The Salt-N-Pepa Show Recap – Episode 9 – A New Spin


In this episode, Spinderella returns…


…and so does drama. Funny how they seem to travel together.

As Salt and Pep get their dogs Missy and Frenchie groomed (no seriously)…


…they talk about the upcoming Hip-Hop Honors show. Spinderella will be there, but they haven’t talked to her lately. Not since the last time she appeared on this show, probably. So Pep calls her…


…and it’s arranged: they’ll reconnect over dinner at Pep’s place, before the awards show.


Spin arrives and it’s all good for, like, five minutes.


They pray. They talk about Hip-Hop Honors (“Salt-N-Pepa’s back for a fourth year,” jokes Salt. Ah, joy in repetition). Spin mentions that she has a DJ gig coming up in Atlantic City, which excites Pep, because she’s on the prowl.


She should just get the word “cougar” tattooed on her forehead.

It’s all fun and claws until Spin mentions when her gig is to take place: the day after the Hip-Hop Honors ceremony. Record scratch! (And not in a hip-hop way.)


Pep can’t go the next day because, among things, she has to get her hair done. Did she look that excuse up in her Ways To Break a Date, ’80s Sitcom Edition? Spin is understandably irked that they’re skipping out on her gig. Seriously, how often does this woman come to their coast?

Putting Spin’s emotions temporarily on the back burner, Salt and Pep look for outfits to wear to Hip-Hop Honors…


Their hair is NOT FEATHERED enough for them to be posing like that. But whatever.

Pep takes a liking to a bra that sits just outside of her tank top…


She says that this outfit is making her rethink the Atlantic City thing: she now may have to go. If you’ve ever been to Atlantic City, you understand that it is the visible-bra capital of the U.S., and that Pep’s reasoning is incredibly sound on this point.

Hip-Hop Honors strikes…


The girls meet up with Spin on the red carpet…


Spin asks Salt-N-Pep, previous HHH honorees, if they have any advice for this year’s batch. “Embrace it!” says Pep. Got that honorees? Don’t reject those trophies on the podium.

Then, Salt and Pep drag Spin away from her job so that they can talk to her in private.



They apologize to Spin for hastily turning down the invitation to her gig and say that they’ve decided to go. See the difference an animal-print bra makes? That thing had cougar spots, too. Hmmmm.

They depart for A.C.


It’s all jovial, as they talk about the plans for the night: it’s going to be an all-night party. Salt says that she’s going to party hard…and finish reading her book.


This is surprising to Pep and Spin, who’ve known her — what? — over 20 years? I’ve been watching this show for less than a year and could have predicted it. Whatever.

There’s some fighting once they arrive over who will stay in what room: Spin booked a suite that has a single and a double. She figured Salt and Pepa should stay together because, duh, they’re Salt-N-Pepa. Salt wants her own room, so that they can have their late-night fun. Pep wants her own room so she can have late-night fun…with another dude. And Spin wants her own room because it’s her gig, damn it. Eventually, Salt gets the room and jumps on the bed in celebration.


I think she was lying when she said she wanted to finish her book. She just wants to jump on her bed all night in peace.

Before the gig, the girls go gamble. Pep’s on a roll when…


It gets to the point when she literally has to be dragged away from the table.


From one vice to another. After taking a long time to get ready, Pep’s ready to attend Spin’s gig.


Despite the dancing, Salt’s not having so much fun and so she scurries off to bed. Pep complains about this for a second, until she realizes…


…dancing in front of a cage is so much more fun than complaining about what Salt’s doing.

Pep and Spin end up bringing some guys back to their room…


And they’re so loud that they wake up Salt…


…who’s, like, really bothered.


She makes them leave the suite, but ends up leaving herself, anyway, as she misses her family.


At least she leaves a note. The next day, Spin and Pep find it…


“Wooooow!” says Spin, channeling Flavor Flav. If she keeps it up, she’ll end up with her own VH1 show in no time.

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  1. Monica says:

    I think that Salt is the bomb, she always handle herself in a lady-like manner and she’s married so she sticks to her virtues. That tells me alot about the women since thay’ve matured into beautiful skyrockets now. I also like Pep’s style but Salt takes the cake. She stands by what she say’s and is genuinely a very intelligent lady from the way the show perceives her personality.

  2. Arriel Surratt aka #1 fan of da show says:

    first of all yall already kno b4 yall evn went dwn der dat salt wuz not gon stay lng @ da club cuz dat aint ha thng no mo. so yall shud not hve got mad wen she left da club early n went bck 2 da hotel.. second of yall salt u shud hve expectd dem 2 brng bck sum comp. look @ wer dey are!! but n saltz defense pepa u n spin shud hve respectd ha. n wat i mean by dis iz yall knew dat she wuz n der catchn sum zzzz’s cuz she iz 1 dem early birdz…sorry but u just shud hve tld ur comp. just 2 chill n quiet dwn a lil cuz yall’s girl or friend wuz tryn 2 sleep…… but i lke how yall wrkn out yallz prblm like ladies shud nstead of fightn bout it gud 4 yall.!!!!! o n cheryl dnt worry bout nobbody wantn 2 sleep n da same room az u … dat just mean nxt tme brng ur on comp. ya dig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o n pep i wnt sum of wat u wuz drkn dat nite cuz u wuz a lil crunk!!!!

  3. lisacurtis7 says:

    i need to you to know about religion and the world salt you have guilt between god and the world
    you think it is sinful for you to be sexy and to make other s want you but this is wrong went you are not happy it is not of god and it is not of god to make others unhappy with it and stop others
    gods knows us and you must know when he bless you to excape poverty that is real god!
    you want to help others and and be a holy women but sex is a real part of it and you must let your freind be who she is and dont put the god thing on her , god will draw her ., dont forget it easy let go
    and god will do the rest to take away the sex gult!

  4. Teresa says:

    I must say as a grown lady who really don’t know to much about either of you all I use to party to and I’m not judging or taking sides but I’m speaking for myself It wasn’t for me either and I lost family and friends but to me life goes on we live and we learn. I feel were salt is coming from and pepa and spin you all i do to. This is for salt n pepa and you to spin we all grow up and change to some of us it comes it came for salt and as for her I support her because God and family should come first to all of us but we still remain to love friends and others. I hope this message reach all of you to know that truth n love is everything that holds is all togther and should never let us fall apart.KEEP YOUR HEADS UP AND SMILE ITS JUST A TEST AND DO YOUR BEST I LOVE YOU ALL.

  5. marie says:

    Salt, I feel you! Pepa is only into Pepa! I had a friend like that we were tight but, I could’t be myself until I got away from her. I love her to death butt, I couldn’t be me until I seperated myself from her.

    Hit me up if you get this. I am now 58 and learned life’s lessons. You go girl!! And we are still friends and that was 30 years ago.