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Dr. Drew’s weekly commentary on Celebrity Rehab continues! After the jump, the hardest-working doctor in showbiz talks Friends & Family Weekend, Jeff’s empty promises, Brigitte’s triggering and why he thinks Vikki’s portrayal on the show is unfair.

celebrity_rehab_6_1.jpgIn this episode, Jeff threatens to leave…

Shocking! Jeff? Threatening to leave?

The saga continues. One thing he says is, “You guys don’t need this,” as though his absence would be charity.

I don’t even remember that happening. I don’t know what he was talking about. It’s Jeff: we stopped listening a week earlier (laughs).

celebrity_rehab_6_3.jpgWhen the planning is underway for the family weekend, you urge Chyna to reconnect with her sister. Is it important for her to do so, even if it would be uncomfortable to her?

Yes! You want to heal as much as can be healed, and you want to get the important people back in the game with them. You want those relationships restored, if they can be. You should know that my expectation was that her sister was not as evil a person as she was making her out to be. In all probability, her sister would have been delighted to hear from her. Again, I caution when dealing with addicts looking at things in terms of good and bad. It’s usually just human struggling. And humans basically are pretty darn good and care about the important people in their lives. They may not understand how to manage certain things, but we’re there for that.

celebrity_rehab_6_2.jpgYou know, I don’t know if she even gives reasons for why she thinks her sister is so evil.

There’s a lot of stuff that went on about other people that, because they couldn’t get written clearances from them, they couldn’t air. They didn’t want to hurt anyone or be sued. But there are at least four people that I can think of that did horrible things to our patients that you won’t see on TV that, believe me, were discussed extensively in treatment.

celebrity_rehab_6_4.jpgAs the episode goes on, there’s more drama with Jeff. I think this most shocking thing he’s said on the show so far is, “Will you get that camera off of me?”

(Laughs) That’s shocking! The translation is: “Get the camera. Come here!” Goodness. God bless him.

This is the first time we see you break down and say that he’s depleting you.

celebrity_rehab_6_5.jpgYeah, I started losing it the last week. I started getting really worn out. If we do this again, I’m going to get more staff because everything was falling onto my shoulders. It was designed that way because we didn’t know what we were getting into fully. But they were wearing me down. What you don’t see on camera is me struggling to get them to do their steps, struggling to get them to 12-step meetings. And then there was them behaving like children. “There were cockroaches there!” “Somebody looked at me wrong!” That kind of stuff. That was really wearing me thin.

When you do feel beat down like, what do you do?

I run. I exercise. I go spend time with my wife and kids. I try to get away. But the way that this was set up, I’d be at home in my T-shirt and I’d get a call: get up here immediately. Like, “Jesus! No! Not again! Come on! You’re killing me already!” And in real life, I’d have another doctor or two to share responsibilities with.

celebrity_rehab_6_6.jpgYou refer to addiction as a “family disease” a few times. Can you elaborate on that?

It affects all family members. First of all, it’s a genetic disease, so it’s affecting more than one person in the family, literally. And it operates in a system. That disease affects all the other members of the system. It contains itself by using that system and we have to change the system so the disease can’t flourish any longer.

Part of the first-day activity is for family members to share how the disease has affected them. Is that just to give tangible evidence of addiction’s devastation?

celebrity_rehab_6_7.jpgWell, no. At this stage, when the addicts start getting better, the family starts getting angry. That’s just a normal part of the process. It comes from the fact that the family members no longer feel scared and terrorized by the disease, but they also know that now that the person is sobered up, they can now listen. And so they just dump. We like for that to happen in a safe environment – get it all out, get it all on the table and let’s process it.

celebrity_rehab_6_8.jpgAnd Vikki’s back this episode.

Yes. You start to see her do some work and then Jeff starts looking not-so-good. It goes back and forth. It’s a dance. And it’s not a good person and a bad person, it’s two people struggling. It’s not as though she’s there to make him sick. That’s not what she’s doing, trust me. And I don’t like the way the producers sort of present her as evil. I understand it’s TV, but that is a mistake, I think. It’s just somebody struggling.

“Evil” is exactly the word that went through my head.

Trust me, she is not an evil person. She is hurting just like the rest of them and she is struggling.

At least Vikki sort of owns up to her faults this episode.

That is the moment that I really started feeling empathy for what Vikki had to put up with regarding Jeff’s disease. I knew it was there, and I knew I would see it eventually.

celebrity_rehab_6_13.jpgThe restaurant exercise, was that thought up to counter the narcissism you talk about addicts exhibiting?

Yeah. It’s to learn to be of service. If we do this again, that’s something we have to do: more service. When I see someone doing just simple acts of service, ot adopting the whole, but going out and serving someone a sandwich, that’s when I know that sobriety’s kicking in.

Brigitte has a really negative reaction to this environment.

Well, it’s the alcohol there. That’s the problem. She wants to use.

celebrity_rehab_6_12.jpgDid you feel like exposing her to that was a mistake?

No. It was too evocative, and it was not as controlled an environment as I would have liked, but it’s not as though someone relapsed because of it. That scares me, but no, they need to understand the feelings that come when they’re exposed to that in real life.

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  1. Stephanie Pollock says:

    Watching this show has shown how difficult it is going through rehab after being addicted to something as simple as alcohol. Jeff seemed to have the most trouble, but towards the end of episode 5 he seemed to mellow out and really take in his surroundings. This show has shown the ups to getting better and the downs in the process. There are a lot of denials about their addiction and so many things that they all need to come to terms with like everyone who is an adict needs to. I think it is important to have support from friends and family while going through treatment because it shows that they aren’t alone and don’t have to go through the painful process alone. China doesn’t have that support so I think it will be harder for her to complete treatment.

  2. Billy Brooks says:

    When I saw Celebirty Rehab I thought that they should help the people that can’t get rehab. But then I thought that the celebritys are like rolemodels to people that can’t afford rehab or to people who will not go to go to rehab. And now I know what people go through in rehab and how it effects them.

    I think that if my friends had a chance to go to rehab I would be by their side all the way through their stay in rehab. And I wish they would go to rehab cause I hate when do drugs around me.

  3. Britney Smith says:

    My dads friends really remind me of Jeff and his girlfriend. It reminds me of them because they were a couple that were both alocoholics. But instead of going to treatment it took my dads friend’s wife dying because she was an alcoholic to get my dad’s friend to quit drinking. My dads friend is doing really good now. You can tell that he used to be an alcoholic because he doesnt speak as well as he could if he wasnt an alcoholic. He also seems to be a lot happier now that he doesnt drink all the time. While he was drinking all his were scared to be around him because he was really under weight and looked really bad. He has a twin brother and while he was drinking you couldnt even tell that they were related. It was a very bad experence for everyone and I hope that it doesnt take the death of a loved one to get alcoholics on the right track and away from drinking.

  4. Jeremy Boyd says:

    I was suprised about how the people reacted to getting to see there family and how some of the familys didn’t want tocome even though alot of these people are in rehab for the people that they want to come and howbad the celebrites must feel when these people dont want to come. I think Dr. drew needs to have vicky removed from jeff’s life because she is causing alot of problems each time she comes. jeff also needs tofind a way to let out his aggression other than yelling at people who want to help him and see him get better. also if he wants to leave let him because it will be hislife he is messing up and it makes it harder on everyone else to have to deal with his stuff all the time and it makes everyone not want to be there

  5. Jordan J. says:

    There is something that this show brings that is very interesting to me. My mom struggled with drugs and alcohol for most of my child hood and it took something major for her to change that because she was so hooked on them. She went to prison and it really helped her change. Although im pretty sure that the rehab she recieved wasnt nearly as “relaxed and open” as the show shows i have seen a major change in her since then.
    This show really bings into prospective how she struggled and how hard it was for her to break her habit. And seeing how i was such a lttle kid at the time i never truely understood what was going on . I really find myself relating to Brigetes kids in that my mom hid her addiction from both me and my brother and we never found out about her problem until the police came and told my dad she had been arrested. It was really hard to find this out because she would be sober the whole time we would be at her house for a visit so it was a major lie that took me a long time to forgive.
    This show is very interesting and the fact that my mom went through it i understand how the celebrities and their families feel. Especially their families.

  6. Dillion Johnson says:

    I do have to say that after watching episode 6 i do agree that family should support other family members who are drug addicts. I have a sister who is a drug and alcohol addict and she has three kids. When she had her first kid my parents had to take her son in because she could not provide him food, water, or shelter becuase she was spending all her money on drugs. Then about a year later she ended up in jail for DUI and my parents had to bail her out. She has extremme difficulty keeping jobs and when she has money she goes out and blows it on drugs and alcohol. She now has three kids and is homeless because the trailer my parents bought for her burned to the ground when she fell asleep with a ciggarette in her hand. I will say this, by seeing how her life turned out when she let drugs consume her i will not do them. Also i am happy that i have someone who loves me greatly and will not let me do drugs and if i do she will step in and stop me, not provide me more.

  7. Jami Fanning says:

    Friends and family are extremely important in recovering from being an addict. They can help you so much in seeing things that you never realized. They can tellyou how they felt all those times you came home or called them while you were high or drunk. With that going through your mind, it should make you want to quit drinking or doing drugs.

    My mom used to be a heavy smoker. When she decided to quit I was so happy! My brothers and I were a big part to helping her quit. I know that smokning isn’t as big as an addiction as other drugs that some people have but it was still hard on our family. She had mood swings and cravings for off the wall things. She has been smoke free for many years now and happy they passed the bill for no smoking in public buildings. Thats a big step up.

    So, I believe that friends and family are a huge part of recovering. Friends you had befroe you started doing drugs, get them back in your life, get back in touch with relatives you used to be close to. Promise them no more drugs or alcohol. It means the world to a lot of people when you say that, even though its so simple. It meant the world to me when my mom promised me she would quit smoking.

  8. Jessica Shattuck says:

    I understand that family and friends can really help to support and guide those with addictions. I lost a brother to drugs and sometimes I wonder what would have happened if we would have sat down and talked to him instead of just letting him go on. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be us telling him that he needed to stop but telling him of how it affected us and how much we all loved him.

    Love can be a great healer for those who are struggling. Even in everyday problems we can tlak to friends and know that they love us and are going to help us through the problem the most that they can. Those are definetly the people I want to be around not the ones who are trying to get me to keep going down a path that is not healthy physically or mentally.

    To see how many families actually showed up to suppost was a warming feeling. For tose few who didn’t have family or friends it honestly makes me hurt. The families should be there showing their support and love because with out that the person might not get better. These people need to know that they are loved and cared about and that whatever happens they still have their family. Without that they will have to start looking for love in other places which could lead them down the same path that they are on now or an even more dangerous one.

  9. Nick says:

    I dont think some people realize just how important friends and family really are. I know some kids that are addicted to cocaine and do weed and alcohol all the time. Alot of these kids are my friends. Its’s always fun to go have a good time but they go overboard. One of my closest friends drinks all the time. Just last wednesday he asked me to come over and share a fifth of vodka with him. His dad is a major reason that he drinks and smokes. He’ll throw parties every weekend and his dad knows but doesnt care.
    There are cases like that were the family contributes to the problem, but there are also times when the family helps. A kid who is now 20 was taken to NSI at 16. It’s a detention school. His grandma turned him in. He’s completely sober now and has a great life all because his family cared. Seeing the family’s on this show all talk and work things out was nice. It’s hard to talk about those things.

  10. Anthony D Piazza says:

    In this episode i see how the effects of drugs of each person that made them go into rehab didn’t only effect them and their life, but the lives of their family and friends around them. No one should have to put your love ones in that kind of situation and for them to see you like that. It also showed for each person to get better and kick their bad habbits, they’re going to need the support of their family and friends so they can help them though the ruff times head of them and keep them going so they wont give up on themselves. If they do that they will be right back where they started when thet were first walking threw the rehab doors.

  11. Tucker says:

    After watching the first six episodes of this show, I am extremely happy and thankful that there is no one in my family who uses drugs or is an alcoholic. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t stand someone like jeff around me all the time. Not only jeff but his slimy, bloodsucking, leach-like,girlfriend Vikki. That chick makes my skin crawl. I think it is important to have support from family and freinds when going through a process like this but her support isn’t helping. Support doesn’t mean giving the person in rehab, for being an alcoholic, alcohol. What a dumb broad. I’m not saying I want her to get hit by a bus but if she did, I would celebrate. The world needs to get rid of people like her.
    This show definately shows how dangerous drugs can be and how dangerous a legal and often used depressant like alcohol can be. We think of alcohol as a normal thing that we are always around but it shows in these first six episodes how dangerous it can really be. On special occasions my family will enjoy a cold one or maybe a glass of wine. They all know how to drink responsibly ans socially and i am thankful for that after watching this show. I do have one cousin who is the black sheep of the family. She has been in and out of prison for drug and prostitution charges. She has cut hersolf out of our family and most of our family is happy about it, I am included. All she did was cause drama in our family. I no longer consider her a part of our family. She was bad to start off with, my aunt isn’t exactly Mrs. Brady when it comes to being a mother but my cousin was a bad egg to start off with, she would have turned out bad no matter who raised her.
    It seems as though Jeff has done the same thing as my cousin. He seems to have cut himself out of his family. He never talks about them and they didn’t come to see him during the family day. The only person who came to see him was is drug addicted girlfriend who blames all her problems of jeff and yet stays with him and claims to love him… Aye captain, there a seems to be somethin’ fishy in dem waters. I be spottin’ a gold diggar on ze harizon me lad.

  12. C. Holton says:

    When it comes to alcohol, like most of them are facing now, I lived with an alcoholic stepfather for 8 years. He was usually drunk and when he was dunk he became abusive to my family. We found out later that he was using cocaine. Growing up with that was difficult but it has made me a stronger person.

    My experiences make it easier for me to understand what their families are going thru. Watching them kill themselves slowly everyday. Alcoholism is one of the worst things to go through but in the end, when they put the bottle down, it will make them stronger.

    With the things the families said to them at the family and friends day, it should have opened thier eyes to how much damage they casued when they used drugs or drank. At the end of this season they need to apologize for their actions as difficult as it may be.

  13. benny. b says:

    I think that this show does a good job of demonstrating what drugs really do to people and how it eats away at your brain. And i know alot of people that i talk to do drugs and i think that if they were to really watch celebrity rehab it would change their outlook on drugs and hopefully make them want to stop doing drugs and drinking because it destroys your mind, this is a great show!!

  14. Sarah-Marie S. says:

    My Dad is an alcoholic and so know how the family members are affected. Its really hard to watch people going through such things because I know how it feels and how traumatic it can be. Watching the families tell stories that were upset reminds me of my lie experiences.
    I really feel sorry for grug addicts, I know they too have had some painful things that cause their addiction. But they are cowardly and selfish when they use drugs to cover for their pain. They hurt those around them.
    Those who struggle to get help are stronger then most people ad I respect them. But it is really hard for the families as well and I can feel for them.

  15. Dan A. says:

    I find that this show is rather reidiculous. No average drug addict would have the means to go through a rehab cycle in a resort like situation. These people do have real addiction but they do not represent the vast majority of people that have drug problems and that need help. This may hit on some very real life experiences and effects. However, this is nothing more than a Hollywood reality show. It is designed to get good rating and make money. A real show that is designed to help actual drug addicts would be focused differently.
    There are some fundmentally true ideas within the show. Drug addiction is a disease and it people with drug addiction face real major health problems. In this last episode the focus on family was a good point. Addicts must rely on their family to overcome addiction and the hardships that addiciton entails.
    My personal opinion may be rather harsh. But i find this show to have little relevance. i would not watch it on my own time, yet it beats taking notes by far.

    Have a nice day.

  16. Jace Beard says:

    After watching this show I think it shows us wha t happens to you brain when you do drugs. It shows how different people react to drugs and what it does to your body. It also shows that soem people really do want to be clean and sober no matter what they have to go through to get there.
    In some ways of i have seen the actual effects of drugs on a person. My uncle did a lot of drugs when he was young but he got clean and sober in his later years. But because of the drugs he did do he got lung cancer. It then metastisized into his brain and his body tissue and killed him.

  17. bubba s says:

    The show is a reality check, at least i hope it would be for some people.It shows that even the famous people that some look up to are falling into the hands of addiction and need help big time.
    I had to deal with and alcoholic parent for 13 years of my life, so i can relate to some of the addics family.

  18. Grush says:

    I think that it is interesting that celebrities are willing to change and stop doing drugs and show it on tv. i also think that it is eye opening to see what people really go through when they detox and see how severe the detox symotoms are to some people and not to others. its also interesting to know why people started doing drugs and drinking. like from there childhood

  19. m blaney says:

    when i saw this episode it showed me how hard it is not only on the person who is doing drugs but it is very hard on the famlies of the people. they have ushaully brought the partys into the other peoples lives that were in thier famlies. this has also shown the reason that the celebs want to get better it was because it was herting their families. it also showed that the famlies still loved and cared about their family members and wanted to get better. but i think the couple that thier family wasnt there for them they will be the ones that wont be able to get better like china and shifty thier family didnt come to support them. I think this is importiant for everyone to see so they can see how drug abuse rips famlies appart so they will not want to do drugs or they will stop doing drugs before they get adicted and have to go to rehab like these people

  20. Amber Trimble says:

    I think that the Celebrity Rehab is serious, I have seen all the episodes. I think that the best thing about the films is that it gives the people and their families a second chance. The people who check themselves into rehab are mentally ready to change. I think that the idea of treatment is great!!!

  21. Megan V. says:

    After watching this eposide of celebrity rehab i think that friends and family have a huge impact on the addicts and helping them recover. They help the addict get through the hardships of going to rehab. Also i think them just being there for support helps the addict a lot more than if they weren’t there. Their love and support gives the addict a positive attitude making it easier for them to recover.

  22. jackie says:

    I believe that this eposide is good becuase then the addicts may realize that there family members are the only people they can rely on. I also believe that rehab is not like this, with this show they only show us the parts that will make them money or catch someones eye. basicallly they get to show what they want you to see. They all may be real addicts but i do not beleive that rehab is as luxuxriuos as they put it to be.they all have real problems and they all need help its probably hard having cameras there at your worst. It may hit home with some people when they watch it however it is good entertainment as meant for.

  23. Keegan H says:

    I have never really had any drug problems around me in my life. I haven’t ever been affected personally from drug or alchohol addiction. This show really shows the reality of what drugs and alchohol does to yourself and the people around you. Your family and friends are deeply affected y it.
    I have never done drugs and never plan to. The reality of this show has pushed me even farther than I already was away from doing drugs. I never have had a desire and this show is the reality of what happens.
    I wasn’t really suprised about what happens to people when they are addicted, even if they are celebrities. Celebrities are just like us and they have problems like us, sometimes even bigger ones. Addiction is a huge thing and affects many people.

  24. Jerry D. says:

    Watching this has really fortified my resolution to never do drugs or alcohol. i never have and hope that i never will, especially seeing what jeff is going through. that dude is so messed up he doesnt know whether he’s in a wheelchair or riding a purple elephant. at the last part of the episode watching Brigitte break down just because she was in the vicinity of alcohol was mind boggling. she wanted to drink so bad she was crying her eyes out and felt like a bad person. about half of the people on the show have ridiculously horrible attitudes, yelling at Dr. Drew or his $^^ istant and threatening them. these people were spoiled and when they had to get off of drugs they pretty much went out of their minds. in real life obviously a person wouldnt be able to go to some kind of “happy trails” resort for rehab, and they probably wouldnt have a professional doctor at their disposal 24/7. i wish luck to those everyday people who fight the same fight but have much less resources and hope the show made as big of an impact on them as it did me. peace

  25. Morgan Renison says:

    Seeing the first couple of episodes I wanted to hit something because Jeff is an alcoholic and so is my grandfather, Jeff made me really sad and nearly in tears when I saw saw how alcohol effects the body, mind and spirit. By seeing Jeff react in the way he was bairly audible in speach, and he could barely move. My grandfather has internal bleeding of the throat, some of the heart arteries, and the stomach. My grandfather has been in the ER and hospital most of my time remembering him. He use to drink and drive with me when I was little. Knowing how alcohol can effect the mind and body in ways half unknown it scares me to know that my own grandfather could have killed me with his drinking and driving. My aunt once told him, when she was my age, that she and my uncle didnt want to go boating with him while he drank. Anyways enough of my blabbing about my issues. I have to agree with Ms. Pollock that there are alot of denials with they’re addictions and rehab issues. I must say that I use to smoke ( but I quit ) that in rehab they shouldnt be allowed to smoke because that could also be effecting their decision making in having to decide if they want to continue rehab or if they want to simply drop out and basically kill them-selves.

    Sorry if I dont make much if any sence.. Sorry

    Written by

    Morgan Renison

  26. nick n. says:

    i think the show does a good job in helping the addicts. everyone seems to try and help eachother out, they all try to be friends with eachouther. except for jeff he might cause problems but even though he says he wants to leave or something it seems like he does wanna get better. i can learn the methods the doctor uses to help my family. because he knows what hes doing and it looks like people can learn from it to help themselves or others. or if i cant help i can get someone who knows what dr.drew does to help

  27. Kyle Smith says:

    I think jeff will ed up seeming like he is getting better, but then he is just going to go back to the way he was before entering rehab. Before rehab, he was so addicted, that oncehe gets out of rehab, and he has such easy acsess to drugs because he is a celeberty, he’s just going to start doing them again. I dont think that rehab will help him at all, or any of the other people, becase after rehab, they will want to go back.
    Celeberties have such easy access to drugs, they can fall back quickly. This is just a reality show and its probably having no affect on these guys. It just makes a good show. when all of these guys get out, they will go back to the lifestyle they are used to because thats all they’ve known and thats what they are comfortable with. I highly doubt rehab will help them.
    I think another person that will be quick to go back will be mary carey because her way of life has been her lifestyle for so long and that is what she is used to. also, her line of work is her only claim to fame, and most celeberties like to stay famous and be noticed. In all, this is just a reality show and it will have little affect on these celeberties. It makes a good show though.

  28. ZachC says:

    Everyone could really tell that all the familys there were effected in some way by the addictions that the celebrates had to drugs or alcohol. It seemed like that the family members were really happy to see all of them recovering from there addictions. Mainly Jeff which he had gone from not being able to walk or really talk. Him showing up with a bottle of alcohol and druk out of his mind. Now he was walking and talking and having fun and being civialized.
    How i see it is that yes people drink to have fun. But when people use alcohol to hid emotions or things going wrong in there lives that is wrong of them to do. Yes many people do this just to hide there emotions and it does effect there family even if they dont think it is. This is the same thing with drugs.
    Being able to go through with this is very amazing and some of these people you would think that they would not want to do it. I mean it is alright to go out with friend just a couple drinks. Not just enough to get drunk. So it think once they become totaly sober and not in the proccess of being alcoholics or drug addics then i think there career will take off and maybe they will yet be very famous again.

  29. Chris Martin says:

    This episode reminded me about my brother. He has been struggling with a drug addiction. . an addiction that began in the 8th grade. He started with drinking and that soon led to smoking marijuana. My seventh grade year was highlighted by heatedfights between my parents and my brother, where I, an eleven year old at the time, felt like i had to choose sides. After another year of fighting my brother finally moved up to cheyenne to try and get away from the people and the places that fueled the fire which was his addiction. However this only made it worse. Instead of just smoking weed he started dropping acid snorting cocaine, among other things. I didnt see my brother for almost a year because he just stopped caring about anything other than drugs to fuel his addiction. That was the hardest thing for me because i do love my brother and i felt like getting high to him was more important than i was.Today, my brother is trying to get better.He still does drugs evey now and again but its not like it used to be. I hope for him that someday he will not have to depend on drugs or alcohol to get through lifes ups and downs. For he is only tweny and has a whole life ahead of him. . . hopefully.

  30. chelsea says:

    First time i would like to say aout this show is that most of these celebrites are acting like three year olds. They cope and deal with things worse than most kids in my high school. There are a couple of exceptions however. Mary ellen can do well when she’s Mary Ellen, but when shes mary cary, she acts horrible. Another is shifty, he seems like he actually wants to be helped. The best though is birdgette, she is the most grown-up, both physically and mentally. She can at least hold the group together somewhat.
    Also, if Chyna Doll doesnt know why shes there and denys everything, then i dont know why she IS there. Help someone who actually wants to be helped. (i do think chyna dolls tight tho) Which brings me to my next point. Why do these rich people get FREE rehab. i know several people that want help but cant get it simply because they cant afford it.
    I am glad that these people are trying to be helped however. It seems very hard to try and give up not only the drugs, but also the way life. Its something i wish my own brother would realize is beneficial and do himself. but some poeple are just more determined than others, and some people actually realize what they can loose to substance about.

  31. chelsea says:

    First thing i would like to say aout this show is that most of these celebrites are acting like three year olds. They cope and deal with things worse than most kids in my high school. There are a couple of exceptions however. Mary ellen can do well when she’s Mary Ellen, but when shes mary cary, she acts horrible. Another is shifty, he seems like he actually wants to be helped. The best though is birdgette, she is the most grown-up, both physically and mentally. She can at least hold the group together somewhat.
    Also, if Chyna Doll doesnt know why shes there and denys everything, then i dont know why she IS there. Help someone who actually wants to be helped. (i do think chyna dolls tight tho) Which brings me to my next point. Why do these rich people get FREE rehab. i know several people that want help but cant get it simply because they cant afford it.
    I am glad that these people are trying to be helped however. It seems very hard to try and give up not only the drugs, but also the way life. Its something i wish my own brother would realize is beneficial and do himself. but some poeple are just more determined than others, and some people actually realize what they can loose to substance about.

  32. Victor says:

    Well i thought all of these families should be in shape and doing fun activities. In the show they just stay up late and smoke. You need to get them more avtive. Also tell them to show manners. please tell them this.

    Dr. Drew PLEASE


  33. Christopher says:

    Hey Dr. Drew

    I just want you to give a message out to all of these people on celeberty rehab to get a little more active. Some of them act like 2 year olds. They are acting like this because they are cranky. Tell James to get in a better relationship with everybody on the show espically you. You need to tell some of these people to make up with their mom and dad. Please tell them this Dr.Drew.


  34. angel says:

    hey dr.drew i writing u becuase me and my boyfriend are addicted to HEROIN and i feel as if we cant get clean together but if i leave him he will and up dead!I LOVE HIM SOO MUCH and i dont want to leave him but i want us to get clean!I try and tell him we need help but he has been to rehab before 2 times and he said theres no help for him but i feel like it doesnt have to be like that!I LOVE HIM AND I DONT WANT TO LOOSE HIM BUT I WANT TO GET HELP!WHAT SHOULD I DO?

  35. kurt says:

    I don’t got much to say but I’m also an addict in the N.A. program and if half the people knew how difficult it was to quit and remain stopped they might have a different perspective on it . With that said hope you all pull through and good luck!!!

  36. Lori says:

    I’m disturbed at the celeberties who are at rehab and complain about everything. When i came down and got sober I was locked up in a cocrete room with a concrete bed, yes jail. Celebs are in fancy posh houses and compain about conditions. I had a daughter 7 years ago and she died 4 1/2 hours after birth. I got into meth and almost died. I sat on her grave the day before i was arrested and told her i was coming soon. Jail saved my life. So i guess what i’m saying is that celebs have it good for rehab, things could be worse. Try to remember that life sucks and things happen but we as people have to be accountable for our actions. Avereage people end up in jail for drugs, celebs end up in rehab..

  37. tammy says:

    wow 3 weeks in rehab what a short visit!!?? any one heard of SAFP well its a “treatment” type prison for drug offenders i did 6 months in county 10 months there 90 days in a rehab that was not optinal then 9 more months of after care that took place once a week now that is treatment!!!!!! was there even any real groups they went to did they ever even attend a 12 step meeting ??