My Fair Brady Recap – Finale – Bye Bye Birth Control, Aloha Babies!


It’s our last dose of Brady-ism for a while! So just what will the cute couple leave us with to remember them by?


Deep thoughts by Chris Knight. Hey, at least he’s trying to make it sexy by doing it in a jacuzzi in Hawaii, right?

Mr. Smooth plans a trip to Hawaii – to woo his beloved and to continue his persistent begging for babies. The couple gets thing’s started in matching hats – but very different attitudes.


Chris is all smiles, Adrianne not so much.


But never fear, the warm sun, calm winds, and gloriously blue skies of Hawaii will change all that!!! Except that upon arrival, the weather report calls for some cold-ass weather.


C & A hit up the jacuzzi right away, and immediately the romantic sex talk begins:


Aloha, baby conversation! By the way, isn’t Chris like 49? Is he expecting to have geniuses for children who go to college at the age of ten? I mean, anything is possible, but we’re just sayin’. Wow.

Still, the jacuzzi gives us a moment to admire one of this season’s most important, er, moments – Adrianne’s investment. Dare we call it an in-breast-ment? Eh, that’s pushing it.


Later that night, Chris and A enjoy renew their vows in a traditional Hawaiian ceremony.


Aw, aren’t they pretty? They still manage to look hot even when they have no idea what’s going on.

At their luau/dinner, a young girl – natch – approaches the couple and asks them to come onstage.


But first, we must ohhh and ahhh and hug, and imagine what it’d be like if the Knights had a kid.


The final result:


Back at the hotel room, Adrianne is in the mood to do the nasty. They try to heat things up with some chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, because cliches are romantic ya’ll!


As usual, Adrianne’s not having it. Her boobs cost $14000! No baby is gonna mess that up.


Of course the fight ruins the sex opportunities for the night. No boning in Hawaii? That seems wrong. Almost as wrong as their activity the following morning, kayaking in the rain! Seriously, can’t anything go right for these guys?


Maybe there’s hope yet. We’ve got another dinner ahead, and this time things get serious – in a good way. Chris asks Adrianne to name the five most positive things to happen in her life, and they include: winning America’s Next Top Model, being on the Surreal Life, meeting Chris, marrying Chris and most importantly, kicking drugs. We agree, that is effing awesome! Nice work, girlfriend.

The whole time, Mr. Husband lends a sensitive ear…


As Adrianne seductively eats a curly fry with her chopsticks.


But then the waterworks start, and Adrianne opens up about the effect her past has had on her feelings about herself, relationship, and her desires to protect her future children.


Chris vows to be there for her, and finally the couple eschew the fighting for good ol’ real love, which culminates in Adrianne exclaiming “I love you” to her husband, with a burp.


Chris, of course, loves it.


Yup, they’re soul-mates, no doubt. Chris and Adrianne cap off the season with a romantic walk on the beach, just as the sky is finally clearing up. But suddenly things take a tun for the crazy! I mean this IS Adrianne Curry we’re talking about. Out come the birth control pills…


And with a simple declaration of “Birth control makes life so predicatable!” they’re tossed.

In the ocean.



And with that, this amazing season of My Fair Brady comes to an end. How do you think Chris and Adrianne celebrated the night? Our guess: baby-making.

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  1. Teri Smith says:

    I think A is pathetic. Chris deserves much better. I grew up watching him and I must say my childhood was terrible but it didn’t stop me from having 3 wonderful children. I doubt seriously her past could compare to what I’ve been through. She needs to get a life and stop acting like a spoiled, stupid child.

  2. suzanna says:

    i cried at this episode

  3. big joe says:

    i $(#! my pants

  4. Leroy says:

    oh my god i love yo show i think it’s the best show that has ever come out in t.v. i could watch it over and over and over again i would never get bored of it i just love it i hope there well be more shows coming out cause i just love it….



  5. JohnnyCoxville says:

    I agree she is sad! I can’t wait to see Chris on Celeb Circus though, that promo where he falls over in the big ring…hahhahha LOL! Maybe he’ll get an NBC development deal or he’ll get a gig hosting another d-list celebrity challenge show!

  6. SimplyBohemian says:

    Teri Smith, you might want to remember that abuse of any kind affects each and every one of us in a total and completely different way. No matter what our feeling toward Ms Curry all that matters is what Mr. Knight thinks and feels. I wish them both the best. I hope that the past of both of them stays clear of both of their futures. They deserve that. We all do.
    And for all of us, do remember, this is reality TV take it with a grain of salt lol and have fun ;-)

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  18. john says:

    I think it is obvious, Adrianne threw the pills away because she is not going to have sex with her husband Chris. The show is over and the poor guy got played, but hopefully he made some money from the show and got a prenumptual agreement! God bless you Chris for helping another human being and know there are plenty of women very beautiful you could have who are more humble. Take Care!