Scott Baio Is 46…and Pregnant: Baby Pictures!



Bailey Baio is finally here! On this week’s hour-long episode of Scott Baio Is 46…and Pregnant, Scott’s wife Renee gave birth to their first daughter together and it was, in Scott’s words a “wonderful, beautiful and slimy experience.” Instead of giving you full video of the endeavor, the show provided stills capturing the birth. Tasteful! We’re posting them below, so that you can relive the joy of life as played out on reality TV. Just a word of warning: if bloody newborns aren’t your thing, you might not want to look.

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  1. Gretchen says:

    SCOTT BAIO IS 46 AND CRAZY! He is such a loser! Has anyone told him that Happy Days ended and now we have Matt McConaghey, George Clooney, Matt Damen, Brad Pitt?? Who does he think he is? It’s so funny to watch him because he thinks we really care and girls out there are screaming at the tv..NO SCOTT NO! STAY SINGLE FOR US! WE’;LL BE 18 NEXT MONTH!
    After the kind of man he was to women; I heard some of his exes think the poor little girl is going to grow up a lesbian. And it will be SCOTT BAIO IS 66 AND WANTS TO DO HIS DAUGHTER’S WIFE!

  2. Iwatchsometimes says:

    Beautiful and sweet baby…..Contrads……..I’m happy for Scott…but let me tell ya…KARMA is a Bi*ch Scott. I think, we all know he’s going to be a very protective father because he knows the kind of a**holes out there waiting for his daughter..”he was (is) one of them. Having a daughter for men like Scott can either bring out the better side of these men or make them worse. Let’s pray that after the “divorce”, he stays involved.
    Yeah…that’s right….you know it’s comin’……..

  3. Miss B says:

    The 2 comments below are just downright hateful!! How could anyone wish something like that on someone!! These 2 “girls” have obviously never totally experienced how a baby changes your life!! I think Scott has come full circle in his life!! He’s realized that it’s not about how many women you can screw, but about how to be a part of something truly special (raising a wonderful, caring human being)!!

    I think he’ll be a great Dad because he’ll definitely give Bailey some insight on the jerks that are out there!! Lots of luck to Renee, Scott and of course, Bailey. By the way, any updated pics of Bailey???

  4. cindy says:

    Cute baby! I think he married Renee for the wrong reason it won’t last….

  5. Diane says:

    I just want to say congrats to Scott and Renee. I have always had a crush on Scott since grade school and remembered reading liked red-heads and I am 42 and am a natural red-head. But unfortunatly I am married too. Good Luck to both of you and congrats again! ! ! !

  6. cruz says:

    I think there are just some rude comments below. I wish the best for Scott and Renee. I think just Scott
    making an effort is showing how he is trying and all this negativity that people are making is not going
    to help the situation. Forgiveness is very important in life and to help heal. One thing with Forgiveness is
    not to take advantage of the situation. The thing Scott needs to realize now is he is a role model for his
    daughter and that’s what counts. I think if he stays away from some of the obstacles out there like his
    crazy friend. As for Scott, my advice – stay away from Live TV and enjoy the blessings that are in front of you. Not alot of people have that chance and the ones that walk away from it later regret it. Also PROVE These COMMENTS BELOW WRONG !!!!

  7. Shaymick says:

    I have to admit I was a little disappointed in some of the things Scott said and did on the first season while expecting the birth of his first daughter. But after watching him during the delivery and reading interviews since he became a father, I can tell that he is an amazing dad. Renee is such an incredible woman. She is so patient with him. This is such a beautiful family and I wish them all nothing but the best. The people on this board need to stop being so judgmental.

  8. Katie says:

    Dear Scott – I just watched you and your wife and baby on ET. I have never seen an expression so pure and touched on your face before. it was beautiful. this baby has melted your heart and torn down the walls were love was afraid to enter. Isn’t it amazing how something so small can change ;us this way. Congratulations – Katie

  9. Janie says:

    Beautiful moments: congradulations to you both. Will you have a continuance to your show. I grew up with all your shows and would like to see how things are going with your baby ,wife and you..All my family sat around just to watch your shows. I hope you will be continuing….p.s. for all those that have a bad and nasty thing to say about you well, they DO NOT have to watch you. There is an off button somewhere to their T.V.

  10. Eddie says:

    Will Scott baio show ever come back…
    what happened….

  11. Donna says:

    I just wanted to say that I absolutley loved the Scott Baio shows. I have been a fan since Joanie and Cachi. You are an inspiration!! I just wanted to know if the show will be back for another season? I haven’t missed one since the very first. I want more Scott and Renee and of course, Bailey!!
    Please let me know when you will be back on air.

  12. d says:

    I LOVE this show…I got hooked after my husband told me about it and have been waiting for the new shows to air. Are they still planning to air new shows?

  13. Julie says:

    Scott’s daughter has a very serious illness. I believe it’s called GA1. It can kill her at any time/age. They have started a foundation to help other families and children with this illness. Those of you who said such nasty things about this family look really ridiculous in hind sight.

  14. 1387017 says:

    What a lovely day for a 1387017! SCK was here