Deelishis Dishes on Replacing Flav & Ditching that Butt



Our girl Deelishis is back with a big-ass interview in this month’s Sister 2 Sister, and she’s got a lot to say. When she’s not describing her plans for world domination (radio work, her jean line, acting, breaking up with Busta Rhymes), Flav’s ex talks about everything from her daughter’s butt to her new, younger boyfriend, to shaking her image from FOL2: “I wanted to get past being the girl who had a butt so big you could have a picnic on it.” She’s even got some new pics to share, though they’re not quite as revealing as her spread in Smooth. Check ‘em out – along with some choice quotes – below, and look out – Deelishis means business.

On her 8-year old daughter’s big booty: “I say it’s a gift and a curse. And she has inherited it already.”

Describing her first date with her new boyfriend, “I said yes [to the date] and I was very intrigued by his company…he got his feet done when I got my feet done. He wasn’t self conscious.”

On Flavor Flav’s ability to land hot girls: “He’s a lot of fun. And he’s a man. A lot of people were like he’s so unattractive. There’s something that connects sometimes where you’ll see a beautiful woman and you’ll see her with a not so attractive man. He just has a way with that woman. And Flav had a way where I was attracted to him.”

Did she give Flav the boot? Answer: helllll no. “I didn’t dump Flav….That man stopped calling me, wouldn’t accept my calls, changed his number and totally avoided me.”


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