The Salt-N-Pepa Show Recap – Episode 13 – Son’s Best Friend



Give it up one time for the single moms!

Pep and her son, Tyran, haven’t really been connecting.


Perhaps it is his age (17). Perhaps it is his circumstances. Perhaps it is that giant fish tank that so often comes between them. Who can say for sure?

We see their dysfunction in motion as he practices driving. Pep rants before he can even turn the key…


He makes broad driving gestures, which is all it takes to push her completely over the edge.


She then forces him out of the driver’s seat and tells him to find someone else to teach him how to drive. Awww! Nurture! Pep relays her problems connecting with Tyran to Salt, who suggests one-on-one time. And by that, she means two-on-two time via a mother-sun weekend. Since Tyran is into snowboarding, that’s what they’ll do. They book a room at resort and the bickering commences. Pep talks to Salt about something and Tyran soon interrupts.


“I’m talking!” says Pep. “I don’t care!” shoots Tyran. Did Dostoevsky give them discussion notes? Regardless, Pep’s committed to soldiering through the weekend. But to do that, she needs a hat.


Hmm. That’s more Windsor guard than solider, but whatever. Close enough. Actually, Pep’s trying to make this trip more her by finding a cute outfit to make hitting the slopes bearable. On her way, butt pads are discussed.


Hey, don’t knock ‘em. Those things come in handy. Case and point:


This is all it takes for Salt to determine that snowboarding is not for her. She takes her son Chapele back to the lodge. Pepa isn’t so lucky.


“I’m not puttin’ my beep up dat beep beep hill!” she tells him when he wants to actually, you know, snowboard. It’s so nice to see a show on VH1 that can censor itself.

Despite her protests, Pepa actually does take the lift (which she refers to as a “gondola”) up the hill with Tyran. However, she goes right back down it. Eh, she tried. Tyran snowboards and all the world is idyllic for a brief moment in time.


Later, Pep and Salt warm up inside:


They determine that further activities should take place indoors. They hit up their hotel’s brochure station and find all number of stimulating activities they can all do together.


Like pottery for example. Pep also presents the idea of dog-sledding. Tyran is all about it, which: duh. Chapele, however, wants to do pottery.


Yay pottery!

With Salt and her kin favoring kilns and Pep and Tyran itching to go dog-sledding, this divide is extremely Flanders vs. Simpsons. To settle it, Salt and Tyran play Rocks, Paper, Scissors and, behold! Dog-sledding wins. The Simpsons are going to…the dog-sledding place.


How cartoonish!

Salt and Chapele do their dog-sledding without a hitch. Pep, still, is scared for hers.


It seems like she’s just being ridiculous and dramatic…




But then, all of her suspicions come to a head when she tumbles out of the sled.


Heh. But it’s serious! Tyran learns a valuable lesson about the speed at which to control dogs so your mother doesn’t go flying out. It’s a metaphor for, uh, throwing mama from the train.


The ride back is much smoother and Pep barely even complains after it’s over. She hugs Tyran because she knows how much spending this time meant to him.


Awww! Unconditional love.

As a coda, we see Pepa and Tyran back in the car, practicing driving.


Tyran, of course, peels out, proving that he’s actually learned very little about mothers and speed or, if he has learned anything, he just doesn’t care. Sons will be sons!

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