Want Some Lip Chap? How ‘Bout Some Innuendo?


Saaphyri Windsor, best known for winning Charm School and asking God to give her the strength to resist beating a bitch’s ass on Flavor of Love, is kicking the promotion of her Lip Chap line of lip balm into high gear. Above is the first commercial for the product — if you didn’t think that lip balm could be sexually charged, well, think again! The clip walks the line between hilarity and hotness, and in doing so, it’s able to speak to as wide an audience as possible (except for, I guess, pre-pubescent kids). It’s kitschy, but it’s also smart business.

As always, you can get Lip Chap (now available in 10 flavors) at Saaphyri.com.

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  1. latonya says:

    THis is the woman that deserved to win charm school. They all say and do everything for the money. talking about how she doesn’t have a home but in the same breath spend her rent money on a pair of boots. does that sound like someone hung up over not having a home.I’m not trying to hate on her but come on and keep it real. you want people to excuse the way you act toward other people. I know people where stuff like that happens all the time but don’t treat people the way you do. But when it’s all said and done you want everybody to kiss you butt.

  2. ashleigh says:

    i think michael jackson is awsome i have only known for a short time but i feel i have known him forever i will miss the king of pop

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