The Salt-N-Pepa Show Recap – Episode 13 – Son’s Best Friend



Give it up one time for the single moms!

Pep and her son, Tyran, haven’t really been connecting.


Perhaps it is his age (17). Perhaps it is his circumstances. Perhaps it is that giant fish tank that so often comes between them. Who can say for sure?

We see their dysfunction in motion as he practices driving. Pep rants before he can even turn the key…


He makes broad driving gestures, which is all it takes to push her completely over the edge.


She then forces him out of the driver’s seat and tells him to find someone else to teach him how to drive. Awww! Nurture! Pep relays her problems connecting with Tyran to Salt, who suggests one-on-one time. And by that, she means two-on-two time via a mother-sun weekend. Since Tyran is into snowboarding, that’s what they’ll do. They book a room at resort and the bickering commences. Pep talks to Salt about something and Tyran soon interrupts.


“I’m talking!” says Pep. “I don’t care!” shoots Tyran. Did Dostoevsky give them discussion notes? Regardless, Pep’s committed to soldiering through the weekend. But to do that, she needs a hat.


Hmm. That’s more Windsor guard than solider, but whatever. Close enough. Actually, Pep’s trying to make this trip more her by finding a cute outfit to make hitting the slopes bearable. On her way, butt pads are discussed.


Hey, don’t knock ‘em. Those things come in handy. Case and point:


This is all it takes for Salt to determine that snowboarding is not for her. She takes her son Chapele back to the lodge. Pepa isn’t so lucky.


“I’m not puttin’ my beep up dat beep beep hill!” she tells him when he wants to actually, you know, snowboard. It’s so nice to see a show on VH1 that can censor itself.

Despite her protests, Pepa actually does take the lift (which she refers to as a “gondola”) up the hill with Tyran. However, she goes right back down it. Eh, she tried. Tyran snowboards and all the world is idyllic for a brief moment in time.


Later, Pep and Salt warm up inside:


They determine that further activities should take place indoors. They hit up their hotel’s brochure station and find all number of stimulating activities they can all do together.


Like pottery for example. Pep also presents the idea of dog-sledding. Tyran is all about it, which: duh. Chapele, however, wants to do pottery.


Yay pottery!

With Salt and her kin favoring kilns and Pep and Tyran itching to go dog-sledding, this divide is extremely Flanders vs. Simpsons. To settle it, Salt and Tyran play Rocks, Paper, Scissors and, behold! Dog-sledding wins. The Simpsons are going to…the dog-sledding place.


How cartoonish!

Salt and Chapele do their dog-sledding without a hitch. Pep, still, is scared for hers.


It seems like she’s just being ridiculous and dramatic…




But then, all of her suspicions come to a head when she tumbles out of the sled.


Heh. But it’s serious! Tyran learns a valuable lesson about the speed at which to control dogs so your mother doesn’t go flying out. It’s a metaphor for, uh, throwing mama from the train.


The ride back is much smoother and Pep barely even complains after it’s over. She hugs Tyran because she knows how much spending this time meant to him.


Awww! Unconditional love.

As a coda, we see Pepa and Tyran back in the car, practicing driving.


Tyran, of course, peels out, proving that he’s actually learned very little about mothers and speed or, if he has learned anything, he just doesn’t care. Sons will be sons!

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  1. Keith says:

    Hi I was wondering what happened to the show I really like it and want to see more. When are they coming back with some new episodes…

  2. Laura Valentine says:

    I would like to comment to Salt (Cherly). I want to say I was disappointed for the very first time in you that you did not consider your faith in the whole ideal of madi gras. Do you realize the evil that it represents. No Chritian should attend a madi gras. That would be my main reason not to attend this event. I guess it’s okay for you to celebrate hollaween too? the other thing is the lies and deciet from Peppa goes along with the whole thing.
    I love you Salt, but I had to comment on this.

  3. mIS t says:

    I love both Salt AND Pepa. Salt, I am soo proud of you for going to Mardi Gras. You make TRUE Christians proud. You set an example for all the world to see. You can be classy, Christian, still maintain your values AND have fun.

    Salt – You went to that parade with your morals intact and you left that parade with them STILL intact. I’m sure many people have seen this show and have admired how at peace you are and how being a Christian is a good thing. The problem with these uppity Christians is they want to restrict everything and JUDGE everybody which turns people off. PEOPLE NEED TO SEE CHRISTIANS HAVING A GOOD TIME!

    @Lauran STOP BEING JUDGMENTAL. Let God do that! Don’t you read your bible! Have you sinned? If not, please cast the first stone. NOPE. I don’t think so. They’ll be no stone throwing rom you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are a single mother who has never been married. Or you’ve had sex prior to marriage. This biblically makes you a ~*+$* Does this apply to you?! I’m sure it does!!! So do me a favor, write down the following: “I’m a ~*+$* who has no place to judge anybody. I’m not only a ~*+$* but I’m a ~*+$* who condemns others – in Jesus name – AMEN!!!!!

    Pepa – I love you and think you are a beautiful soul. Salt is just in another place in her life. You need to release her back into the universe. You’ve got a lot of talent on your own. PS You’ve got a gorgeous face, beautiful skin and great body. .

  4. Dionne says:

    Just a comment regarding mardi gras and Christianity. First off, Jesus came for the SINNER to be saved. Secondly, He gave Christians a duty to bring the gospel to every creature. Third, Jesus was around the lost more than anything. He ate with sinners. He brought the word to the lost. He was an example of how we as Christians are to live our lives. There was nothing compromising about Salt’s attending Mardi Gras. And even if it was, it is not our decision to crucify her. If she is sincere in her walk with God, as I am not denying, then her knowing the truth of Christ will bring her back into His grace, if need be. And most importantly, His grace is sufficient!

    I would like to know if the show will continue.

  5. Vicky says:

    What happened to the show??? I really enjoyed watching it and haven’t seen it in a few weeks

    It brings back memory of my good old days

  6. Michael says:

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  7. trina says:

    Is that the end of the show for good or are there going to be more? Did salt and pepa break-up again, what is up? I really liked the show I am upset that it just ending with a little episodes.

  8. says:

    pep what up my name travis wheeler but every body call me trill what i think is that tyran needs a man in his life but until you get one keep doing things with him that he like’s to do that’s make him happy i know because i went threw the same stuff before that he going threw when they hit that age because i didn’t have a father figure in my life i been a big fan of you i think you and salt need to bring anorther album back out i always like yall music and the show to good look with everything gota go love you and family may god bless

  9. denise71 says:

    this was a good show hope they come back for another season or maybe an album how about salt n pepa

  10. del-rio says:

    what happened to the sjow. i loved it. bring it back. So classy, i loved the image salt projected. love pep too. They complement each other and help with their growth as individuals.

  11. Arriel Surratt says:

    hey pepa i just want 2 make sum suggestions on u n tyran. well maybe if u lookd n tlkd 2 him more as if he was ur son and with more discipline than tlkn 2 him lke he is ur friend maybe he wudnt treat u or disrespect u like he do. cuz maybe n his eyes u just nutha 1 of his home boiz or wat eva, u just anutha 1 of da guys(not really like a guy) but it was nice how u trusted him mushing u around on dem ski slopes out der…… n i felt 4 u wen u went oround da curve n flip out cuz believe it or not i thot dat u wuz a goner ova da ledge! but dat was all tyran really needed wuz some trust 4rm his luvkey mutha! N salt u rite big gurls do need it ruffer wen it ~#`$^%(%_*^^++^ z 2 dem massages!!!! o n wen iz da new season ~#`$^%(%_*^^++^ n on i cant wait n luv da hair cut salt :)

  12. teara says:

    i hope they are getting ready for season 2 because i love this show.

  13. Iesha says:

    Please come back with another season

  14. Joyce says:

    OMG, I like love Salt N Pepa, SALT, PEPA, AND SPINDERELLA ARE MY IDOLS, I actually want to be a singer and RAPPER, to so I want to follow in Salt N Pepa’s foot steps, and I watch The Salt N Pepa Show every chance I get, also yall song “Shoop” thats my song, I just trying to say that SALT N PEPA ROCKS, BEST BELIEVE IT !

  15. Episode 13 says:

    Hi, where can I fine the black and white beret that Pepa was wearing during this episode? It is sooo cute! Hint: You guys need to post info. on where to find some of their fashion items – good sponsorship opps.


  16. REE says:


  17. says:

    I think that salt should plead the BLOOD OF CHRIST every day salt you are going to need lots of prayer in dealing with pep ,salt do not let your self to go down take care ,salt cant you sing gospel, why havent you done that , always remember psalm 23 ,peace and love to you salt

  18. rosie huerta says:

    would like to know if the show will be returning for another season. i hope so i really enjoyed watching all episodes PLEASE SALT N PEPA DO MORE SHOWS


  19. Jayda says:

    Salt n pepa can you guys make another epersoid of salt n pepa show it was funny and you guys had alot of fun on the show I wish i could have fun like that wood ben a blast and i like your song from shoop)I take your man) push it)and alot of more other songs. YOUR FRIND Jayda

  20. Roland V Tyler Jr says:

    Ladies i applaude you for what you are doing and continue to do.Cheryl i wonder if you were able to read the book that i gave you. It was a few months ago in Queens. If not i hope you do because GOD AS YOU AND I KNOW IS FANTASTIC. None of us can judge these two young ladies we all sin every day that is up to GOD our lord and saviour to judge us. Keep doing the great work and ladies keep that christian walk going strong. For those of you please visit where you can read chapter three of a truly inspirational testimony that has brought men to tears.

  21. Devante Makaveli Amaru Williams says:

    Great show, cant wait 4 more salt & pep shows. Beautiful Sistas, good luck in the future ladies & all the very best 4 the rest of yr.
    Take good care & enjoy Love & Life 2 the fullest, Peace & Love Ladies.XXxx

  22. Choclate says:

    I AM SOOOOO HAPPPY THAT PEP IS going STEADY with the Asian guy!! How smooth is he and he really seems to like her and she seems to really like him too! I love this its gonna be different and new and fresh for both of them. I really pray their relationship works for a looooong time!