The Salt-N-Pepa Show Recap – Episode 8 – Whose Party Is It Anyway?


Some people throw parties…


…and some people are the party. Welcome back, Pep!

After a rousing round of kick-boxing…


…Salt is ready to party. Seriously! She and Pep sit in the gym while she explains that she wants to throw a party for her 16-year-old daughter, Corin. It’s going to be a “boy party,” too, which is sort of like a “chapter book” in that it’s a milestone that includes an adjective adults might take for granted. Hopefully, this party will be more Ramona Forever than Dear Mr. Henshaw, because who wants to watch people sit around writing letters to a fictional novelist?

Anyway, boy party:


Salt says that she’s a “cool mom” and that she has a “spicy side,” but still she feels that Pepa will help make the party hip. Pepper is, after all, spicier than salt. If only Adrianne Curry would give her input, then it’d be the spiciest party of all. Pep’s really into the party idea.


Will it be a big party, she wonders. No. Will there be a theme? No. Is there a budget? No. The back-and-forth is a recipe for disagreement. At least we know that this will be a well-seasoned dish.

At home, Salt lets Corin in on the party idea.


She’s all, “Whatever, Mom,” until Salt reveals that Pep will help in the planning, then it’s:


There’s nothing like a dash of Pepa to brighten a teen’s day!

Perhaps insulted by her daughter’s enthusiasm that she wouldn’t be planning this by herself, Salt adds that she has plenty of the ideas for the party: gestures, word games and gift bags, among them. Corin turns her nose up at this, even though it’s more or less a summary of the New York high society. Seriously: what else is there besides gestures, word games and gift bags? One day you’ll learn, Corin.

The planning begins.


Pep wants an “Arabian night” theme. She proposes getting 20 hot guys and lining them up so that Corin can have her choice. Uh, is this a teenager’s party or a harem? Perhaps they can jump out of a cake, she suggests, and that’s where Salt puts her foot down, deeming that idea “too strippery.” Not coincidentally, it would also be too slippery. Cake is slick! Corin wonders what the dress code should be, and Pep’s answer is immediate: “Stilettos.” FOR. ALL.

Speaking of dress codes, Salt and Pep take Corin shopping for her party outfit.




All of these ideas are rejected by Salt for being too mature. Unsurprisingly, that’s the very reason Pep endorses them. Ah, odd couples. Gotta love ‘em. Shoe shopping is similarly fruitless, although it does give all three of the girls a chance to walk like they’re on a runway.


If you can’t dress older than your 16 years, at least you can be fierce. Moral of the story!

Later, Pep reveals that despite the frolicking, she is pained.


She feels that Salt is getting in the way of her party planning. Pep’s niece suggests that she squirrel Corin away from Salt without her permission: that’s the only way anything’s going to get accomplished. And by anything, I mean this:


That’s right, Pepa has changed the party into a circus theme and thus got Corin’s face painted to prepare. Kidding! That’s supposed to be mature makeup, but, wow is it inappropriate. Pepa and Corin both think it’s great. And see, here’s where Salt’s stick-in-the-mud status proves to be nothing more than an exercise of good taste.


When Pepa and Corin get home, Salt and Gavin are not amused. They’re angry that Pepa took Corin out without permission. “Your face looks really, really silly,” adds Salt. Ha! She’s right. It’s not really a matter of being age-appropriate. It’s more a matter of looking like she’s in a revival of Cats, you know?


Pepa gets salty outside.


Salt lays into her for taking Corin away to get her face painted, saying that Corin looks like she’s dressed for Halloween. Ha! Then, Salt calls the party off and leaves Pep alone on the doorstep, ranting like a homeless woman…alone on a doorstep.


During a meeting at a chocolate specialty cafe, Salt recants what she said about the party: she feels that it’s unfair to take anger directed at Pep out on Corin. The party’s on! The decorations are set:


And Corin looks a lot more…reasonable.


As Gavin gets his dad on, interrogating guys who show up for the party and patting them down…


…the kids file in.


Corin makes her entrance, looking lovely and not at all like someone at the MAC counter got their aggression out on her:


The party happens. It seems fun and old-school, kinda like a G-rated House Party. All it’s missing is Full Force.

But at least there’s Pep!


She dances with the kids until Salt drags her away.



Age-appropriateness wins again!

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