Despite Obvious Limitations, Kurt Cobain Buys Mansion


courtneylove.jpgIn unbelievable news for anyone who’s ever asked for early-warning fraud protection on their credit cards, identity thieves managed to steal Kurt Cobain‘s social security number and have purchased a $3.2 million New Jersey mansion in his name. The trouble is that Cobain has been dead since 1994, and even when he was alive, he wasn’t the biggest fan of buying stuff. According to Courtney Love, the criminals have also registered 188 credit cards in her name, and have made off with around $69 million from the couple and their daughter’s trust fund. Love writes on her MySpace page: “I find this whole thing so offensive because until Kurts social security number was checked noone took it seriously, but hey here is the Experian with 188 visas on it, thats not Bi Polar, that is reality .” We’re on Love’s side here, and are a little shocked that the use of Cobain’s name didn’t raise any red flags over at the credit reporting agencies. Maybe they were sleeping on the job? Maybe they were just asleep? That would help explain how Janis Joplin recently purchased a chain of fried chicken restaurants, and that Jimi Hendrix-owned cruise-line we keep hearing about.

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  1. Kris says:

    Maybe some people were old and never heard of Kurt Cobain. Courtney deserves to have the money gone, Kurt earned it not her and he wanted to divorce her anyway. Frances will be fine she does not need 500 pairs of shoes. Kurt did not earn all that money for her to have him killed with it and profit the rest of her life off of him.

  2. Dakota Disco says:

    Yeah, I just want to know who killed Kurt Cobain, something is really wrong about this whole thing. How could he have wiped the fingerprints off of his gun directly after shooting himself in the head? Either way, why would he need to? I just want to know because I think that it’s unfair that after Kurt’s death, Courtney just goes and publishes his deepest thoughts. She shouldnt have done that because that just gives people more of a reason to believe that she put an end to his life, even if it was not by her own hand. So honestly, I’m undecided as to if it’s Cortney Love’s fault that Kurt Cobain is no longer with us or not, but I do think that they should reopen the case and investigate some more.
    Also, whoever bought a mansion in Cobain’s name is obviously stupid and didnt do any reasearch on the person they were stealing from. Even if they did know and just wanted to do it as a publicity stunt, it’s still very direspectful to steal from someone as ledgendary as Kurt Cobain. But either way, how do you not know about Kurt Cobain? I’m thirteen and I know about him. I love Nirvana and in fact, Kurt Cobain is hanging on my wall amongst the other people I look up to like Joan Jett, Brendon Urie and many others. I also am agreeing with Kris, Kurt earned that money, not her and she still has money of her own from Hole and the movies she’s worked on in the past. Maybe she’s just PO’ed over the fact that he wanted her taken out of the will…