonce need to handle that asap chris brown is lucky he beat her up she needed a little +&`_$!^)((%)#$_ woopin lol hahahahahahaha but yea thats all

  23. Candis Rogers says:

    J is married and has to respect his wife. That’s why he didn’t want to go onstage with Rihanna. Rihanna is young and immature. Young and immature do dumb things like hugging and then dragging a married man on stage. That’s ok. B will handle that. The Jay and Rihanna relationship will change now. Just watch.

  24. kiki says:

    riri is a `(&&^`+&^)*&$)^_) and b should really gie her a wake up slap

  25. carrie says:

    jay-z is afool if he mess rhianna. she is jelous of beyonce.rhianna act too ghetto.

  26. ja'lisa says:

    get it girl, and the haters will hate