Celebrity Fit Club Breakdown – Episode 2 – Act Like a Woman and Scream


We’re breaking down the Top Five moments from each episode of Celebrity Fit Club. Think you can figure out this week’s number one? Here’s a hint:


5. Erin’s Busted Butt


– The Happy Days former hottie announced that she had suffered a hemorrhoid from “pushing too bad” during sit ups. We can’t wait to see what a push up is gonna do to her!

4. If Dustin Leads, Will They Follow?

– The Second Chancers nominate Dustin as their team captain. Though they made this controversial choice to help keep the bad boy on track, it’s worth it just for Harvey’s reaction alone. The D-Man lets his team down almost immediately when he bails out of the 2.4 mile run. Think he can inspire – or just irritate?

3. Toccara Takes Erin Out

– In the Stick Battle, Toccara makes some serious contact with Erin’s jaw. Was she just warming up for the drama to follow?

2. Tie: Drunkleman/Harvey’s Dustin Destruction


– Brian loves booze. Booze loves Brian.We have a feeling this love affair is gonna become an issue somewhere down the line. But until then, drink up!

– Damn! Harvey dug into Dustin for not starting the late-night team workout on time. We’re Harvey fans, but shouldn’t he be saving some of his spit for when the D-Man really deserves his wrath? You know that time is comin’ soon!

1. Toccara Takes No Prisoners


– Finally, the next Tyra Banks has revealed herself. After losing eight pounds (the magic number of the week) T disappointed the judges, again, by reiterating that she doesn’t really want to lose weight because she likes her bod the way it is. She then stomps out of the judging room for a split second before marching back in and letting.it.OUT.

Toccara: “How dare you sdljkekrhjeklhfklhjrtklrjtkljrkljgklrj!!!!!!!!”

Dr. Ian: “Have some class. Be a woman.”

Toccara: “ksljdrrkturiougkldjeroeowoisluiodopfuidjkekljeklj!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Tsk tsk, Dr. Ian. Don’t you know what being a woman is all about? Meltdowns, baby! By the way, in the beginning moments of her rant, does T say she’s not going to “sugar cook” things, or was she just out of breath when she said “sugar coat?” We can’t tell but we’re hoping for the former, as it would be adorable.

The blue team walked out during the freak out, while the red team looked on helplessly and the panel just panicked. If only Toccara was as passionate about succeeding in the program as she is about hating it. Still, we smell a winner here. All that pent up anger needs to be released, and exercise is totally the way to do it (and the way to the cash prize).

Toccara, meet your enemy the treadmill. Now run, girl! Run!

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