The Salt-N-Pepa Show Recap – Episode 11 – Whoever Thought SNP Would Take It This Far?


At last, the moment old-school fans have been waiting for: Salt-N-Pepa’s return to the recording studio. But first!


Because nothing says hip-hop like…breathing exercises.

Salt-N-Pepa are back in school! Not really, but they are on the campus of Queensboro College, which they both attended.


God, nothing says “halcyon” like refracted beams of autumn sunlight, right?

Salt and Pep address a group of students who barrage them with questions.


The one that seems to hit a nerve is one that they often face: will they make music together again? Salt says she isn’t opposed to doing so and that it would be “interesting.” Interesting enough to devote an episode of their reality show to, at least. And that’s exactly what happens.


With silky terrier in lap, Salt gets down to work with Pep in her basement. The discuss writing about old-school hip-hop, but are interrupted by dogs that hop like bunnies.


Pep would appear to be bunnyphobic. Salt decides a change in venue might be good to get inspiration flowing. She chooses the supermarket. Like MC Lyte, Pep is not havin’ it.


Do you think she ever gets tired of being disgusted? Cupcakes can’t even cheer this woman up!


I mean, she’s put out by frosting! That shot, by the way, is a result of a return to Salt’s place, where distractions interrupt their time Salt’s home studio. It’s really OK, though, because Pep wants the hook of their zygote of a song to be, “Yeah. You can’t s*** on me,” and you know Salt would never let that fly. Some ideas are best aborted, you know?

But the idea of making a song lives.


The girls meet with their manager, who seems pumped about the possibility of new material. And so, perhaps feeling the pressure, Salt and Pep do whatever any good duo does, when they need to be alone and work on their relationship:


They check into a hotel. But inspiration hits a wall, and so they check into a sort of mental spa, as arranged by their manager. The class they’re attending, they find out, is “creativity class for creative souls.” They introduce themselves to their instructor who seems taken aback when Pepa tells her her name.


Their instructor has all sorts of weird things for them to do: stretching, throwing around a ball, role-playing with coins…


This is not abstract commentary on hip-hop’s materialism…but it should be. Now Salt is the one who isn’t having it.


Salt decides that what she needs to do is work alone: she has an idea in her head and none of these things, not even working side-by-side with Pep, is really getting her creative juices flowing.

But then, she feels bad and she, like, immediately reunites with Pep. That’s always happening! It’s the very premise of this show!


They listen to some beats and trade ideas in the studio with some producers. Then, Salt decides that she’s ready to record. But the song isn’t finished! But Pep hasn’t written her part! But but but…


Pep protests that Salt took the ball and ran with it, and in the process, left her behind. Salt says the whole song thing was Pep’s idea, and she was just going along with it out of courtesy. Sue her if, in the process, she became inspired. Things get heated and Pep leaves!


But Salt retrieves her.


They work things out: Salt didn’t mean to get ahead of herself, and she knows that this will be a collaborative effort. They have plenty of time to finish the track, which actually sounds kinda great so far — it’s a lot tougher than I would have expected, at least. In the end, Salt-N-Pepa hug in solidarity.


Awww! They still friends (they still friends…they still friends).

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