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Honesty is the best policy…unless you’re on reality TV. Flavor of Love 3’s Ice learned that lesson the hard way when being up front about her opportunism (and lack of attraction to Flav) bought her a one-way ticket home. After the jump, Ice talks about that fatal honesty, her work as a DJ and race issues that arose around her in the house.

Hey, Amanda? Paris? Ice? I don’t know what to call you.

I don’t know what to call myself anymore! You can call me whatever you feel like calling me! My friends call me Amanda, people who know me as Paris [her radio alter ego] call me that, and then obviously Ice comes from Flavor of Love.

Was your experience on the show positive?

Yes. I did me. I was myself and I did not put on an act.

I know! I think that was maybe to a fault. You were so honest that you incriminated yourself.

I did. Now that I watched that, I kinda wish that I never said it. But at the same time, I’m glad.

You came off as so real. I believe you referred to Flav as “not attractive at all” during an interview.

I know! (Laughs) Everybody wants to say that, but nobody does. And then here I am, blurting it out.

But looking back, you wish that you were less forthcoming?

Yeah. I think I would have gone further on the show.

If you weren’t there because you were attracted to Flav, was it all just a matter of exposure?

Yeah. Publicity, man. Getting myself out there.

I think you’re the only girl I’ve talked to in my entire time working at VH1, since Flavor of Love 2, who’s owned up to that.

Who doesn’t want to go on the No. 1 most-watched reality show? You try to tell me that every girl on that show isn’t out to further her career, whether it be modeling, acting, singing, whatever.

Why pick Flavor of Love over Rock of Love?

Flavor of Love fits me as who I am as a person. I like hip-hop. I’m attracted to black men, but like I said, not Flav. I see myself more in that environment than I would in a rock kind of environment. I don’t find Bret Michaels attractive, either.

Can you clear the air about the time you spent on the phone while you were on the show? Were you giving interviews or not?

No, not at all. The phone call that I made was a personal call that I made to my friend Bo, who works for our radio station. It was just a call to the studio line, to let him know I was out there. I just left, and I wanted them to know what I was doing and that I wasn’t quitting my job. He did not tell me that he was actually recording me at the time. He ended up airing that conversation in Detroit without me knowing.

Did you get in trouble for that?

I thought I was going to get sued and it freaked me out. I got so pissed. Of course the phone is in the middle of the whole house, so girls could hear the conversation that I was having and they probably just made up that it was an interview.

Prancer ended up being the one to tell Flav about this. Did you sense friction with her before you were booted?

I pretty much got along with everybody in the house. But now I’m kinda mad. I thought she was my friend, but she was just trying to get me out of there. She was looking for something to feed off of, and I gave her something.

Was there anyone that you bonded with?

Yeah. I really got along with Hotlanta. I really got along with Seezinz and Bunz. We still keep in contact.

Are you still DJing?

Yes. I have a show every Saturday, from 1-6 a.m. And then I have a best of show, for whenever anyone with a show goes on vacation. I just kind of got into the radio industry about two years ago, so it’s sort of amazing that I’m on such a big station already.

You were one of the only white girls in the house. Did you pay any mind to potential racial issues?

Yeah. It kinda freaked me out before the show because I figured, I’m going into this house with a bunch of black chicks who are probably going to dog me for being white and talking the way I talk. It just bothers me that people create an opinion about you by the way you talk and look, without getting to know you first. That was my goal: to get them to know me before judging me.

Were the girls cooler than you thought they’d be?

I was preparing myself for pretty much what I lived with. I knew what I was getting myself into and it was exactly what it was: a bunch of ignorant, drunk people acting like fools.

It’s interesting that we didn’t see the girls giving you s***, compared to what Buckwild faced on Season 2.

Yeah, it just didn’t make the show. I don’t like Buckwild. She has this radio show on Blog Talk Radio. I kept getting emails from fans, like, “Hey, Buckwild is saying this, saying that.” I listened to one of her podcasts and she is talking mad crap! “The girl I really hate the most is Ice. She needs to take her pasty, white butt back to her radio show and if I get the chance, I’m coming on the reunion and punching that girl in the face.” I’m like, would it be different if I was on Season 2 and she was on Season 3? They’d be saying that crap about her. It just drives me nuts, like, dude, you don’t even know how I am, man. But I kinda knew that going in: people are either going to love you, or they’re gonna hate you.

You mentioned the way that you talk. This is kind of a weird question, but where does that come from, culturally?

When I was younger, my best friend, her name was Danielle. We went to elementary, middle and high school together. She lived around the block from me and we were so close. I was really close with her parents, too. Every time I would go over, they would cal me, “Shaniqua.” They’d braid my hair. I just grew up around it. My sister has five kids who are biracial, and I just always grew up in the scene. People are people, no matter what color. That’s how I was brought up. I see myself as, not one of them, but I get along with them. I don’t separate myself from that.

You told Flav on the first night that you were there to take things to the next level. Did the show, in fact, help you to achieve that goal?

It has, definitely, with the exposure. People on the street talk to me. It’s unreal. I’m doing more interviews, I’m doing more appearances in clubs, so yeah, I’m taking it to the next level. For sure. I just can’t believe it’s happening to me.

Keep up with Ice via her profile and her MySpace.

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