Pussycat Recap – Episode 4 – The Top 10



Everyone’s demons need to be dealt with now: Chrystina grapples with having been in the bottom two of the last elimination, and Carrie and Nichole reflect on the fact that they’re the only two blondes left.

Another message arrives and Pussycat Dolls Melody and Kimberly tell the girls that style is central to being in Girlicious. They’re told to choose a style that expresses the real them.


Jamie’s confident that she’ll be able to express her personal style, given that she dances for the Miami Heat and that she has a “funky hip-hop” thing going on. This is apparently a rarity in the world of dancers.


This week’s song assignments are all about disco – a genre that doesn’t seem to lend itself to expressing one’s personal style.

During rehearsals, Cassandra cracks under the pressure of singing “Heart of Glass,” given how high the song is. Her voice is much lower, and she starts crying while practicing. Cassandra’s convinced this is the song that’ll send her home.


Elsewhere, Mikey’s convinced that Jenna is lazy. He’s “over the whole Jessica Rabbit….slow thing.” So is Tiffanie.


Tiffanie confronts Jenna, telling her that if she’s in her group, she’s going to practice, and hard. Apparently, Jenna is notorious for not practicing, which launches the entire house into getting on Jenna’s case about her being a vocalist. “Maybe you’re here to get a solo deal, not to be in Girlicious,” says Charlye. Tiffanie lands the final blow: “If you weren’t as pretty as you are, you’d be at home right now.” Which could probably be said for all of the girls.


Chrystina continues to fume in rehearsals at having been in the bottom two last week. She needs to get over it quick, or she’ll end up there again. Chrystina and Robin get into it when Chrystina confronts Robin as to why she was in the bottom two. Mikey steps in and tells Chrystina she needs to check herself. “Don’t let your head blow up like a balloon,” he cautions.


Chyrstina gets a a pep talk from her father who was in the NFL (which is brought up constantly), but it’s the makeover that boosts everyone’s spririts. It’s actually a terrifyingly irrational eruption to a makeover — the worm is done. Glass-shattering screams are heard.


But things quickly go south during the makeover. Jamie’s hair is dyed orange, and she’s appropriately pissed. She feels “like a white girl.”


Just after, the girls are informed of their next challenge. The girl who impresses the editor of In Touch weekly wins immunity for the week. That night, the girls walk a red carpet for a major event (the name of which is never mentioned), and look utterly trashy all the while.

To summarize:

Carrie’s makeover makes her look like she’s 55.


Chrystina feels her sexiest.


Jenna looks pretty much the same.


Jamie attempts to work it on the red carpet, red hair and all.


Nichole’s makeover makes her look more mature, and Natalie is never allowed to wear her hair curly again.


Nichole wins the challenge, and she’s safe from elimination. Nichole needed this win — she hasn’t been on rollerskates in several years.


After the challenge, all the girls are struggling. Jamie blames her hair on why she can’t dance. She needs to “dome,” which means leaving rehearsal and laying on her bed.

In a moment of weakness, Tiffanie drops her “out for number one” attitude and gives Jenna private dance lessons to get her up to speed in the group.


Ken gets disgusted with Chrystina because she’s not giving anything, and he gets his big Oscar moment: “I’m not going to give up on you Chrystina,” he says as she breaks down in tears.


It’s elimination time, and Nichole, Charlye and Natalie perform “Take Your Time, (Do It Right).” On rollerskates.


Ilisa, Cassandra and Jamie sing “Heart of Glass.” Cassandra manages to eke out a decent vocal performance while doing splits. Jamie loses it when it’s criticism time. She starts crying, and she hates crying. She has too much pride for that, she says. She just hasn’t been feeling herself, she explains. So Kim comes back at her with more criticism: “You can’t bring it to the stage. Vocally it just wasn’t good.” A tissue might have been more appropriate, Kim.


Carrie, Jenna, Tiffanie and Chyrstina perform “Dim All the Lights.” Chyrstina finally shows up for the performance and gets her voice back. There isn’t a lot of choreographed dance in their performance, but even for what little there is, Jenna finally gets into it.


Robin confesses how difficult the judging has been, given that each girl has come to mean so much to her, but someone’s got to go home. It’s down to Cassandra and Jamie, in the end. Jamie’s one of the best dancers, and Cassandra’s look is great, but her vocals are terrible.


Ultimately, Cassandra’s sent home. Robin breaks down, which is shocking given that Robin’s face looks pulled so taught that I didn’t think it’d be possible for her to cry.


“It’s been an amazing journey,” says Cassandra.


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